Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game that depends on the synergy of your team’s draft. Heroes that sit well with one another have a higher chance of winning the game. A hero combination should enhance each other’s strengths while covering up their weaknesses. The combo of Safelane Heroes has the highest impact on your probability of victory. This guide will list down the Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2 for you to play.

The Safelane Combo comprises of the Carry and Hard Support. Carry heroes are the most important element in a match, as winning depends on the impact they create. While Hard Supports make sure that your Carry can farm efficiently and become active without being harassed. Their partnership makes or breaks the game, so the combo needs to be drafted carefully.

Below are the best Safelane Heroes Combo that are currently in meta.

Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit

Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2

This combo dominates the lane because of how well their spells work together. They are ranged heroes who easily harass and zone out the enemies. Drow Ranger primarily deals physical damage, which is further enhanced by Vengeance Aura, giving her a huge attack damage bonus. The Wave of Terror increases reduces armor of enemies affected, which increases Drow Ranger’s damage output. Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile stuns the enemy, pairing up with Wave of Terror, Drow Ranger can easily kill any hero.

Drow Ranger is a fragile hero and is susceptible to enemy ganks. However, Vengeful Spirit gives her an escape. Vengeful Spirit can use Nether Swap on Drow Ranger to save her from attempted ganks and disengage from fights.

Both heroes synergize in multiple ways and complete each other. Vengeful Spirit lacks silence and movement slow, which Drow Ranger provides with Gust and Frost Arrows. The high damage output and multiple disables make this one of the deadliest combos in-game. Both heroes are relatively easy and can stomp the lane and the game with perfect execution.


Luna and Treant Protector

Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2

This may seem like an unusual combo, but Luna and Treant can easily control the lane when their abilities are synced perfectly. Luna is a fragile hero and a weak laner, but Treat Protector alleviates these concerns in the laning phase. Being a strength hero, he can use his ability to soak up damage and give Luna the freedom to get farm by killing creeps.

Leech Seed and Living Armor are healing abilities of Treant Protector. These give Luna higher survivability and allow her to stay in the lane without going back to base. Treant Protector’s defensive spells greatly benefit Luna, but that’s not the only way they dominate together. This combo easily punishes enemies because of how well their offensive spells work together.

Nature’s Grasp keeps enemy units slowed under its effect, while Luna can deal high physical damage to them. Lucent Beam is long-range damage and stun ability that can finish the kill. Lunar Blessing is a move that increases base damage, from which Treant Protector benefits. He already has high damage left click, which becomes even more threatening after this buff.

Their ultimate moves together can win any team fight. Treant Protector’s Overgrowth roots enemies in place, while Luna’s Eclipse deals massive damage with Lucent Beams. This combo can flawlessly kill any hero in the game on sight when timed right.

Riki and Grimstroke

Riki and Grimstroke

This combo is a dangerous pair to be against because of how well they work together. Both heroes alone aren’t the biggest threat, but they can change the course of the game. Their partnership is threatening throughout the game.

Grimstroke’s Stroke of Fate deals heavy damage and slows enemies, making it easier for Riki to initiate and kill. Phantom’s Embrace is a deadly move, and Riki’s Smoke Screen prevents the affected enemy from removing it. When executed perfectly, both moves grant a long silence period that makes sure that the enemy cannot flee.

Riki’s Blink Strike and Cloak and Dagger are lethal under the effect of Ink Swell. Grimstroke’s Ink Swell deals more damage and stuns the enemy the longer, however, enemies can evade this. Cloak and Dagger allow Riki invisibility, through which Ink Swell also stays hidden until cast. We can use Blink Strike to keep chasing the enemy and ensure the stun lands.

All of Riki’s abilities and itemization targets single enemies. Grimstroke’s Soulbind eases this concern as Riki can now hit and kill two enemies simultaneously. Together, they can wreak havoc on all enemies and lead their team to a surefire victory. Making them one of the Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2.

Spectre and Warlock

Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2

Spectre and Warlock are both heroes with great late-game scalability. In the landing stage, Spectre isn’t the best core and is constantly under pressure. However, with Warlock beside her, she can farm in peace because of additional defensive and offensive abilities.

Spectre survives the lane because of Dispersion, but she becomes impossible to kill with Warlock’s Shadow Word. Laning phase is rough for Spectre, and the only aim is to survive through this stage. Together these two heroes give massive team fighting potential and lead everyone to victory with sufficient farm and no deaths.

Spectre can initiate fights with Haunt, giving Warlock a full vision of the enemy team. With this information, Warlock can release his Chaotic Offering, dealing damage and stunning everyone in the area. Fatal Bonds and Upheaval alongside Spectral Dagger close off all escape routes and create easy prey for Spectre.

The combo is hard, and execution must be flawless for them to have an impact. However, the risk pays off in the late game when the timing is perfect.

Clinkz and Ogre Magi

Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2

Clinkz and Ogre Magi naturally work because paired together,  they cover each other’s weaknesses. Being a fragile hero, Clinkz constantly needs to be protected while on the other hand, Ogre Magi is a tank. He can soak up all incoming hits while Clinkz overwhelms enemies with his long attack range and damage from Searing Arrows. Overall, the two heroes are a nuisance together and incredibly hard to kill when positioned right.

In the laning phase, Ogre Magi helps harass the enemies with Ignite while Clinkz can farm easily. Clinkz lacks a stun, which is fulfilled by Ogre Magi’s Fireblast, this provides a great initiation for his Carry. They are lethal in the laning stage, and get better throughout the game.

Ogre Magi’s Bloodlust unlocks Clinkz’s full potential. It gives a massive boost of attack and movement speed that helps Clinkz burst down enemies with his Searing Arrows. While this helps in targeting single heroes, the combo of Ignite and Burning Barrage clears creep waves in an instant. Together, they are a dynamic duo who have everything in their arsenal to win.

A good team draft is the first step to victory, and Safelane Heroes should always synchronize with each other to have a meaningful impact. Hopefully, this article will help guide you in drafting the best Best Safelane Heroes Combo in Dota 2.

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