Best Roamers in Dota 2

Dota 2 is a unique MOBA due to the variety of roles and positions in-game. Roamers are a category of heroes with specific characteristics that make them unique. We will discuss said traits in the article below and help you learn all about the Best Roamers in Dota 2.


Best Roamers in Dota 2

Roamers, also known as Position 4 heroes, may just be the most fun heroes you can play in Dota 2. Who doesn’t like roaming around the map, planning kills, and disrupting lanes for the enemy? Because that is exactly what a roamer does. They plan out their approach, gank enemy heroes, and collect XP & Gold by killing enemy heroes.

Roaming Heroes are mostly Soft supports that help the Offlaner sustain the lane during the first few minutes of the game. However, after a certain time, they will begin rotating lanes and ganking heroes. This has to be timed perfectly, else the enemy may have vision and see you coming.

Ensuring that the enemy does not have time to retreat back to their tower is important. Knowing how to judge their positioning and know when they are out of position makes a gank attempt successful. 

Here are some of the Best Roamers in Dota 2 that have all the capabilities you need to execute this role perfectly. 


Best Roamers in Dota 2

Raigor Stonehoof, also known as the Earthshaker, is a support hero. His abilities allow him to function as an effective roamer who can ensure kills for whichever lane he rotates. Not only is this hero great at initiating but he has the perfect moveset to stun and block his enemy’s retreat.

Starting with Fissure, Earthshaker can stun his enemies while creating a wall that cannot be crossed. Forcing the enemy to stay on his side and fight an unfair battle. Using this on the enemy Midlaner when they are aggressively pushing allows you to entrap them while they get attacked by the tower. 

His enchant totem allows him to burst down enemy heroes, keeping them stunned and locked in place. After the Aghanim’s Scepter, Earthshaker can also surprise his enemies by leaping on top of them.

Earthshaker becomes active after he builds his Blink Dagger that allows him mobility. Additionally, he can wait out in the jungle and surprise his enemies by blinking into team fights and using Echo Slam. This guarantees multiple kills when positioned right, making him a strong Roamer in Dota 2.

Bounty Hunter

Best Roamers in Dota 2

Bounty Hunter, like his name, is always roaming around in search of bounty. His most useful ability is invisibility which allows him to roam the map without any hesitation freely. He can also correctly position himself behind the enemy, only for them to notice him when it’s too late. 

His critical ability Jinada allows him to burst down enemy heroes as he sneaks close to them. The best part about playing this hero is that in low-tier bracket games, enemies don’t buy Sentries or Dust. Which makes it impossible for them to have vision of this hero, making it easy for him to hunt them down.

Roaming the map and finding supports at low health is the best way to ensure a kill. He can also go inside the enemy jungle and stand close to an enemy farming, allowing him to soak XP. Bounty Hunter will have kill potential over them as soon as the enemy’s health drops below a certain threshold. Allowing to secure easy kills, this way.



Tusk is another great Roamer in Dota 2 due to his ability to initiate and block the enemy’s escape route, much like Earthshaker. With Snowball, he can engage his enemies and deal damage as he rolls towards them. Once initiated, he can cast Ice Shards to entrap enemies forcing them to face Tusk.

This allows Tusk to use Walrus PUNCH! on them, which deals critical damage up to 400% while stunning and slowing them. Giving his teammates the chance to quickly join in and take advantage of the situation. 

Initiating against low HP Midlaners makes Tusk a great Roamer. Especially since he can completely decimate them with his Walrus PUNCH!. Additionally, heroes with slow movement speed or lack mobility can easily be targeted as Tusk can lock them down.

Spirit Breaker

Best Roamers in Dota 2

Barathrum, the Spirit Breaker needs no introduction as a Roamer in Dota 2. His charge of Darkness alone makes him perfect for this role as he can cast it on any visible enemy hero on the map. This allows him to cross all kinds of terrain and run at maximum speed towards his target. Dealing damage once he reaches them.

It is tough to predict which side Spirit Breaker may appear from. Additionally, his Greater Bash ability gives him the chance to stun enemy heroes for a long time. As he is not dependant on items, this makes it perfect for him to begin roaming from an early stage.

Bulldoze grants Spirit Breaker additional Status Resistance, which makes it hard to kill him. Being a strength hero, he already has a lot of HP and can tank for his team. Spell immune heroes have no effect on Spirit Breaker, since both the Bash and Nether Strike can pierce spell immunity.



Pudge is perhaps the Best Roamer in Dota 2 due to his Meat Hook ability. The hero may be easy to play but is truly hard to master as he requires intricate positioning knowledge. He can easily hide in the Jungle and pull unsuspecting enemy heroes towards himself using his Meat Hook.

Much like the other heroes on this list, Pudge is not item dependant as his moves alone give him kill potential over a lot of heroes. His Rot makes it hard for heroes to escape from him, ensuring a kill for whichever lane Pudge decides to Gank. 

As his spells have a low cooldown, Pudge can continue his assault without wasting too much time. His ultimate ability can lock down any hero for a long time which is more than enough for his allies to help him kill the enemy hero. 

Flesh Heap gives Pudge increased Magic Resistance making it perfect for him to fight against Magic Damage heroes. 


Best Roamers in Dota 2

Mirana is a hero who has it all. A long-duration stun, invisibility, magic damage, and an easy creep clearing ability. Making her the ideal hero for whatever role she may be needed for. 

Sacred Arrow can travel up to 3000 radius in a straight line stunning whoever it hits while dealing them damage. When placed right, this can stun enemy heroes for up to 5 seconds. This is one of the longest stuns in-game, ensuring that whoever the unlucky target is will be killed by Mirana.

Her Starstorm allows her to deal damage to all enemy units around her which can help her farm efficiently. Even though, the hero is not dependant on items, she can still use the Gold to purchase whatever works in that scenario.

Lastly, her ultimate ability is the Moonlight Shadow that grants invisibility to all her allies, including Mirana herself. This can last up to 18 seconds allowing your teammates to either escape or position themselves for a team fight. In most cases, when used right this move alone can turn the tide of any battle. 

Roamers in Dota 2 will always be a fun aspect but utilizing them strategically requires you to understand the hero draft and their role. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that. Ensuring that you win your games and increase your MMR.

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