Best Resources for Crafting in Grounded

Want to know what are the best resources to use for crafting in Grounded?

With the recent updates implemented by Obsidian Entertainment to Grounded, many fans quickly realized how necessary resources are for crafting various items throughout their adventure. 

Divided into rare, common, and uncommon resources, the most helpful and useful ones in the game can be utilized to craft many tools, gear, health items, weapons, and more. 

For any player, the most helpful resources for crafting tend to be common natural materials that are abundant and easy to find in the Backyard. These materials should also apply to different items in the game. 

If you are new to the game and want to make things easier, knowing the best resources for crafting will help you in the long run. 

Today, we’ve listed down some of the best resources you can use for crafting in Grounded. 

Let’s jump right in!

Plant Fiber

Having medicinal properties that can be made into healthy potions, elixirs, and recipes, Plant Fiber can also be used to make a slew of priceless tools in the highly anticipated fall video game release. 

Plant Fiber is also highly abundant, making it even more helpful since players do not have to search forever to find it. 

Plant Fiber

Fans can use Plant Fibers to make a Crude Rope, which can be transformed into various melee weapons like Pebblet Spears. This resource is also ideal for making Fiber Bandages, which can help cover and heal wounds. 

Plant Slurry, a paste used to tame Aphids, can also be made using Plant Fiber. Besides, this amazing resource can craft Slime Mold Torches to see underwater for one minute. Finally, you can make Trail Makers out of it to avoid getting lost. 


While most resources derive value based on their rarity, Pebblets are extremely valuable due to their abundance and how easily locatable they are. Essentially small pebbles, Pebblets are common natural resources specifically used to craft important tools and weapons, like axes, hammers, daggers, spears, and others. 


Besides helpful tools and weapons, Pebblets can also be used to make items like Log Pallets, Roasting Spits, Plank Pallets, Dew Collectors, and, most important, Fuzz on the Rocks. 

With defense, health, and food covered, we require Pebblets to be acquired early and often. 


A sticky adhesive used as a natural glue and rubber, tree Sap is yet another highly versatile natural resource for crafting. The combustible goo can craft tools, health consumables, gear, building, and storage materials. 

best resources for crafting in grounded

Sap can be used to make Plant Lamps, Torches, Workbenches, Ovens, Sap Sconces, Smithing Stations, Clover Tables, Fiber Bandages, Storage Chests, Bug Rubber, Spinning Wheels, and Eyepatches. 


Clay is another priceless common natural resource used to make a handful of key items in the game. Whether looking to build homes by making Clay Foundations using Ash Cement or fortifying the living space with a Simple Bed or Clay Ramp, Clay is one of the most valuable resources you can get.

best resources for crafting in grounded

After building your abodes, Clay can also be used to make cookery items, ovens, and health drinks like Fuzz on the Rocks. 


Acorn Tops, Acorn Shells, and Acorn Bits combine to provide more functional crafting than most common resources in Grounded. The hard nutshell can be turned into protective gear like Facemasks, Legplates, and Chestplates. 

best resources for crafting in grounded

Acorns can also be used to make helpful tools and weapons, like Ladders, Shovels, Crow Crossbows, Pollen Turrets, Sap Catchers, Garden Patches, and Smoothie Stations.

Bombardier Part

While the Bombardier Part may not be as diverse as the other common natural resources, what it can make in the game is far too powerful to pass up. The insectile anatomy can be used to craft advanced items like Jerky Rack, Insect Axe, Repair Glue, and Abomination Totem. 

best resources for crafting in grounded

However, where the Bombardier Part separates itself is its ability to make the Broodmother BLT. This unique item in Grounded allows you to summon the Hedge Broodmother Boss. 

This boss is the most ruthless angry creature you will ever face in the game besides the Director Schmector. 

Flower Petals

Flower Petals are another beneficial resource for making multiple beneficial items in Grounded. Whether you are planning to craft melee weapons like Mint Maces, Pollen Turrets, Pebblet, Lure Traps, and Lure Arrows, Flower Petals are the way to go. 

best resources for crafting in grounded

Additionally, Flower Petals can be used to make Grinders, Berry Chairs, Bounce Webs, and other decorative furnishings, giving the resource a well-rounded utility. 

Spider Fang

In terms of rare, uncommon natural resources in Grounded, Spider Fangs are the cream of the crop. This resource can be obtained by killing Wolf Spiders, which can be turned into the most powerful weaponry in the game, including the Spider Fang Dagger and Insect Bow. 

best resources for crafting in grounded

Spider Fangs can also be used to make the Sturdy Whetstone, which increases the potency of weapons from level 6 to 7. 

Even better, Spider Fangs can be made into Liquid Rage, a consumable smoothie that increases attacks and healing properties to make players feel indestructible. It may be a risk fighting the mighty Wolf Spiders, though, to obtain it. 

That ends our list of the best resources you can use for crafting in Grounded. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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