The Best PowerUps to Prioritize in Vampire Survivors

Did you know that you can unlock the best powerups efficiently in Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors continues to amaze its players with new content, including playable characters, items, and even PowerUps. 

Due to the small population, many players who enjoyed it at first quickly unlocked the game’s PowerUps and felt secure in knowing they would never have to grind coins again.

However, if you’re just starting the game, unlocking powerups would take too much time if you don’t do it correctly. Thankfully, there is a simple yet working path that you can follow to unlock them in Vampire Survivors.

The most efficient way when buying powerups is to prioritize the most expensive powerups first. 

You have to do this because the price of powerups increases by 10% each time you buy them. So if you buy the lowest price first, the total gold you will spend will be twice rather than buying it the other way around.

So below are the main powerups you should buy if you want to unlock them most efficiently.



The first powerup you should buy is the revival since it is the most expensive in the shop, which costs 10,000 gold. With Revival, you’ll have room to get the optimal weapons and armor together. 

Six Revivals are possible with this PowerUp, the Tiragisu passive item, and the Awake arcana. You must locate the Tiragisu and devote one of your three precious arcana slots to Awake before you can proceed.



This powerup is the second most expensive in vampire survivors, costing 5500 with two upgrades.

Once you have reached level 100 with Mortaccio, you can unlock the first level. When you level up, you will have access to additional options due to this. 

An adorable quality-of-life option that ought to be picked up once you’ve gotten the other PowerUps and are in a financial position to buy it once it becomes available to you.



The Curse powerup is the polar opposite of Luck in that it causes terrible things to occur rather than good ones. If you have Curse equipped, enemies will move more quickly, have a greater health pool, spawn in larger groups, and spawn more frequently as you level up.

Additionally, it will give better drops and rewards since the mobs are stronger than usual. So this powerup is an efficient powerup to unlock since it will provide you with more gold.



The amount may be one of the most powerful powerups in vampire survivors. So focusing on that should take precedence over everything else. 

The Amount powerup adds one to the total number of projectiles you have, which means that you begin each game with two of each type of projectile.

However, all weapons do not affect by the Amount stat. Some weapons cannot use this PowerUp, such as the Pentagram, Garlic, Clock Lancet, and Laurel, but for those that do, it significantly boosts their power and is considered one of the best powerups.



The amount of experience gained from gems is increased by growth. It will help you level up much more quickly, allowing you to upgrade your weapons and passive abilities sooner. That said, you can clear stages faster since you will have weapons upgrades and abilities faster than usual.

Additionally, if you enjoy playing on Hyper Mode, spending all of your gold on Growth is optional, but it is worthwhile to do so early on to gain a permanent 6% to 9% EXP bonus.



All weapons can benefit from the Cooldown PowerUp. Additionally, It will increase the fire rate on every weapon by purchasing the Cooldown PowerUp.

When a maxed-out powerup and the Empty Tome passive item are equipped, weapons no longer need to cool down between shots. In particular, you can significantly strengthen the Phieraggi to the point where they become unbeatable.


Luck Best PowerUps

Every single aspect of this game relies heavily on luck. Weapons with higher Luck will have a greater chance of dealing a critical hit. Additionally, stage items will have a higher rate as well.

Also, there’s a better chance of getting multiple items from treasure chests when you have a high Luck stat.

When leveling up, a player with high Luck has four options rather than three. As a result, the player has more say over their equipment. A high Luck also reduces the likelihood of certain unfavorable stage events.


Skip Best PowerUps

You can obtain the first rank of Skip by completing the Bonus Stage Il Molise and surviving for 15 minutes. Because of this item, you can bypass a level increase and gain experience instead.


Best PowerUps

Before any adjustments are made, the player’s Greed is set at 100%. In the stats panel, Greed is displayed as a percentage increase or decrease relative to 100% Greed. 

Spending gold on Greed is intelligent because it lowers the cost of making other shop purchases. When you get the chance, put all five points into Greed.

But stage bonuses that increase the amount of gold you get don’t count as Greed. Instead, they add to the bonus you get from all of the above and make it bigger.

The powerups mentioned are the ones you should prioritize over the other. Once you’ve maxed-out everything, you can start unlocking the others left. Hopefully, this post helped you decide which order you want to prioritize the best powerups in the game.

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