Best Places to Set Up Your Base in Dinkum

Want to know where are the best places to set up your base in Dinkum?

Dinkum is a simulation RPG that allows players to explore new lands and build their own town from the ground up. When you first arrive, you’ll be tasked to find a spot for your base tent, which serves as the center of your town. 

Choosing the location for your base is very important, and you should do this carefully. Besides being the center of your town, it is also the place you’ll visit the most. 

Due to this, it is crucial to select an area that is close to nearby resources yet far away from danger. It is also essential to consider the surrounding places within your town so you won’t have to cover far distances when hunting or farming. 

Fortunately, there are a handful of areas to choose from in Dinkum. However, you’ll want to make sure that they are in an optimal location. 

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best places to set up your base in Dinkum. 

Let’s get right into it!

Open Area of the Desert

Building your town in the desert will give you plenty of room to grow. There are quite a few NPCs which you’ll have to craft shops and other buildings for. Setting up here will also ensure that you have a lot of room for all your needs. 

best places to set up your base in dinkum

However, you’ll have to ensure that you have space for your crops to grow and provide places for any animals you may want to tame down the road. 

Most plains have minerals, but clearing those out will leave you enough room for what you need to build. 

Isolated Island

Setting up your base on an island will ensure that your town is located in one area. You can build bridges to the mainland for easier travel and claim the island as your own. However, you don’t want to pick a small island, but one that is enough to support all the buildings and farmland that you need. 

Beach Side

By setting up your base on an island, you’ll be surrounded by water on all sides, allowing you to fish anywhere you like. However, keep an eye out for crocodiles, jellyfish, and sharks. 

Near a Dingo Den

If you want a cool place to set up your town, try considering a dingo den. While it might not be the most appealing, building your base near a dingo den has its benefits. Whenever you restart the game, new animals will spawn. 

Diggo Den

With this setup, you’ll have the dingoes at your side. They’ll do the killing for you, making it easier to get meat. 

It will also be easier to catch animals and send them off to be reached. You’ll also don’t have to worry about taming them right away. 

Beside a River

If you love fishing more than foraging for fruit, then building your base beside a river is a great option. Building a base by the river has many benefits as well besides fishing. You can have the river run through the center of your town and build river banks to make it even more appealing. 

best places to set up your base in dinkum

Once you earn enough permit points, you’ll be able to build bridges connecting one half of your town to the other over the river. 

When you craft a boat, you can drop it off in the river by your town for easier access to transportation. If you are lucky, you might even be able to get some mangrove trees along the river. 

Beach By the Ocean

Besides the looks, setting up your base tent near the ocean will allow you to catch more fish while listening to calming waves. In this area, new seashells will spawn every once in a while, allowing you to earn easy money. 

best places to set up your base in dinkum

If you get lucky enough, you can even set up near an oyster which spawns a pearl every now and then. 

By building near the ocean, you’ll still be connected to the mainland and have the beach house you’ve always dreamed of in real life. Be careful, though, as sharks might lurk in the area once in a while. 

Center of the Island

If you want the most ideal base tent location and don’t care about aesthetics, we recommend setting your base at the dead center of the island. This should put you in the middle of everything, and each corner of the island will be an equal distance away. 

best places to set up your base in dinkum

This makes for easy traveling, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. This should also allow you to experience a little bit of everything. 

Depending on what map is generated for you, your town might be in different territories. 

Beside A Radio Tower

Setting up your base tent next to a radio tower is another great option in Dinkum. Once you’ve repaired the nearby tower, you’ll be able to teleport between the towers you’ve finished, providing easy access to your town. 

best places to set up your base in dinkum

Being able to fast travel should cut down travel times when hunting for animals or farming for resources. 

Although the radio tower isn’t the most pleasing view, the advantages it provides should be more than enough.

That is it for our list of the best places to set up your base in Dinkum. If you have questions or other concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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