Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

Do you want to know the best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2?

Mostly known as Omniknight, Purist Thunderwrath is a versatile strength-based healer who acts as a pillar for his team. With spells to aid his allies and save them from the brink of death is where he shines. Moreover, his ability to tank and frontline in team fights makes him a daunting opponent to face, thus making it imperative to know the Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2.

Along with this, the Hero prides himself on having one of the best strong dispels in the game. With a heal, a dispel, and a hard counter to physical damage, he scales incredibly into the late game. Given a new spell in a recent update, Omniknight now also possesses the ability to deal pure damage and slow enemies, making him a very stable laner.

Though Omniknight functions as an amazing Offlaner or support, he does have a few flaws that can hinder his progress. A stunted mana pool even into the late game threatens him as he relies heavily on spell-casting. Furthermore, he does not have access to any spell immunity which could protect him from silences or dispels.

Additionally, he also suffers short cast ranges, resulting in difficulties closing the distance between himself and his enemies. Apart from this, any amount of disables like stuns can render Omniknight useless with no way to defend himself. All this comes from the fact that he is often a pure spellcaster if not provided with an appropriate farm.


Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

Purification is his first ability and allows Omniknight to heal allies and damage any enemies in a radius around them. This ability heals for 300 while dealing pure damage to any enemy in a 260 radius for the same amount. It performs both these tasks with a cooldown of 12 seconds which reduces to 10 seconds using a talent.

One of the strongest dispels in the game, Heavenly Grace is a 10-second cooldown spell and grants allies a dispel. Besides this, the ability also makes allies gain up to 38 strength and 20 health regen. These bonuses are further amplified by the number of debuffs removed from the target this spell affects. Heavenly Grace’s duration increases to 14 seconds using the level 10 talent.

Dealing pure damage based on Omniknight’s own attack damage, Hammer of Purity takes credit for his laning ability. Along with the 125 base damage, 90% of Omniknight’s attack damage adds on to the spell. This increases to an overwhelming 165% of his attack damage using a talent. It also slows enemy units for 5 seconds, which helps chase them down.

Guardian Angel is an AoE spell that grants Omniknight and his allies in a 1200 radius immunity to physical damage. Using Aghanim’s Sceptre, this ability also works on buildings and works globally for a duration of up to 10 seconds. In addition to this, the Aghanim Sceptre upgrade also provides status resistance which makes it an amazing item.


Being on the sidelines while making his allies survive longer in grueling team fights is what Omniknight is best at. This unbelievable ability to be a constant source of fortitude is why it is essential to know the Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2.



With many ways to slow enemies down while stunning and disabling them, Doom is often picked to counter Omniknight. Using Scorched Earth, he deals damage over time and gets additional movement speed which allows him to outrun Omniknight. Along with this, he can use Infernal Blade to keep Omniknight busy.

Though his other spells are an added benefit, where Doom comes through is with his ultimate, Doom. Doom is a curse that mutes and silences enemies for 16 seconds while causing his enemies 60 DPS. This ability also removes any debuffs that Omniknight applies to the target hero.

Along with the possibility to disable Omniknight and remove him from the fight altogether, he can also target other enemies. This proves to be another viable option due to Omniknight not being able to dispel this spell with Heavenly Grace. Leading this to not only being something that can bring down enemies but also a way to kite and distract enemies. This makes Doom one of the Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2.


Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

With an affinity to spellcasting just like Omniknight and an incredible arsenal of Magic Damage, Invoker hard counters Omniknight’s Ultimate. Various sources of burst damage and even pure damage in the form of Sun Strike allow Invoker to counteract any spell that Omniknight uses. He can use alacrity to output physical damage if and when Omniknight uses Heavenly Grace.

Omniknight’s limited mana gets reduced even more by Invoker, who can use his EMP. Using this spell, Invoker can not only rip his mana to shreds but also slows Omniknight, who possesses no escapes. This makes him highly vulnerable to any follow-up attacks or spells that Invoker may cast. Moreover, Tornado grants Invoker the ability to dispel both Heavenly Grace and Guardian Angel from any target it contacts.

Outworld Destroyer

Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

One of the most important aspects of winning team fights as Omniknight is landing a good Guardian Angel. However, with an unlimited source of pure damage, Outworld Devourer demolishes heroes with or without the protection of Guardian Angel. Apart from this, the burst damage he dishes out counters both Purification and Heavenly Grace.

Like others, Outworld Devourer also takes advantage of Omniknights low mana pool and reduces it further with his Astral Imprisonment. Furthermore, he can also trap and remove Omniknight from the fight, making it impossible for him to cast spells. Without the advent of his abilities, Omniknight has minimal impact and becomes utterly useless.

Like Omniknight, Outworld Devourer can also use Sanity Eclipse to oppose Guardian Angel’s large radius. This ability helps Outworld output a massive amount of magic damage in a very short duration. Being so useful against Guardian Angel also delves from the fact that it ignores the immunity against physical damage with magic damage. Making almost all of Omniknight’s abilities useless in front of Outworld Destroyer.


Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

Global Silence allows Silencer to ruin whole team fights by making it much harder for enemies to set up good positioning. This global spell not only makes enemies distraught but makes Omniknight more or less of a standing creep. Being silenced and having no way to protect himself or his allies makes silencer incredibly useful against Omniknight.

Apart from this, Silencer also has another silence called Last Word, which fulfills the same purpose as Global Silence. Not only this, but using Last Word on Omniknight himself allows him to corner Omniknight without a way to save himself. Glaives of Wisdom can also steal intelligence, lowering already limited mana pools even more. This is why Silencer’s mere presence is enough to scare Omniknight away.

Glaives of Wisdom also have further benefits in the form of being pure damage and going through Guardian Angel. This, when coupled with the benefit of an exceptional Laning stage, Silencer can trample over Omniknight. This pure damage also allows Silencer to ignore the high base armor of Omniknight at all stages in the game.


Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2

With Fortune’s End, Oracle applies a strong dispel just like Heavenly Grace. This means that, with this spell, Oracle can remove the buff of Heavenly Grace or Guardian Angel. Consequently, a low cooldown also allows Oracle to cripple any team fighting potential that Omniknight can muster.

Though Omniknight already lacks magical or physical burst damage, Oracle can still use False Promise to counter the little magic or pure damage that Omniknight chooses to deal with. With this ability, he helps survive burst damage and makes allies heal exponentially. Protecting them against Omniknight and other enemy heroes.

Omniknight has proven incredibly useful as a Support and Offlaner in both low and high MMR gameplay. This has allowed pro players to abuse him to gain large amounts of MMR and win easy games. This versatility is why it is important for players to know the Best Omniknight Counters in Dota 2.

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