Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2

Offlane is one of the most dangerous lanes in any Dota 2 game. Compared to the Mid or the Safelane, the Offlaner has only one job. That is to stay alive for as long as possible. Facing the enemy Carry and Support puts the Offlaner at a constant threat. Therefore, drafting a tanky hero with the mobility to escape can help you sustain the lane, all the while taking XP and Gold from it. This article will help you by listing down the Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2 to help you draft better for your games.

Offlane Heroes

Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2

Offlane Heroes are responsible for staying alive in their lanes for as long as possible to take as much Gold and XP from the enemy as possible. Not letting the enemy carry the farm effectively goes a long way into securing your late game. It also allows your carry to get more time to get farm. Therefore, by winning the time race and getting sufficient farm before the enemy, your team has a higher chance of winning the game. 

By playing your Offlane correctly, you keep the Safelane support engaged, not letting him rotate to any other lane such as your Mid or Safelane. Essentially playing as bait during the early laning stage. For the Mid to Late game, the Offlaners’ role remains the same, by using the little farm received from Lane, they need to maintain their edge. In team fights, the Offlaner plays as the team tank, taking hits and baiting enemy heroes while the Midlaner and Safelane carry kill enemy heroes.

This is why drafting the right Offlane Hero goes a long way in securing your matches. Here are the Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2 that you can play in your own games.


Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2

Timbersaw is a melee strength hero who relies on enemy hits to heal and increase his sustainability. Most of his active abilities are AoE that deal damage in a large radius. Making it easy for him to eliminate creep waves and stop them from pushing into the tower. This makes him the ideal hero in an Offlane. 

Whirling Death is Timbersaw’s first ability to deal base damage in an area around him, destroying trees in the vicinity. The more trees it destroys, the higher the damage scales, making it useful in the Offlane. It also reduces the primary attribute of the affected hero. Making it challenging for them to utilize their healing bonus or mana regen. 

Timber chain gives mobility to the hero, allowing him to grapple to any tree within a 1250 radius. Making it easy for him to use it to escape or chase after an enemy hero. However, the most useful ability is his passive, the Reactive Armor. This gives Timbersaw an additional HP regen and Armor bonus based on the number of hits he receives. It makes it perfect for him to bait attacks on himself to regain HP. 



Slardar is also a melee strength hero who specializes in close combat. This is because of his passive Bash of the Deep. It gives him additional damage for every fourth hit he deals to the enemy, along with a one-second stun. It makes it ideal to purchase attack speed items like Moon Shard on him to deliver these attacks in quick succession. Echo Sabre is also a great item as it allows him to get two hits off simultaneously. 

The Slithereen Crush is an AoE stun that makes it easy for Slardar to initiate team fights or escape in tough situations. When used right, it can stun multiple heroes at the same time while dealing damage against them. The Guardian Spirit allows Slardar to increase his movement speed granting him the mobility to escape or chase enemy heroes. 

Combining Guardian Spirit with the Slithereen Crush makes for a great initiation during team fights. Additionally, it also lets Slardar stun his enemies while he can escape making him one of the Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2.



Mars, also known as the First Son of Heaven, is an excellent tank hero. He specializes in blocking and reducing enemy damage, making him a strong survivor against high damage dealing enemies. Bulwark is his passive ability that blocks all kinds of damages from the front, reducing them up to 70% while side damages are reduced by 35%. Making it easy for him to survive assaults by the Safelane Support and Carry.

Spear of Mars is perfect for single target heroes. As it hits the enemy unit, skewering them on the spear while pushing them back from Mars. If the skewered hero hits a tree or building, they get impaled. Stunning them for roughly three seconds in addition to the initial damage delivered by the spear.

Arena Of Blood is Mars’s ultimate ability that spawns forth an arena. This heals all allies inside it while damaging any hero who dares to touch the edge. It allows Mars to entrap multiple heroes inside the arena while dealing damage to them, making it easy for his ranged allies to deal damage from outside. Resulting in a good team fight that will most often allow Mars to win.


Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2

Bristleback needs no introduction as his name defines his most powerful attribute. His passive ability Bristleback allows him to reduce any incoming damage by 40% should it hit his back, while side damage gets reduced by 20%. Additionally, this ability can also be used offensively since it activates Quill Spray if the damage received crosses the 210 damage threshold. It makes it perfect for Bristleback to turn his back towards the enemy, allowing him to defend and attack simultaneously.

Warpath is his ultimate ability that stacks up, adding to his Attack and Movement speed bonus. The more he uses his spells like Quill Spray the more stacks he receives. Making it easy for him to chase down enemies or fight them actively by using his spells on them.


Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2

Valora, the Dawnbreaker is a fairly new hero who was recently introduced into the Dota 2 universe. She made her debut in the 7.29 patch as the new addition as a Carry hero after four years. Being a melee strength hero makes her ideal as an Offlaner due to her high HP pool and regen. 

All her abilities are AoE moves that deal damage to multiple heroes simultaneously. Making it ideal for her to target the Safelane Carry and Support with the same ability. Luminosity lets Dawnbreaker deal critical damage on every 3rd strike while healing all allies in the vicinity for a percentage of the attack damage dealt. Making it easy for her lane support to sustain themselves as well. 

Lastly, Solar Guardian is Dawnbreaker’s ultimate ability. It allows her to stay in the Offlane while pushing into the dangerous lanes. She can simply teleport to her allies whenever there is a team fight brewing or her presence is required. Since she deals damage after teleporting, it helps her allies win the team fight and turn the battle around. Making her an excellent Offlaner and a team fighting hero.

Playing the Offlane is no simple task. The Offlaner has to carry a lot of responsibility both during the early as well as the late game. This is why it’s also called Position 3. Making it the 3rd most important hero in any team. Hopefully, this article will help build up your hero pool so you can draft one of the Best Offlane Heroes in Dota 2. Surely helping you win your games and gain MMR.

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