Best Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft

Are you looking for the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game with limitless possibilities which is the main selling point of this game. These possibilities include the availability of co-op and multiplayer modes available through different servers which the players can access and play. Each server offers something different and this article tells the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft.

Multiplayer Servers

Multiplayer servers in Minecraft allow players to play together in a single world. This can either be through LAN, co-op, or massive online multiplayer servers that any player can join. These servers have different activities, game modes, and mechanics that players can explore according to their own preferences.

The makers of multiplayer servers usually mod their servers for better performance or to introduce new game mechanics. For example, some servers are like a single-player Minecraft adventure but with other people around. On the other hand, some servers introduce game modes with PVP, Battle Royale, and other such modes.

These servers keep Minecraft relevant among old and new players because they have new content to explore daily. Besides this, multiplayer servers are a great way to interact with new people or play with friends. Whatever the reason may be for playing on a server, it’s sure to be fun for all Minecraft players.

How to Join a Multiplayer Server

Best Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft

To enjoy the game modes of a Minecraft multiplayer server, the player has to first join his preferred server. Interestingly, there are multiple ways a player can join a server. The easiest way is to add the server to the multiplayer server list. To do this, the player must click Add Server and put in the IP address and name of the server.

This method allows the player to join the server anytime without constantly inputting the IP address. The second method directly connects to a server by just using its address. For this purpose, the player must use the Direct Connection option and just input the address to connect to it. 

Players can start their own LAN servers by creating a single-player game and choosing the Open To LAN option. This allows players on the same network as the host to join the server. While this is a great way to play with friends, the actual fun starts in the multiplayer servers. Below are the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft.

Best Multiplayer Servers 

The best Minecraft multiplayer servers can hold a large number of players and have many game modes available. In addition, they should be stable and lag should be minimum for the experience for all players. With this in mind, this article lists down the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft.



IP Address:

Brawl fulfills all fantasies of a Call of Duty or Battlefield player in Minecraft. Basically, this server introduces the most popular game modes of FPS games in Minecraft which the players can play. This server has five game modes. Namely, they are Capture The Flag, Party Deluxe, Raid, Minecraft Build, and MC WarZ.

Capture The Flag is like the basic game mode from famous FPS games. In particular, the player has to steal the flag from the other team while defending their own flag. Party Deluxe is like the Minecraft version of Mario party, while Minecraft Build lets the player create a custom world.

MC WarZ and Raid are similar game modes as players have to survive on their own while forming alliances. These are purely survival modes and fun for players looking for challenges. Other game modes feature elements of the Last Man Standing game modes of FPS games. 

Overall, Brawl is fun for all players who are looking for action and thrill in Minecraft. All these game modes make Brawl one of the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft for FPS lovers.


Best Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft

IP Address: – Java Edition – Bedrock Edition

Mineplex is the biggest server of Minecraft currently as it houses over ten thousand players in its Bedrock Edition. Although the Java Edition has only three hundred to six hundred players on average, it still is the largest Minecraft multiplayer server. Besides this, Mineplex has multiple game modes and zones for players to explore.

Mineplex has every game mode that a player can imagine in Minecraft. For example, the famous Skywars game mode where players have to fight against other players on separate islands. Aside from this, there are Cake Wars, Draw My Things, Speed Builders, Survival Games, Arcade, and many more that players can choose.

Mineplex is a professionally built server that players can tell by the detail-oriented map atmosphere and various game modes. In addition, the staff is always available and they make sure that players feel welcome on their server. Moreover, the community of Mineplex is one of the best considering that players are extremely friendly to each other.

Mineplex is an amazing server overall, but one gamemode especially attracts players is Minekart. This is a respectable remake of Mario Kart in Minecraft as it includes all power-ups, tracks, and similar gameplay. In conclusion, Mineplex has game modes for all players and everyone will have fun on this server.


Best Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft

IP Address: or

PixelmonCraft is a Pokemon-based Minecraft multiplayer server that allows Pokemon fans to experience their favorite franchise in a completely new world. Similar to the Pixelmon mod available for Minecraft single-player, this server takes that and makes it multiplayer. This is a unique server as it splits into two servers that show different regions.

The two servers are the Johto and Kanto regions from the famous Pokemon games. Interestingly, the creators of this server recreated the entire region of the two games. For example, it includes the towns, different areas, and terrain of the games. While the atmosphere is similar, the gameplay is also almost the same as the original games.

This server turns the animals into Pokemon which the players can interact with by catching them. Furthermore, they can use these Pokemon to battle each other. Lastly, PixelmonCraft also includes Gyms where the players can fight and win the badges. In addition, it has Pokemarts for shopping and certain terrains to avoid like Long Grass.

PixelmonCraft is truly a treat for Pokeman fans looking for a change of pace from the regular Pokemon games. Overall, PixelmonCraft is a faithful recreation of the original games and pays homage to them by replicating the games carefully.


Best Multiplayer Servers in Minecraft

IP Address:

Hypixel is one of the oldest and most famous multiplayer servers in Minecraft. Consequently, there are always a lot of players on this server and sometimes even a waiting line to get into it. Furthermore, there are multiple mini-games that players can enjoy and other features to make the experience more pleasant. 

There are game modes like Cops and Robbers, Duels, Murder Mystery, Build Battle, and a lot more. While all these games are fun and players love playing these, Hypixel is famous for a certain gamemode. Specifically, this mode is the Skyblock survival mode where the player has to survive on a floating piece of land. 

Hypixel is famous for its amazing game modes, smooth server experience, aesthetic features, and friendly staff. Overall, this is a great server for all types of Minecraft players.

Minecraft is a fun game for all ages because of the creative freedom it allows players in the game. This includes the various multiplayer servers which have multiple modes for all types of players. Hopefully, this article on the best multiplayer servers in Minecraft helps you find the best Minecraft server according to your preference.

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