Best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Do you want to know the best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

At first sight, Rainbow Six Siege may appear to be a tactical shooter with no input on customization or flair. However, all players with experience understand that the main focus of Siege is fashion, and nothing else. Below, is the list of the best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege, and whether they really are worth it.

Finding the best items in Siege’s menus may be challenging, despite the game’s extensive library of finely detailed weapon skins. Many players are willing to spend in-game and real-world currency on game cosmetics. Despite the fact that weapon skins are purely decorative and have no tactical benefit. Skins regarding the MP5K are also available.


Best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

The MP5K is a shorter version of the MP5 submachine gun. The 9x19mm Parabellum round is the ammo of choice for this version of the MP5. In Rainbow Six Siege, this gun comes under the Submachine Gun category. With multiple benefits and disadvantages, there are many reasons why players may or may not like this weapon.

The MP5K performs similarly to its full-sized version in terms of rate of fire , but it deals more damage. The gun is rather robust because of its high controllability. It also has a low recoil, making it a favorite among beginners and old players alike. However, it does have the drawback of being unable to be of use with a grip.


Best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

The MP5K’s Vaal skin has a vivid orange, teal, red, and black color scheme. In September 2016, it became available as a component of the Vaal Bundle, an SMG skin bundle. Players could formerly purchase this skin for 6,250 Renown, but it is no longer available in the market.

Given that the firearm stock reads “Defective,” this skin gives the impression that it was just a dummy. The weapon’s skin supports the theory that the pistol may have solely been thought up for testing. This is because it features the black-and-white circles frequently found on test dummies.

Orb Weaver

MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Primarily composed of white, black, and red, the Orb Weaver skin for the MP5K. It also features a backdrop that has a light blue hue that blends into white. The design, which has a tree shape and butterflies fluttering over the skin, appears sophisticated enough to be on paintings. This skin is ideal for those who appreciate nature.

This minimalistic and clear-looking complexion with small pops of color has players drooling. On its release in the Tough Love Bundle in 2016, players readily spent over 3700 Renown on this beautiful skin. Though it is not on the market at this time, players are still ready for a re-release.

Mute’s Gift: An MP5K Exclusive

Rainbow Six Siege

Players may obtain Mute’s Gift, a special skin for the MP5K in 2019, for free. They only had to eliminate 20 assailant drones while defending. This skin has a metallic rose tint with silver stars and a cartoon version of Mute’s face on the side. Unfortunately, this skin is no longer marketable because it was only available for a short while.

First Class Burglary: Crimson Heist Battle Pass

Best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

During the Crimson Heist Battle Pass, which ran from March-May 2021, a skin called First Class Burglary became available. This skin is highly chic and stylish, with black accents, a white body, and gold plating. On the MP5K, the recognizable spade pattern looks especially excellent because there isn’t a lot of metallic gold.

Not only this, but the slight accents of shiny gold make this skin look like a piece of jewelry. Moreover, it has a French Vibe due to its subtle minimalism. In the Battle Pass, on Tier 100, players got the First Class Burglary skin. To do this, one did have to acquire the Battle Pass, which goes for $9.99.

White Dragon: Lunar Sale

Best MP5K Skins

A seasonal Epic-level skin named “White Dragons” came out in 2017. The White Dragon skin, according to Ubisoft, is a nod to Hong Kong and stands for fortitude and good fortune. It seems fantastic on the MP5K. This skin features a gorgeous dragon pattern in the middle and a white-out aesthetic with royal blue accents.

As part of a Lunar sale in February 2021 that also included the Dynasty skin, this skin had a re-release. While other games launched new skins for the Lunar New Year, Rainbow Six Siege decided to reintroduce fan favorites temporarily. The cost of the White Dragon skin is 27,000 Renown, which is equivalent to 648 R6 Credits.

Tally: An MP5K Exclusive

The MP5K is the only weapon that could use the Epic-level Tally skin. With leather embellishments, a blue brocade-like pattern, and hand-painted details close to the stock, it combines Eastern and Western ideas. This skin is either loved or despised by Rainbow Six Siege players. Many people adore it for its distinctive design and fine features.

However, others express perplexity about how it combines various parts. In either case, it’s distinctive and certain to spark conversation. For the MP5K, the Tally skin cost 2,500 Renown, equal to 60 R6 Credits. It is no longer present in the Item Shop.

Damascus Steel

damascus steel

When one buys the Year 3 pass, the universal skin, Damascus Steel, comes for free. It’s a very straightforward skin that changes ordinary gun steel into polished Damascus steel suitable for blacksmith-made swords. The wood complements the metal’s shimmering layers perfectly. Moreover, its simplicity stands out when one compares it to other skins.


Best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Another of the best MP5K Skins in Rainbow Six Siege is the Engraved Skin. Unlike many others on this list, this skin is actually available for purchase as of right now. Though it has quite a drastic price of 12,500, many find it worth it and already have it.

The Engraved skin has a lot of textural complexity and is a light grey tone. This skin is under the radar yet elegant and isn’t garish or excessive. It’s ideal for concealment and for gamers that want finer details in their images. With the exception of the magazine and the back of the stock, almost the whole weapon has etchings.

There are small crosses printed all over, as well as an amazing sword motif. Apart from this, there are quite a few cool easter eggs and details if one looks at the design closely. This MP5K skin is a component of the Engraved Bundle.



One of the most beloved skins in the game is, without a doubt, Royal. Though there are many skins, this is truly one of the best MP5K skins in Rainbow Six Siege. It stands out from other skins because of the deep blue hues and the complex gold elements. The details in its design are prevalent all over the gun and make it really unique.

These are some of the best and most popular MP5K skins in the entire game. However, many might disagree and argue with the choices on this list. This is the entire point of customizing one’s guns to how one likes them. The personal impact one has, and their own flairs make Rainbow Six Siege a fun game.

Being a very short and concise list, this article mentions a few of the skins that are incredibly popular today. Along with being on the wishlist for many players, it highlights in recent times, the Best MP5 Skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

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