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Are you looking for the best mods in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s launch has been a successful one, with players loving FromSoftware’s masterpiece and first attempt at an open-world game. The end result has been incredible, with the game not falling short of expectations and has been praised by fans and critics. 

The number of people who wants to get their hands on this title speaks volumes when it comes to Elden Ring’s incredible quality. 

Due to its popularity, there’s a great community behind Elden Ring. In fact, its community is so strong and massive that there have been several mods already for the game that can tweak some of the many gameplay and visual elements of Elden Ring. 

Today, we’ve listed some of the best mods in Elden Ring for PC users. 

Let’s get right into it!

Grand Merchant 

Merchant Kale in Elden Ring is probably the first ever merchant that you will encounter in Elden Ring. He is a decent merchant, but his loot is not really as useful as the ones supplied by other merchants in The Lands Between.

Grand Merchant

However, with this mod, Merchant kale turns into one of the best NPCs you can interact with in the game. 

Every item that is available in Elden Ring will be available from Merchant Kale using this mod. This makes it a great option for experienced players who want to enjoy a more streamlined experience. 

Grand Merchant Mod

Item And Param Randomiser

Randomizer mods are quite popular to veteran Soulsborne players. These add a level of unpredictability to your gameplay, catching most veteran players off guard as they figure out how the game has been shuffled. 

Item and Param Randomiser

The Item and Param Randomiser Mod in Elden Ring do the same, with the basic version shuffling around the items in the game.

However, if fans want more difficulty, they can randomize the parameters in the game as well. This causes hundreds of projectiles hit you during boss fights and other OP mechanics in the game. 

Item and Param Randomiser

High Resolution Map

In its stock form, Elden Ring graphics is already great, especially since its art style makes the open world look absolutely breathtaking. However, PC gamers are always known for pushing the boundaries of games and their rig, with every single component needing to look perfect. 

best mods in elden ring

Due to this a high-resolution map mod has been created, which as the name suggest, boosts the quality of your in-game map. 

High Resolution Map

Elden ReShade – HDR FX

Since Elden Ring has just released, it is given that most of the game’s current mods are reshades that aim to improve the game’s visuals in one way or the other. There are handful of reshades available for Elden Ring, making it for players to decide which reshade they should use. 

best mods in elden ring

However, most players end up using the Elden Reshade – HDR FX mod. Aside from the extra HDR lighting effects, the mod also integrates a bunch of other changes that makes your experience even more exciting. 

Elden ReShade HDR FX

Elden Ring Cheat Table

Although cheat mods are the last thing anyone should try in Elden Ring, there is no denying that some players who already finished the game would want to play around and explore Elden Ring’s other mechanics. 

best mods in elden ring

This is where a Cheat Engine mod comes into play. Instead of having to learn the intricacies of a third-party Cheat Engine, players can use the Elden Ring Cheat Table mod. 

Everything from your character’s stats to your equipment can be manipulated with this amazing mod. 

Elden Ring Cheat Table

Elden Ring Ultimate Table

Another tool that can let you mess around with the mechanics of Elden Ring is the Ultimate Table mod.  This is a great mod that breaks the systems of the game and allows you to go haywire as you explore various aspects of the game. 

best mods in elden ring

With this mod, you can zoom across the map in god mode and unleash multiple spells in one cast without costing any FP. 

If you have accomplished everything in The Lands Between, you can check out this mod to have some fun as a reward for going all the way in Elden Ring’s story. 

Elden Ring Ultimate Table

That ends our list of the best mods to use in Elden Ring for PC. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us known in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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