Best Modpacks in Minecraft

Wanna about the Best Modpacks to use in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game full of possibilities famous for its expansive world that players of all ages can traverse freely. And over the years, lots of enthusiasts have expanded the vast world of Minecraft by adding modifications into the game. With this, here are the Best Modpacks in Minecraft that are delightful to play.

Playing the original Minecraft is already amazing on its own because of its unique mechanics and gameplay. But adding more modification options to your playthrough adds more oomph to an already fun game. Overall, the innovative gameplay along with the boundless resourcefulness the game has is why players love Minecraft.

Just like Minecraft’s original concept, every mod released offers players unique gameplay experiences. For example, you can add new weapons, vehicles, skins, and pretty much anything you can imagine. There are also specific Modpacks that incorporate mods that introduce you to new ways to enjoy the game.

There are lots of ways you can switch up your Minecraft playthrough. And fortunately, after the release of the Bedrock Edition, playing with mods got a whole lot easier. Basically, Modpacks adds new facets to Minecraft’s already limitless nature. 


Best Modpacks in Minecraft

Modpacks are made by gathering different mods and making a specific launcher that applies the modifications to the game. You can choose to download mods separately, or you can use Modpacks which is a more convenient way to do it. There are many ways you can use mods to the official build of the game.

Every Modpack adds a different gameplay experience. For instance, new items are added, fresh new RPG worlds, and even mini-games. You can choose how you want to approach the game, any way you want it. To put it simply, leave it to your imagination. Whether you want to fight vicious mobs or simply bring your dream house to life.

How to Download Modpacks and Mods

Best Modpacks in Minecraft

There are multiple ways to apply Modpacks or individual mods depending on where you’re playing Minecraft. The Pocket Edition for example is only available on mobile, and you can add mods to this version is by downloading modded APKs on the internet. Alternatively, you can download Mcaddon files then apply them straight to your game.

PlayStation doesn’t have a proper way of adding mods, but you can bypass that by following these specific instructions. First, start a server with Mods on PC and open it to LAN. Next, make sure your PlayStation is on the same network as your PC, and join the LAN world. After you join, you will be able to play with mods.

Another way of doing this is by setting up Minecraft Realms with mods and joining the server on your PlayStation. Both of these methods are indirect ways of playing with mods, as PlayStation originally doesn’t have that feature. 

The PC Java Edition also has a different approach in adding mods. The Java Edition has a different build compared to  Bedrock, so you need to install the Forge launcher first. Next, go to any trusted website, download the mods, and place them in your mods folder, then you can finally add mods to your Minecraft world.

Modpacks are easy to download. Just download the specific Modpack from trusted sources like the Official Minecraft Forum, CurseForge, or TechnicPack. After downloading these packs, just run them, choose the pack you want to play, and launch the game. Below are the Best Modpacks in Minecraft for you to try.

MC Eternal

MC Eternal

MC Eternal is one of the oldest and most community-driven Modpacks in Minecraft’s history. It has more than seven hundred quests because of how many mods it has. And, the modifications still continue growing since the developers are showing no signs in abandoning the Modpack. 

This Modpack comes with its own custom HUD, GUI, and additional mechanics that make sure that the gameplay is smooth. Furthermore, this allows the possibility of adding more mods and content in the future. Overall, MC Eternal is one, if not the best Modpacks in Minecraft, with its large team working behind the scenes.

Better Minecraft

Best Modpacks in Minecraft

Better Minecraft, by its name, aims to show players what a possible successor of Minecraft should look like. The gameplay and mechanics of this Mod enhance existing features in Minecraft while adding more. The developers also removed pushover features in the original Minecraft version, making this Modpack worth the try.

The Better Minecraft update has mods that amplify the existing qualities of Minecraft while removing the limitations of the game. For instance, it now includes new buildings, structures, dimensions, and even a way of hatching the Dragon Egg. It even includes the Caves and Cliffs update, which is just recently released in the original version.


Best Modpacks in Minecraft

Pixelmon is exactly as it sounds, the world of Pokemon and all its mechanics in Minecraft. Namely, Pokemons, their special attacks, structures, and everything in the Nintendo Pokemon series are present in this mod. There are even high-quality models and skins available.

There is a custom GUI, and gameplay feature that allows you to battle Pokemon just like the original games, and more. Aside from this, you can use items, berries, and pretty much everything you remember from the original series. Lastly, you can even find Legendary Pokemons, which have different requirements, making it a fun adventure.


Best Modpacks in Minecraft

Real Life Craft or RLCraft is a Modpack that tests your skills as a Minecraft player. In fact, this Modpack is extremely hard even for veteran players of Minecraft. RLCraft pushes you to the extreme, making this one of the most challenging  Modpacks on this list.

Players even compare RLCraft to Dark Souls because of the harsh difficulty it introduces in the game. Surprisingly, RLCraft is just like any normal Role Playing Game with proper objectives, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. For instance, new mechanics like hydration made available, which makes survival almost impossible in this Modpack.

New mobs like dragons and different monsters are part of this too. Overall, this Modpack runs on the concept that players need to learn on their own. Due to all the added survival mechanics and new mobs, this mod doesn’t shy away in terms of difficulty, making it a much-deserved reward for the long-existing fans of the game.

CrazyCraft 4

Best Modpacks in Minecraft

CrazyCraft 4 truly lives up to its name because of how complicated and fun, the gameplay mechanics are. Surprisingly, there are more than eighty modifications added in this that contribute to the madness ensuing in this Modpack. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play.

While CrazyCraft 4 doesn’t have proper objectives or a goal, there is so much to discover in this Modpack. Overall, CrazyCraft is truly the most enjoyable for players if they go in as a blank slate.

Modpacks truly take the whole Minecraft experience up a notch as these carefully crafted additions introduce us to more possibilities to an already emancipating game. Above all, nothing can ever dictate how you’re going to approach these Modpacks, which is technically the charm of this concept. Hopefully, this article introduced to more realized expansion to the world of Minecraft if you should want to add them to your gameplay.

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