Best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Do you want to know the best MK2 Carbine loadout in Call of Duty Warzone?

In Warzone, Marksman rifles are an extremely good way to have excellent accuracy and extensive attack ranges. Moreover, when comparing them to Assault Rifles, one has to sacrifice fire-rate, their potential for kills makes them better. Resultantly, one should know the best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone, one of the best Marksman rifles.

MK2 Carbine

Best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Despite not being a fan favorite, the MK2 Carbine marksman rifle is a solid contender for the best long-range weapon. In some game conditions, this weapon can readily compete with sniper rifles because of its lethal damage output and mobility. Moreover, its mobility makes it vital for players to know the best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone.

Best MK2 Carbine Attachments

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS 24.0″ Factory
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Optic: Cronen C480 Pro Optic
  • Perk: Focus

Due to its many advantages, the Monolithic Suppressor is a logical choice for the muzzle attachment. Firstly, it expands the damage range, enabling players to target opponents even more precisely. It also silences the rifle, making it impossible for the opponent to find the player. Even though it has a few disadvantages, the enhancements overpower them.

FSS 24.0″ Factory is the decisive barrel one should use to improve the MK2 Carbine. This stems from the fact that it provides further damage range, which is ideal for weapons that one snipes with. Furthermore, it also grants each bullet that leaves the barrel additional bullet velocity. Lastly, it also helps one control the recoil from the MK2 Carbine.

For a Marksman Rifle, a Tac Laser can often be quite important to its arsenal. This is because when one is aiming down their sights, the player can specifically see where the bullets will land. As a result, the player can eliminate more enemies without losing track of them. It also increases relative accuracy; however, it does make a player easier to track.

As this build aims to turn the MK2 Carbine into a sniper, the optic may be the most important attachment. As a result, the definitive choice is the Cronen C480 Pro Optic due to its extremely broad aim range. It provides a magnification that can help players both scout and bring an end to players no matter their distance.

The last attachment, which is vital to completing the best MK2 Carbine loadout in Call of Duty Warzone, is Focus. The perk will offer much-needed Flinch Resistance, which improves aim control while fighting. Moreover, it becomes much easier to control one’s accuracy even if the target is rushing or firing toward oneself.

Secondary Weapon for MK2 Carbine

Best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

As it is, the MK2 Carbine is a powerful weapon that can annihilate enemies. However, one aspect in which the gun suffers is at close range or when enemies start to rush. Consequently, it is key to have a secondary weapon perfect for the best MK2 Carbine loadout in Warzone. Thus, the best choice is the Renetti Handgun.

Due to the Renetti’s extensive customization options, it is the preferred pistol for numerous players. This enables users to modify the gun to fit their preferred play style and main weapon. Additionally, while the Renetti’s kill potential is fairly high with just the base weapon. These attachments make it one of the best handguns in the entire game.

Best Renetti Attachments

Call of Duty Warzone
  • Barrel: Mk3 Burst Mod
  • Muzzle: Flash Guard
  • Stock: FTAC Satus CS-X
  • Optic: G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Trigger Action: Match Grade Trigger

Though it might seem like an obscure choice, the MK3 Burst Mod is actually extremely underrated. Converting the weapon into a burst-fire handgun makes it an absolute menace in close-quarter engagements. Besides this, it helps in taking care of enemies swiftly. However, it does decrease recoil control which is only a minor inconvenience.

For the muzzle, an optimal choice is the Flash Guard, which aids in drastically reducing the flash of one’s gun. This assists in keeping the weapon low-key and away from enemy sight. Doing this all while keeping an effective vision of enemies is a blessing. Though it decreases bullet velocity, this is not an issue as the weapon is only used at close-range. 

To counteract the reduction in recoil control while also providing other benefits, the FTAC Satus CS-X is perfect. In addition to countering the negatives of the other attachments, it also provides aiming stability and ADS Walking stability. It increases accuracy by a vast margin and is even more potent at eliminating opponents.

Featuring a broad and thin frame that provides an effortless aiming experience, the G.I Mini Reflex is quite useful. In addition to all the benefits the other attachments provide, the G.I Mini Reflex helps improve focus. Though its impact may seem minor, the clear line of action it provides makes getting kills effortless.

The Match Grade trigger is a helpful accessory that boosts accuracy while improving fire rate. As it has a lesser accuracy when firing from the hip, run and gun load-outs are not good for it. Although, this is perfect when in combination with a Marksman arsenal, as one focuses on getting kills with finesse.

Perks and Equipment

Best MK2 Carbine Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

In Warzone, perks, and equipment are two of the most essential factors in in-game success. Unfortunately, many players are unaware of their significance and frequently fail to take advantage of this. This can result in poor performances and in losing the game. As a result, the following perks and equipment are ideal for the MK2.


  • Perk 1: EOD
  • Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
  • Perk 3: Combat Scout

With EOD, a player experiences minimal effects due to explosives such as grenades. One gains a significant improvement in explosive resistance, enabling smooth firefights. One can even return enemy projectiles without worrying about blowing themselves up. It also allows one to prevent opposing bombs from easily wiping out squads.

Whenever a player seeks to eliminate a target, the biggest nuisance can be running out of bullets. Furthermore, when one goes to reload their weapon, it can take too much time, and the target can run away. To eliminate this time drag by a massive margin, one has to use Sleight of Hand. This is because Sleight of Hand makes reloading a gun much faster.

The final perk, Combat Scout, works exceptionally well with guns that have long damage ranges, like the MK2. With it, the player can mark foes after hitting them. Because of this, the perk reveals the location of enemies as long as one is constantly marking them. In conclusion, this perk is one of the better ones for Marksman rifles in Warzone.



Lethal: Molotov Cocktail

Tactical: Snapshot Grenade

For the perfect lethal equipment, one has no choice but to use the Molotov Cocktail. It is quite potent as it allows one to forcefully remove enemies from their hiding spots for easy kills. As for the tactical, a Snapshot Grenade is quite useful as it reveals the positions of any hiding enemies. This makes it easy to snipe them or eliminate them from far away.

The MK2 Carbine is truly an exceptional Marksman rifle that can hold a candle to any other in Warzone. With the right attachments, as well as the correct perks, it can even rival any sniper. These attachments can make one improve their game by a lot as well. This is why it is integral to know the best MK2 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone.

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