Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Are you looking for the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One? 

Starting a Minecraft world would spawn you to a random location that would either make or break your gameplay. Whenever you enter a survival mode game, you start empty-handed, and you have to gather all the resources you need to advance. 

However, not all locations are generated equally, and this could affect your life on the game if you don’t find enough resources to survive the first few days. 

Thankfully, there are Minecraft seeds that you can use to your advantage. 

Minecraft seeds are numerical codes that represent a particular location in your world. You can use these seeds to assign a specific spawn point when you start a new Minecraft adventure. 

Usually, you can just dial in random numbers and hope that you spawn to a great location. On the other hand, you can also use various Minecraft seeds that players discovered, which can help you survive longer in the game. 

Today, we’re going to show you the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One that you can use to make things a little easier at the start of your game. 

Let’s jump right in!

1. Triple Spawner Seed. 

Triple Spawner Seed

Seed: -619573818

Using this seed, you can find a cave spider, zombie, and skeleton archer spawner all next to each other within less than 100 blocks from your initial spawn point. You will also find six chests in this location containing valuable loot, including a rare horse armor and an enchanted golden apple. 

To reach the spawner, you need to start at 897, 62, -351 and dig down until block 20. 

2. Pillager Outpost Ravine.

Pillager Outpost Seed

Seed: 616843740

This seed for Xbox One is from god_lifts over the Minecraft Seeds subreddit. Going to position 524, 92, 471, you will find a tall pillager outpost in the middle of a ravine. Behind the outpost, there is also a desert temple, where you can find four chests with a generous amount of loot. 

There is also a nearby village with a ravine running in the middle of it. 

3. Mineshaft Spider Spawner.

best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

Seed: -424359071

This Minecraft seed will give you a lot of advantages when you use it. Using this seed, you can find a spider spawner inside a mine shaft located inside a stronghold that is inside a ravine. Just thinking about the tons of loot you can get here is crazy!

If that’s not enough, all of this is under a village with a coastal town and pillager outpost nearby. You can find all of this if you go to -680, 63, -266  and dig down a few blocks.

4. Skeleton Spawner Inside Pyramid.

best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

Seed: -1900341941

If you use this seed, you will spawn directly inside a small village with two pillager outposts nearby. The first outpost is at coordinate 2948, 106, 350, and the other one is at 3089, 79, 274. However, the highlight of this seed would be the abnormal desert temple with a skeleton spawner inside located at  -1670, 65, 1611. 

5. Everything You Need.

Seed: -972330367

This Minecraft seed for Xbox One somehow has all the exciting places that you need to look forward to in your world. You can find different kinds of biomes, eleven villages, seven pyramids, ravines, two pillager outposts, temples, and more in this seed. 

You can visit the subreddit page to see all the places you can explore in this Minecraft seed. 

6. Woodland Mansion.

best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

Seed: 575901225

If you want to experience a haunted style game run in Minecraft, you should check this seed. At the start, you’re spawned in an abandoned village that is directly next to a Woodland Mansion. When you travel to 35,12,35, you can mine lots of diamonds and find a Pillager Outpost at 342,74,204. 

7. The Pillager Challenge. 

best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

Seed: 1613434103

If you are looking for some action right after spawning in your world, this seed surely packs one. After starting the game, you will be spawned a few blocks away from a village, a pillager outpost, and a Mansion. 

You can challenge your skills right away by protecting the village from a raid and by conquering the outpost and mansion. 

This seed will surely give you the best start possible to survive the game if you’re successful. 

8. Ocean Monuments Galore.

best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One

Seed: -1113465022

Love exploring the vast ocean in Minecraft? This seed is for you! The ocean monument seed will spawn you to an island with a single tree. While this seed will give you a slow start, your base would be easy to defend, and a lot of ocean monuments are waiting for you once you’re ready.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What are the best seeds for Minecraft Xbox one? 

One of the best seeds for Minecraft Xbox One is the Everything You Need seed. This seed will spawn you to a location where you can explore tons of villages, outposts, mansions and more. You can use it by entering this seed: -972330367. 

Do Minecraft seeds work on Xbox one? 

Yes, Minecraft seeds will indeed work on Xbox one, given that you are using a seed from the Bedrock Edition. Like last-gen versions, Minecraft’s world generation is still randomly based on seeds, a string of characters that point to a specific location in the Minecraft world. 

What is the most beautiful Minecraft seed?

Here’s a list of the most stunning seeds in Minecraft: 

  • Jungle Oasis Seed: 392800909
  • Stilts Witch Hut Seed: 96909624
  • Floating Island and Ominous Abyss: frt7g5
  • Hollow Mountain and Zombies: -4706651163609820240
  • Extreme Hills Seed: 6326680535685782330

What is the best Minecraft 1.16 seed?

  • Two Villages
  • Coastal Village
  • Forest Village
  • Savanna and Village
  • Nether Rush
  • Pillager Outpost
  • Beautiful Forest Hills

If you love exploring caves in Minecraft, please check out our review of the best Minecraft cave mods for all versions.

This brings us to the end of our review of the best Minecraft seeds for Xbox One. If you know other Minecraft seeds for Xbox One, please share them in the comment section, and we’ll check them out.

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