Best Minecraft Medieval Texture Packs

Are you looking for the best Minecraft medieval texture packs? 

Medieval Times is an exciting era in our world. This is the time when kings rule the world, and places are separated into various kingdoms. Swordsmanship and hand to hand combat were also prominent in this era, and the primary way of transportation are horses and carriages. 

Given the numerous events during medieval times, many people love watching shows set during this period like Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and more. Games set in the medieval period were also popular with gamers, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more. 

This was also the case for the popular sandbox game Minecraft. The most used texture packs in Minecraft are medieval themed, which completely changes the game’s feel, especially when you visit different villages and pillager outposts. 

Today, we will show you the best Minecraft medieval texture packs that will surely take you back to the time when kings and queens rule the world.

Let’s get started!

1. Wolfhound Classic Medieval. 

Wolfhound Classic Medieval Texture Pack

This texture pack is aimed to bring a classic medieval look in the game with tons of Christian imagery, which was prominent back then. When you travel to the End, you will notice that it has been changed to look like Heaven. On the other hand, the fiery depths of the Nether was enhanced to make it look more like Hell.

Overall, the Wolfhound Classic Medieval texture pack is a well-balanced resource pack that will take your world back to medieval times. 

Download Wolfhound Classic Medieval Texture Pack

2. Majestica.

Majestica Texture Pack

Majestica is one of the most appealing medieval texture packs in Minecraft. This texture pack focuses on keeping things realistic and straightforward. Right from the start, you will be greeted with a medieval-themed GUI that is brown with a touch of gold. 

Jumping into the world, you’ll immediately notice the trees’ stunning textures plus the darker shade of woods. Going further into the villages, you’ll see that the stones and other blocks in-game were also revamped to match the medieval theme. 

Download Majestica Texture Pack

3. Wanderlust. 

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

While most medieval texture packs focus on wood and stones, Wanderlust overhauls every single block in Minecraft. From the grass up to the rarest ores, the Wanderlust texture pack will surely give your world an authentic medieval theme. 

Diving underwater, you’ll see that the Wanderlust texture pack even changed the texture of corals and bubbles to give it a rustic medieval theme. 

Download Wanderlust Texture Pack

4. BitDungeon.

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

BitDungeon is another texture pack that provides a simplistic vibe in Minecraft while retaining the medieval theme. The textures of the block in this pack is somehow simpler compared to Minecraft’s vanilla version. 

If you are looking for a texture pack that can boost your FPS and performance, you should try this one out. 

Download BitDungeon Texture Pack

5. Excalibur.

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

If you are looking for a solid and gritty feeling in your world, the Excalibur texture pack will surely suit your taste. This pack changes everything from your armor up to the tiny creatures that roam around your world. Stones and other bricks in this pack are also darker and more realistic, which fits the medieval theme. 

Download Excalibur Texture Pack

6. Beyond the Lands.

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

If you love making PvP maps in Minecraft, this texture pack will fit well in your world if you are trying to achieve a gladiator type of battle. Beyond the Lands changes the items in your world, including armors, weapons, trees, and even animals like the wolf. 

Download Beyond the Lands Texture Pack

7. Thalyrus Medieval Warfare.

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

Thalyrus medieval warfare is probably one of the best medieval-themed texture packs in Minecraft. The main attraction of this package is the revamped armor, which looks more intimidating and robust. 

The overall look of the blocks in this texture pack is slightly darker and more gritty, which fits well with the brutal battles during the medieval period. 

Download Thalyrus Medieval Warfare Texture Pack

8. JoliCraft.

best Minecraft medieval texture packs

JoliCraft packs a detailed yet straightforward texture pack that brings in colorful textures to various blocks in Minecraft. Although most medieval-themed packs are dark, JoliCraft somehow has a lighter tone but still fits the grittiness of the medieval period. 

Download JoliCraft Texture Pack

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Here are the most popular Minecraft texture packs: 

  • Quadral
  • Faithful
  • Anemoia
  • Good Vibes
  • Mizunos 16 Craft
  • Annahstas Beastrinia
  • Jicklus
  • Sapixcraft

What texture pack does Technoblade use?

Technoblade primarily uses the Tightvault Revamp texture pack. However, he also used other texture packs like War v2 and TimeDeo’s 2k packs in the past. 

What is the highest resolution Minecraft texture pack?

The Vanilla version of Minecraft has a resolution of 16×16 blocks. Still, custom textures can reach up to 512×512 block resolution, especially packs aiming to achieve a realistic feel on the game. 

Do Minecraft texture packs affect performance?

Yes. Higher resolution texture packs need more GPU power to render, affecting your system’s performance if your current graphics card can’t handle the load. You also need a powerful CPU to generate the world fast as you travel. 

This brings us to the end of our review of the best Minecraft medieval texture packs. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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