Best Minecraft Anime Texture Packs

Are you looking for the best Minecraft anime texture packs? 

Minecraft has been out for a couple of years already, and long-time players may often find that the game gets boring at times, especially if you’ve explored the world extensively and achieved the ultimate goal of killing the Ender Dragon. 

With this, players find ways to keep themselves entertained, like trying out different mods and servers. 

However, if you want to bring in new life to Minecraft, you might want to check out resource packs or texture packs. Texture packs are downloadable Minecraft themes that allow players to change how each block would look in their world, and some packs would even include a revamped interface. 

Every texture pack in Minecraft has its unique style, with some trying to enhance graphics and others trying to change the game’s vibe, like how filters in social media sites work. 

For this guide, we will show you the best Minecraft anime texture packs that you can use to experience the world of your favorite anime characters in the game. 

Let’s get started!

1. Naruto Texture Pack 1.12.

Naruto Texture Pack

To start our list, we think that most anime lovers would want to try a texture pack from a very popular title like Naruto. This texture pack pulled a lot of features from both manga and anime versions of Naruto: Shippuden. 

The Naruto texture pack includes summoning scrolls, kunai, and Endermens dressed as Akatsuki members that drop sharingan when killed. 

Download Naruto Texture Pack

2. NicoRTX Japanese Texture Pack.

NicoRTX Pack

This texture pack doesn’t portray any specific anime show but is based on modern Japanese buildings seen on most anime. If you love building structures in Minecraft, this texture pack will help you create your version of a Japanese town or a temple where our favorite anime characters learn their exceptional skills. 

Download NicoRTX Japanese Texture Pack

3. Demon Slayer Texture Pack. 

best Minecraft anime texture packs

If you’re a fan of the new hit anime Demon Slayer, you should try this pack. While this texture pack doesn’t change many resources in the game, it includes most of the swords from the show and other items like Nezuko’s Bamboo muzzle. 

This texture pack is still in the works, and more items should be added in the next few weeks. Nonetheless, you can already download the package and enjoy the various swords to kill hostile mobs. 

Download Demon Slayer Texture Pack

4. Doku Animated Texture Pack.

best Minecraft anime texture packs

This texture pack changed the appearance of hostile mobs in Minecraft that has the vibe of our most hated anime villains. Aside from their appearance, each mob has a unique facial expression that gives the game a modern touch as if it was released this year. 

This texture pack works best if you use it with DokuAnimaton, Dokucraft Dark, and FleshAnimations texture packs. 

Download Doku Animated Texture Pack

5. Cardcaptor Sakura Texture Pack. 

best Minecraft anime texture packs

If you’ve seen Cardcaptor Sakura growing up, this texture pack will bring you back to the good old days. This pack changes the GUI of the game into a pink-themed interface that matches the identity of a magical girl that retrieves missing cards and fights off monsters. 

This pack also turned some items into Clow Cards and birch trees to stunning sakura trees. Mobs in this pack are also cute and cuddly, which matches the popular anime series. 

Download Cardcaptor Sakura Texture Pack

6. Anime Realistic PBR Texture Pack.

best Minecraft anime texture packs

Have you ever noticed that most anime often have a vending machine in the background? Well, vending machines in Japan are pretty standard, which most anime are based on. This texture pack adds six vending machines in Minecraft that would go well with your Japanese themed map. 

Download Anime Realistic PBR Texture Pack

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What is the best texture pack for Minecraft?

Here are the best Minecraft texture packs that you can try in no particular order: 

  • LB Photo Realism Pack
  • Sphax PureBDCraft
  • oCd Texture Pack
  • Default 3D Texture Pack

You can also visit our review of the best texture packs for Minecraft to learn more. 

What is the highest resolution Minecraft texture pack?

The default resolution of Minecraft is 16×16. However, newer texture packs can go all the way up to 512×512 resolution, especially texture packs that aim to bring a modern or realistic feel to the game. 

What is the realistic Minecraft texture pack called?

Realism Mats texture pack is known as the best realistic texture pack for Minecraft. Each block in the game features a unique texture that looks stunning once you use it to build structures. 

Do Minecraft texture packs affect performance?

Yes. Minecraft uses both CPU and GPU to render the world. CPU is used to load the actual terrain and world, while the GPU is tasked to load the texture packs in the game. High-resolution texture packs demand more graphics card power, and you may see some dips in the performance of your GPU if it can’t handle the demand. 

This ends our review of the best Minecraft anime texture packs. If you know other packages that have an anime theme, please share them in the comment section, and we’ll check them out as well. 

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