Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Midlane Heroes in Dota 2 are important core heroes whose playstyle tends to affect the game’s ultimate outcome. These are secondary core heroes who tend to require more XP than Gold. They are often referred to as Position 2 heroes. This guide will list down the Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2 for you to play.

Midlane Heroes 

Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Midlane Heroes play solo in their lanes. This does mean that they do not get the added benefit of having their own lane support, they do manage to soak up more XP and get more last hits. Mid lane is all about controlling who gets the last hits. The higher the number of last hits you get, the more Gold and XP you receive that puts you at an advantage against your opponent.

If you deny enough last hits to the enemy Midlaner and can get to level 6 before them, you can use your ultimate ability and secure a kill. This turns into a dominic effect that puts you at an advantage. By far, your Midlaner will have the highest level in the match. This will allow the Midlaner to able to kill any enemy hero easily. This way, Midlaners can rotate and apply pressure on other lanes or continue pushing down their own lane. In either case, the Midlaner gets to decide which side will have the advantage during the Early and Mid game.

Due to these reasons, it’s important to play Mid lane perfectly. As it can most often decide the outcome of your game. Below are listed the Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2.

Storm Spirit

Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Storm Spirit is a hero who relies on XP to scale his abilities. He can last hit better than his opponents due to Overload that lets him deal additional damage. This negates any possibility of the enemy denying the creep and stealing your last hit. By using static remnant, Storm Spirit pushes his enemies back and can deny allied creeps to give him an advantage.

By getting to Level 6 first, Storm Spirit can use Ball Lightning to chase after his enemies and damage them. This results in a sure-fire kill, snowballing the lane advantage to Storm. He can also gank other lanes and jump in on heroes using Ball Lightning and Electric Vortex. Making it easy for Storm to help his team gain an Early to Mid game advantage. that can snowball into a win.

During the initial stages of the match, Storm is heavily dependent on Mana. This is why it’s best to buy a bottle and wrestle for Rune control. It allows Storm to sustain harassment in the lane and use his own spells to deal damage.

Bloodstone and Kaya help Storm Spirit with Mana regen, which he desperately needs. While Orchid Malevolence makes him a credible threat against enemy heroes as he can surprise them with Ball lightning. This can quickly be followed by a silence and spell nuke with Static Remnant. 

Queen of Pain

Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Queen of Pain is another perfect addition to the list of Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2. This is because of her ability to deal burst damage. She can harass the enemy continuously in lane with Shadow Strike. Forcing them to overspend on regen items while she secures last hits and denies. 

Should an enemy hero try to deny her the last hit, she can use Scream of Pain to kill the creep and damage the enemy hero. This makes her a strong contender in the Midlane. By continuing to push this advantage and getting to level 6, she unlocks the Sonic Wave. During the early stages of the game, this ability deals a lot of damage which can easily kill most Mid lane heroes—giving Queen of Pain total control over the lane.

Bottle is a great starting item for this hero. Her fragile HP pool could regenerate better while she can use her Mana to harass the enemy hero out of the lane. Making this a must-buy for her.

For the game’s later stages, items like Linken’s Sphere and Black King Bar really protect Queen of Pain against Magic damage spells. She can buy Bloodthorn to silence her enemies and Scythe of Vyse to turn them into harmless critters. This allows her to continue to attack them while the enemy hero remains helpless.

Shadow Fiend 

Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Shadow Fiend is a powerful Midlaner due to the high burst damage he can deal with Shadow Raze. Granted that it is hard to land due to the nature of the ability, a seasoned Shadow Fiend player will easily use this to secure kills even before turning Level 6.

Necromastery allows Shadow Fiend to secure every last hit and deny as his damage increases the more souls he collects. During the initial phases of the game, this can mean a lot of damage which is exactly what a Midlane hero needs to secure the lane. 

If Shadow Fiend rushes Shadow Blade or Eul’s Scepter, he can solo kill most heroes easily. He can sneak up on heroes and cast Requiem of Souls, which will most likely kill any hero targeted by it. It’s also perfect to use during team fights as it can damage multiple heroes simultaneously.

The Shadow Blade can later be upgraded to Silver Edge, which helps Shadow Fiend solo hunt for enemy heroes. Building a Desolator is always a good idea as it stacks with armor reduction of Presence of the Dark Lord. Severely crippling the enemy’s armor making it easy to kill them.

Templar Assassin

Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2

Templar Assassin is another hero worthy of being mentioned in the list of Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2. This is because of her right-click damage being innately high. Additionally, by using Refraction, she can further increase this damage to secure last hits easily and deny her enemy XP and Gold.

Psi Blades slice through enemy units. With the right positioning, she can deal damage to multiple creeps and the enemy Midlaner. Forcing them back or to buy more regen, in which case, Templar Assassin gains a Gold advantage. This ability also accelerates her jungle farming and can allow her to kill entire creep waves at once.

Blink Dagger is a must-have early game item for Templar, as it gives her the mobility to continue to chase her targets. Desolator’s armor reduction along with Meld severely depletes the enemy hero off of armor, making it easy to kill them with right clicks alone.

She can build a Deadlus for additional damage or a Butterfly to protect her against physical damages for the late game. In both cases, Templar becomes a force to reckon with.



Lina is a hero that specializes in high magic damage. This along with her passive, allow her to deal a lot of damage to creeps and enemies alike. Since two of her abilities are AoE, she can use them to annihilate entire creeps waves at once. Forcing her enemy to retreat back to the safety of the tier 1 tower. 

Should Lina continue pushing her advantage and getting to Level 6 before the enemy hero,. She can instantly kill him by using Laguna Blade. The high magic damage dealt with this ability is something not many heroes can withstand. This means that Lina can ultimately single-handedly kill most heroes in the match’s early to mid-game phase. 

Like most Midlane heroes, the Bottle is a must-have item for Lina. It supports her mana regen during the early game, which she desperately needs as the majority of her abilities have low cooldowns. This makes her mana dependent, and should she be caught with a low mana pool, she can be easily killed due to the fragile nature of the hero. 



Tinker is a unique hero in the Dota-verse. This is because of his ultimate ability to reset all cooldowns instantly. Even without it, however, he is powerful in the lane. With a laser, he can make his enemies miss all their attacks. This helps him stop them from getting last hits while simply denying the creep.

Using Heat-Seeking Missiles, he can harass the enemy hero in the lane even from a considerable distance. Should Tinker get to Level 6 before his enemy, Midlaner, he can continue to reset his cooldown on both the Heat-Seeking Missile as well as the Laser to kill the hero. 

This makes the hero dependent on mana. However, with Keen Conveyance, he can teleport back to the fountain to regenerate. By purchasing Aghanim Shard, Tinker can use March of the Machines to push out lanes. This can keep the enemy under constant pressure while ensuring that your team gets the space it needs to farm out effectively. 

Bloodstone and Kaya help support Tinker’s much-needed reliance on mana regen. Dagon is a very powerful item for Tinker as he can reset its cooldown and continue to deal high burst magic damage against enemy heroes. A perfect combination of Blink Dagger and Dagon can allow Tinker to chase down enemy heroes while dealing them over 1000 magic damage with Laser and Dagon. Making him an unstoppable hero killing machine.



Sniper is a high-range agility hero who deals with a lot of damage and mini-stuns his target with every right-click attack. His ability Shrapnel allows him to clear out Jungle Camps. It can also be used to pressurize the enemy Midlaner by continually dealing damage against him, forcing him to retreat or overspend on regen items. 

By upgrading to Level 6, Sniper activates Assassinate, which can target a unit up to 3000 radius and deal high physical damage. It’s perfect for targeting heroes that use escape abilities and are not in range for any other hero to be able to kill.

Building a Desolator allows Sniper to reduce his enemy’s armor while shooting them from afar. However, attack speed is very important for this hero as he can then continuously activate Headshot and keep on stunning the enemy making it impossible for them to move. An item like Mjollnir or Butterfly is perfect for this hero.

Midlane Heroes are the crux of every match-up. This is why they are selected near the end of the drafting phase of every match. This guide on the Best Midlane Heroes in Dota 2 will help you secure wins for your team and build up your hero pool properly.

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