Best Marci Counters in Dota 2

Do you want to know the Best Marci Counters in Dota 2?

Dota 2’s newest hero, Marci is an incredibly well-balanced, strength-based core hero that can single-handedly win the game for her team. She deals massive amounts of burst physical damage with her abilities. As a result, she can wipe out entire enemy teams by herself. Thus, this article will discuss the Best Marci Counters in Dota 2.

Her high mobility and versatile abilities allow her to outmanoeuvre enemies and eliminate them quickly. Her farming capabilities and scalable abilities also make her daunting to face in the late game. Self-sustenance and an above-average strength gain grant her the ability to absorb damage and stay alive during extended fights.

Best Marci Counters in Dota 2

With relatively less health and no magic immunity early on, disables and stuns cripple Marci’s potential for team fighting. Marci relies heavily on her abilities, which puts her at a disadvantage due to her long cooldowns. Her abilities also require good aim and map awareness, leading to a skill-cap for lower-ranked players.

Abilities with high mana costs run her short with the resources needed to execute her spells. This leads to an issue in the early to mid-game where she needs to participate in all fights. Besides this, Marci also faces the problem of being a relatively slow hero without her abilities. Thus it is easy to catch her when her abilities are on cooldown.


Marci can fit in any role, making her a handy hero to draft in all game modes. Consequently, Marci proves to be a menace in all stages of the match.

Her first ability; Dispose enables Marci to grab an enemy or ally unit and toss them backward. This motion stuns and damages the enemy that is thrown and any enemy units in the area the enemy lands. With a stun duration of 2.4 seconds and max damage of 220, this nuke enables the immense potential to secure kills.

Best Marci Counters in Dota 2

Marci’s next move is Rebound, in which Marci springs forward using a target unit as her support. A max leap distance of 800 and the possibility of slowing the enemy make her incredibly mobile. In addition to this, Rebound shines best when used to catch fast-paced enemies moving around the map.

Her next kill is Sidekick. Sidekick provides her with additional attack damage as well as increased life steal. This spell gives either Marci or an Ally up to 50% life steal, allowing them to survive much longer during team fights. With a talent to add spell immunity to its pre-existing benefits, this ability can become relatively overpowered in battles.

Marci’s ultimate ability Unleash gives her the real damage that she dishes out in team fights. Marci uses this spell to deliver a flurry of punches that produce a damaging and slowing shock wave after every four attacks. With this pulse, she also gains attack speed in return for a break of 1.75 seconds after every combo.


A vast capacity for outputting physical damage and a tendency to burst down supports make Marci dangerous in all fights. Her lockdowns and self-sustenance render enemy damage useless, making her impossible to be fought alone. Therefore, it is imperative to know the Best Marci Counters in Dota 2 listed below.



Axe is a melee tank that fights on the frontlines and absorbs all the damage that the enemy team outputs. Being this high HP hero allows Axe to be unphased by any damage that Marci can deal. In addition, Axe also builds items such as Blademail, which directly counter the burst damage Marci prides herself on.

Axe’s Counter-Helix functions even when Axe is under the effect of disables, which means he still fights back against Marci’s stuns. Similarly, Unleash makes Marci attack in quick succession, which helps Axe in dishing out even more damage.

Apart from this, Axe’s Berserker’s Call roots Marci into place, making her high mobility spells and disables useless. Marci jumping straight into fights also makes it easier for Axe to initiate and wreak havoc. As a result, Marci relies on her teammates to start fights, making it easy for her enemies to kite her when she’s running solo.



Having multiple ways to stop Marci from trampling all over his team makes Bloodseeker extremely effective against her. His prime method to stop Marci is to use his ultimate ability; Rupture. This ability damages enemy when they move—ergo, using this skill hinders Marci from moving around and taking down enemies.

Having an innate silence also aids Bloodseeker in stopping Marci from going on a rampage by disabling her abilities. Silencing her allows Bloodseeker to catch up and kill Marci, who is inherently a slow hero without her abilities activated.

With an upgraded Aghanim’s Shard, Bloodrage deals pure damage with life steal based on the enemy’s max HP. Accordingly, Marci’s high HP becomes a weakness, making her die at a much faster rate. Large amounts of damage with no spell immunity give Bloodseeker the ability to eliminate Marci with no difficulty.

Dark Willow

Best Marci Counters in Dota 2

Equipped with numerous ways to stun enemies, Dark Willow specializes in locking enemy units down and keeping them out of fights. Using her first ability Bramble Maze, Dark Willow roots enemies in place and damages them. This gives the opportunity to root Marci in mid-air.

Using Shadow Realm allows Dark Willow to escape from Marci’s burst damage, making it hard for her to finish off the hero. With the help of this ability, she continues to kite Marci and annoy her from the sidelines. Being invulnerable for up to 5 seconds wastes Marci’s time, opening a  room for Dark Willow’s allies to turn the table on her.

Dark Willow can also use Terrorize to disengage from the fight entirely and waste significant time from Marci’s limited ultimate. Because of this, she runs back to her base and grants Dark Willow’s team some much-needed space. As a result, she can set up more stuns and lock Marci down for extended periods.


Best Marci Counters in Dota 2

Oracle is one of the Best Marci Counters in Dota 2. This is because, he has innate counters to each of Marci’s abilities, which makes him daunting for Marci to face. To eliminate the potential for Marci’s self-sustain, Oracle uses Fortune’s End to dispel her Sidekick. He can also use this ability to reduce her impact as a support hero.

Besides removing Marci’s buffs, Oracle can use his Fate’s Edict to disarm opponents. As a result, he nullifies the impact of Unleash by disarming all her attacks. Being a time-limited ability, 4.5 seconds of disarms erases a quarter of her ultimate’s duration.

Using his Fortune’s End, Oracle can also root Marci in place. As a result, she cannot use her high mobility to run around her enemies and initiate a preemptive fight. Besides this, Fortunes End and Purifying Flames act as a high damage nuke. Making it easy to take down Marci, who will not have access to her life steal due to Oracle’s dispel.

Oracle’s key ability, False Promise, allows him to stop Marci from bursting down any of his allies. This ability permits Oracle’s allies to live on even with Marci beating them down with her ultimate ability. This will also apply a dispel, which helps remove slows and stuns from his allies.

If played correctly, along with a good draft, Marci can be quite the overpowered hero. Making her a menace in ranked gameplay while providing a lot of room for many exciting battles in the future. With the Best Marci Counter information tackled in this article, we hope we’ve helped you with your goal to win against her in Dota 2.

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