Best M4A1 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Do you want to perfectly customize your M4A1 in Call of Duty Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone started with a limited selection of weapons that continues to grow with every new update. The new weapons often attract players with their custom attachments and stats. However, some guns remain popular throughout. The M4A1 is one such weapon, and this article tells the best M4A1 loadout in Call of Duty Warzone.



The M4A1 is one of the oldest weapons in the Call of Duty franchise and remains the prime choice for many players. M4A1 has a high rate of fire along with good damage output. Besides this, the overall recoil is easy to control, which allows players of all skill levels to use this weapon. Overall, the M4A1 is certainly one of the best ARs in the game.

M4A1 has been a fan favorite since the earliest days of Call of Duty Warzone. However, updates targeted this weapon with multiple nerfs which reduced its overall stats. Fortunately, this update brings the M4A1 back to its former glory. In addition, the attachment options bring this weapon to a whole new level.

The best M4A1 loadout in Call of Duty Warzone targets this weapon’s accuracy, recoil control, and effective damage range. Below are the best attachments for the M4A1 in Call of Duty Warzone.

Best M4A1 Attachments:

Best M4A1 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Barrel: Stock M16 Grenadier
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

The Stock M16 Grenadier is the best barrel attachment for this build as it increases the long-range damage effectiveness of the M4A1. Specifically, it increases the effective damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. However, it decreases the ADS and movement speed but these nerfs are worth the increase in range and accuracy.

Players can also choose the Corvus Custom Marksman barrel, a slightly lighter barrel. Consequently, the decrease in mobility is lesser than the Stock M16 Grenadier, but so is the increase inaccuracy. Overall, both barrels work with this build, and it depends on the player’s playstyle on which one they want to choose.

The Monolithic Suppressor is the only muzzle that’s worth choosing in this build because of the multiple buffs it provides. In particular, it further increases the effective damage range, which allows players to target enemies at mid to long-range easily. Moreover, it provides sound suppression, which conceals the player’s position when firing at enemies.

VLK 3.0x Optic further enhances the long-range effectiveness of the M4A1 by providing a sufficient zoom level. In addition, it gives a clear sight with no obstructions, which makes it easy for players to take down enemies. Besides this, the Ranger Foregrip underbarrel reduces the recoil, which ultimately helps in long-range encounters.

The 60 Round Mags are what complete this loadout by significantly increasing the ammo capacity of the M4A1. This allows the player to swiftly take down an entire enemy squad without reloading. All these attachments together make this the best M4A1 loadout in Call of Duty Warzone. 

Secondary Weapon for M4A1

Best M4A1 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

M4A1 is certainly one of the best assault rifles that players have access to in Call of Duty Warzone. However, only having a powerful primary weapon isn’t the only factor for a good loadout. Specifically, players should carry a secondary weapon that compliments the primary and overcomes its weaknesses. 

This build is for mid to long-range enemy encounters. For this reason, weapons that work well at close quarters will work best with this variant of the M4A1. Namely, SMGs like the MP5 Modern Warfare version or MAC-10 will have good synergy with M4A1. Besides this, any shotgun like the JAK-12 or Einhorn Revolving is a powerful secondary too.

Players can choose any of these weapons or others, depending on their playstyle. Overall, a close-range weapon will work best with this M4A1 loadout. Listed below is the best secondary weapon for M4A1.

Best MP5 – Modern Warfare Class:

Best M4A1 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone
  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Stock: FTAC Collapsible
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Ammunition: 45 Round Mags

The Monolithic Integral Suppressor is a unique barrel attachment that is only available for the MP5 Modern Warfare variant. This barrel remarkably increases the damage range and bullet velocity of the MP5 allowing the player to easily kill at close quarters. In addition, it provides sound suppression, which hides the player’s position while shooting at enemies.

Merc Foregrip is an underbarrel attachment that enhances the recoil control of the MP5. This allows players to shoot enemies with precision. Moreover, it also increases the hip-fire accuracy, which is important as players will mostly shoot without aiming down sights. Overall, this attachment is necessary to increase close-range fighting efficiency.

The FTAC Collapsible stock improves the overall mobility, which allows him to outmaneuver opponents and easily take them down. Besides this, it also increases aim down sight speed which counters the negative of the Merc Foregrip. This attachment helps the player to run and gun enemies without getting hit by enemy fire. 

The 5mW Laser further improves the run and gun aspect of the MP5 by increasing the sprint to fire speed. Additionally, it increases the overall hip-fire accuracy by showing the player where his shots will land. Consequently, most of the shots land on players, and they can rack up more kills. A laser attachment is important for any run and gun loadout. 

45 Round Mags are an important attachment because they significantly increase the magazine size of the MP5. This allows the player to take down an entire enemy squad on a single magazine. All these attachments make this the best secondary weapon for the M4A1.

Perks and Equipment

Best M4A1 Loadout in Call of Duty Warzone

Guns are an important aspect of the perfect loadout, but it’s not the only variable that makes it the best. Specifically, perks and equipment can make or break a game-winning situation, so players should choose them carefully. With this in mind, below are the best perks and equipment for this loadout.

  • E.O.D
  • Overkill (If you want two primary weapons) or Ghost
  • Combat Scout
  • Lethal: Molotov Cocktail
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Perk 1 is E.O.D which increases the overall survivability of the player by reducing incoming explosive damage from enemies. For example, it decreases the damage of Grenades, Semtex, Claymores, and even enemy killstreaks. Overall, this perk is necessary for players who are constantly on the move and rush their opponents.

Perk 2 has two options, and both of these depend on the player’s playstyle. Option one is Overkill which allows the player to carry two primary weapons from a single loadout. On the other hand, Ghost hides the player from enemy UAVs and other detection tools. Both perks work well with this loadout and depend on the player’s preference.

Combat Scout is perfect as Perk 3 as it gives players the ability to track enemies and highlight their location. Specifically, the player highlights the enemy after his shots hit, allowing the player to see the enemy through walls. Fortunately, squad members of the player can also see the enemy.

Molotov Cocktail works best in this loadout as the player can throw it to flush enemies out of their covers. In addition, it works well with the Heartbeat Sensor as the player can first scout enemies and use the lethal on them. All these elements together increase the effectiveness of this loadout.

M4A1 is one of the best weapons in the game because of its damage output, accuracy, and range. Furthermore, customizing it properly further enhance these aspects. Hopefully, this guide on the best M4A1 loadout in Call of Duty Warzone helps you win your future games with this weapon.

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