Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Lina is a ranged intelligence hero with a lot of high damage spells. Most of her spells are AoE cast and work in synchronization. Her abilities are the sole reason why she can nuke down heroes and kill them in a matter of seconds. This makes her a deadly opponent who can melt down even her strongest enemy. Worry not, as this article will tell you how you can use the Best Lina Counters in Dota 2 to fight her on an equal footing. 

Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Apart from having strong AoE nukes, Lina has long-range on her abilities which deal high magic damage. However, she can also dish out a lot of physical damage due to her passive ability. Making her highly dangerous for heroes who have a weakness for any one type of damage.

While Lina’s spells do deal a lot of damage, they have a slow animation cast. This makes it easy to predict her attacks and prepare a counter for them. The hero is also severely fragile and can be killed very easily if disabled or stunned. Since she does not have great mobility or a way to escape, she can be killed if caught off guard.


Lina, is also known as the Slayer, is one of the most powerful gankers in the game. Her high damage-dealing abilities make her a tough opponent for any hero. If played right, Lina can kill out-of-position heroes all by herself.

Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Her first ability, Dragon Slave, releases a breath of fire in front of her dealing damage to all units in the radius. This move is perfect for pushing creep waves and farming in the Jungle. It also lets Lina deal damage to multiple heroes at the same time when positioned correctly. 

Light strike array, the second move is both a damage-dealing ability as well as a stun. It is incredibly tricky to place, due to its low AoE radius and time delay. The move takes up to 0.5 seconds for Lina to cast the ability, so it has to be placed perfectly. It stuns enemies for up to 2.5 seconds while dealing them damage. When coupled with the Dragon Slave, this move helps take down Jungle creeps faster, allowing Lina to farm efficiently.

Fiery Soul is a passive ability of Lina that grants her a buff for movement and attack speed. The ability stacks based on the number of spells used. With a maximum of 3 stacks, Lina can gain up to 90 attack speed and 7% movement speed bonus. This allows her to quickly melt down towers and right-click enemy heroes to kill them. Giving her pushing capabilities that can be dangerous if left alone in the lane.

The final and ultimate ability of Lina is the Laguna Blade. It allows her to cast a bolt of lightning at her enemies. It’s a single target ability, but it deals a massive amount of damage. Although, the ability has a certain time delay which does make it possible for heroes to counter it. Regardless, with a 900 damage spell, Lina becomes an unstoppable force to reckon with. 


Despite how terrifying Lina may look with her high damage abilities, she can be countered. This list will tell you how to play the Best Lina Counters in Dota 2 to stop her from terrorizing your teammates. 


Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Viper is a deadly hero for Lina as he has the range to attack her back. His Poison Attack quickly chips away from her health while also reducing movement speed. This makes it easy for Viper to chase her and continue to attack, while Lina can only fail while trying to escape.

Lina’s attack don’t deal as much damage to Viper as compared to other heroes. This is because of his high magic damage resistance, thanks to Corrosive Skin. Making him far more capable of taking punishment from Lina in a face-to-face battle. 

Nethertoxin disables all passives in an AoE, meaning that Lina’s Fiery Soul will not stack. So the DPS and passive disable hinder Lina from attacking Viper successfully. Lastly, Viper Strike can easily chip away a huge chunk of Lina’s already small HP pool. Making it very easy to kill her.



Spectre is a strong agility hero who can sustain a lot of damage and reflect it back towards her enemies. Since Lina can dish out a lot of damage, Dispersion can allow her to reflect it back to Lina. While Spectre may be able to handle the damage, Lina will lose a large portion of her health, making her an easy target for Spectre.

Blade Mail is perfect against most of Lina’s spells. Since they have a time delay, Spectre can bait out spells and then deal heavy damage to Lina through them. Desolate is another powerful ability against Lina, as she is mostly alone. Since she relies on her high attack range, Spectre can use this to her advantage and even kill Lina.

Lina is easy to kill if you manage to get close to her. Spectral Dagger allows Spectre to do this. She can also use Haunt to get close to Lina and then force her to attack back while she reflects the damage back. Making Spectre one of the Best Lina Counters in Dota 2.



Slark is a high mobility hero who is always on the hunt for fragile heroes like Lina. He can use Dark Pact and time it against Light Strike Array to dispel the stun. Making it impossible for Lina to deal with him. 

Pounce lets Slark get close to Lina and attack her. Since Lina has no way of escaping him, she can only stand there and take hits while Slark steals her agility and kills her. 

Even if Lina manages to get the upper hand with Laguna blade, Slark can activate Shadow Dance and heal back up while continuing to attack Lina.

Anti Mage

Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Anti Mage is a natural counter to all intelligence-type heroes. His Mana break ability makes it easy for him to drain his enemies of mana. In the case of Lina, this can be quite critical as void of her mana, she will be unable to cast spells or save herself against Anti Mage.

Counterspell can be timed against Laguna blade and reflected back to Lina, which in most cases would result in an easy kill for Anti Mage. He also has high mobility and can use Blink to close the gap between him and Lina. Making it hard for her to escape his assaults.

Lastly, Mana Void is a very powerful spell against Lina as she has a high mana pool and constantly relies on her abilities. Since her mana quickly depletes, Anti Mage can jump in, use the ultimate on her and kill her in a matter of seconds. 

Phantom Lancer

Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Phantom Lancer is a troublesome hero to deal with for any opponent. Lina’s only opening is to stun Phantom Lancer. However, with a timed Doppelganger, he can dodge the stun and force his illusions to deal damage to her. 

Lina has no way of dealing with the multiple illusions that he continues to spawn. With a Diffusal Blade, he only becomes more of a threat. As he can slow her movement speed and deplete her mana, leaving her vulnerable.

Spirit Lance can also deal a lot of damage to Lina from a distance and can be great for harassing her in lane. Not to mention that Phantom Rush can easily close the gap between Phantom Lancer and Lina making it incredibly easy for him to kill her. 

Nyx Assassin

Best Lina Counters in Dota 2

Nyx Assassin is the perfect counter against Lina. He can use his ultimate to roam around the map and hunt her. His Impale allows him to stun her and prepare to use his dragon against her, which in most cases would easily kill her due to the high attack damage.

Spiked Carapace can be used at the right time to stun Lina or even kill her if she uses Laguna Blade. Lina relies on her mana to cast her abilities and use them in synchronization. However, with Mana Burn Nyx Assassin can deal a lot of damage to her based on how much mana she is missing. Making her an easy target for him to feed on.

This concludes our list of Best Lina Counters in Dota 2. Using these heroes mentioned in the list is easy against Lina and makes for a very interesting game where the tables are turned against her. Making it easy for you to win and enjoy gaining more MMR. 

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