Best Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors

Did you know that you can further level up weapons in Vampire Survivors? After reading this post, you will learn everything about the Limit Break builds and their best weapons.

In Vampire Survivors, there is a game option called Limit Break, which you can enable on the Main Menu screen. You can gain access to it once you obtain the Great Gospel.

Limit Break Builds

When Limit Break is enabled, it will not offer a fully upgraded build gold or chicken upon level-up. Instead, it will provide options to level their weapons beyond their original maximum level or cap imposed by being Banished after you obtained it. Each option upgrades a weapon stat, and most stats stack indefinitely.

The weapon’s base value is the cap for a bonus stat. Moreover, chosen Weapons can evolve after Limit Break. However, the evolved weapon starts at level one, and all extra stats are reset.

Limiting weapon slots is usually a good idea because of the limit break feature. There will be a greater possibility that a specific weapon enhancement will be made available at higher levels.

However, being restricted to only a few weapons in the middle of a run will make things more challenging than having access to a wider variety of weapons. Below are some of the Limit Break Builds that you can try on your runs and choose the best for you in no particular order.

Garlic Build

Limit Break Builds: Garlic

Garlic is the only weapon in this build. In that case, you are playing as Poe is a mandatory requirement. Though effective early in a run, the Garlic weapon loses weapon as time passes, especially after the 20-minute mark. As a result of this build, Garlic’s effectiveness is maximized and sustained for the duration of a run.

The objective is to maximize the size of the Garlic’s Area. You must acquire the Torrona’s Box, the Silver Ring, and the Candelabrador.

The passive item Spinach is also a good choice. When you reach level 9, be sure to Banish Torrona’s Box. The Tragic Princess and Sarabande of Healing Arcanas are also great additions to this build.

Hellfire Build

Limit Break Builds: Hellfire

The Hellfire may be fired continuously, destroying any weapon in its path. The Fire Wand can be evolved into this form. The ability to pierce foes makes it vastly superior to the Fire Wand, while the lengthy cooldown remains a drawback.

Since Arca Ladonna’s starting weapon is a Fire Wand, she is the ideal candidate for this build. Additionally, her passive benefits aid in resolving Hellfire’s cooldown issues.

Two weapon slots are sufficient, but three is the most you can have. Remember that your secondary weapon, whether a Cross or a Magic Wand, should be something that directly damages your foes.

Limit Break Builds passive items

The Empty Tome, Spellbinder, Spinach, and Duplicator are the best passive items for this build. Given the Hellfire’s devastating effect, buffing its Area and Amount is a top priority.

Runetracer + Bone + Cherry Bomb

Runetracer, Bone, Cherry Bomb

The Runetracer, Bone, and Cherry Bomb are the three weapons used in this build. In that case, Mortaccio, Pasqualina, and Cavallo are your character choices. Additionally, You can purchase the Bone and Cherry Bomb from a merchant at the stage’s beginning.

Hold out for the Duplicator passive item if you go with Pasqualina. Mortaccio and Cavallo don’t have to rush out and buy the Bracer to match Pasqualina’s passive benefit. 

Remember that the three most crucial aspects of weapons to enhance while performing Limit Break are quantity, velocity, and coverage. Moreover, the arcana Twilight Requiem is also a good build for this composition.

Gorgeous Moon + Magic Wand

Gorgeous Moon and Magic Wand

This build employs a dual-weapon strategy, emphasizing breaking the Gorgeous Moon’s limits. Also, to compensate for the Pentagram’s long cooldown, the player’s secondary weapon is the Magic Wand, which offers an adequate weapon and attack until the Pentagram is evolved. 

In that case, You’ll have to pick amongst the three main female characters, Leda, Christine, and Imelda.

Even though the Gorgeous Moon won’t appear as a limit break choice very often, you can raise the Amount. You’ll soon be using this potent weapon so frequently that you won’t need the Holy Wand anymore. The Crown, Hollow Heart, and Empty Tome are the only non-active objects required.

Whip + Song of Mana

Whip and Song of Mana

This build utilizes two weapons, the Whip and the Song of Mana. The Whip damages the character’s left and right, while the Song of Mana prevents damage from the screen’s upper and below edges. While you can evolve the Song of Mana without the Hollow Heart, the Whip can be evolved into Bloody Tear if you have it.

Whip Icon and Song of Mana Icon

Please note that the Spellbinder, Empty Tome, and Candelabrador are prerequisites for this build. In addition, it is recommended that you acquire the Silver Ring and Torrona’s Box, which will aid you on your runs. In addition, Slash and Sarabande of Healing are the finest arcana for this build.

Using your creativity, you can test different Limit Break Builds in Vampire Survivors. Above stated builds are just some of the builds you can try yourself. Discovering unique combinations will give you a better gameplay experience and clear out runs quickly. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything about Limit Break Builds after reading this article.

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