Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

Wanna know about the Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2?

Lifestealer is one of the most famous strength-based Carry heroes in Dota 2. His massive scaling and damage output makes him a very daunting hero to play against. His autonomous capabilities allow him to combat entire enemy teams by himself. Therefore, this article will discuss the Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2 to help you fight against him.

Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

Lifestealer is a very tanky carry which allows him to soak up damage in team fights. He also possesses temporary spell immunity, which will enable him to be in the frontlines. In addition to this, he can escape or initiate fights with his ultimate ability.

Although Lifestealer is a very dependable carry, he has a few weaknesses that are key to countering him. His abilities can scale very well since most of them rely on getting a good amount of farm. Consequently, without Gold or XP, Lifestealer is useless in the game and can easily be dominated.

He also does not have any innate disables, making it hard to catch enemy heroes. Additionally, his self-sustain hinges on getting attacks off—thus, disables or disarms can make team fights impossible for Lifestealer.


With many possible builds and playstyles, Lifestealer provides massive amounts of physical damage and can solo-carry the game in some instances. His abilities play an essential part in enabling him to be the dominating carry in the game.

Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

Rage is Lifestealer’s first ability. This ability makes him spell immune and provides increased movement speed. With little to no cast animation, this gives Lifestealer an instant spell immunity for up to six seconds. This also applies a basic dispel and removes all current debuffs.

The next ability is Feast. It allows Lifestealer to sustain himself in a battle against any hero as long as he can lifesteal off of them. Other than that, this passive spell also provides bonus damage as a percentage of the enemy’s max health. Further amplification can work on this ability, and it also stacks with other forms of lifesteal.

The next passive ability for Lifestealer is Ghoul Frenzy. This ability helps Lifestealer catch his prey by slowing down the enemy he attacks. It also provides him with attack speed and further amplifies his potential damage. He slows enemies for 1.5 seconds, and the debuff refreshes each time he attacks the enemy. Making them easier to kill and feed on.

Lastly, his ultimate ability is Infest. It allows Lifestealer to infest the body of an ally or enemy unit. It allows Lifestealer to infest the body of an ally or enemy unit, making him invulnerable. The target infested gets an additional 1200 health and a movement speed bonus. Lifestealer also exits the host, damaging enemies around them. This makes Ghoul Frenzy the perfect ability to engage enemy heroes or escape them.


Lifestealer’s spells and extraordinary physical damage make him an extremely intimidating hero to win against. It becomes tough to eliminate him from fights, thus making him capable of wrecking the entire enemy team. Therefore, it is essential to know the Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2 to have a winning chance against him.



Terrorblade, much like Lifestealer, is a carry that can dish out large amounts of physical damage. However, Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis transforms him into a ranged hero, making it easy for him to burst down Lifestealer from a distance. Furthermore, Terrorblade can form multiple illusions, which add another layer of damage to his arsenal.

Unlike Lifestealer, Terrorblade is an agility hero, which means he has relatively lower health. Due to this factor, the impact Lifestealer’s Feast has is significantly reduced. Terrorblade can also use his ultimate ability, Sunder, making it hard for him to be defeated by any amount of burst damage.


Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

The key to winning fights as Lifestealer is to bring down enemies with his high level of damage. Razor naturally counters this damage with his Static Link. With this ability, Razor can steal all the attack damage Lifestealer can output. Moreover, Static Link renders Lifestealer’s Rage useless because Static Link penetrates spell immunity.

Razor can also easily kite Lifestealer with his high movement speed due to Storm Surge. For this reason, Lifestealer cannot attack Razor and thus does not heal off of attacking Razor. Razor also has his ultimate; Eye of the Storm, which reduces Lifestealer’s armor and further damages him.



Ulfsaar, the Ursa warrior, is one of the Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2. Ursa deals with high amounts of physical burst damage, which leads to him having a much higher damage output than Lifestealer. With Fury Swipes and Overpower, Ursa can deal much more damage than what Lifestealer can sustain.

With limited time to heal back up, Lifestealer is no match for Ursa at any point in the game. Though Lifestealer can try to slow down Ursa and slowly but surely deal enough damage, Ursa’s ultimate, Enrage, does not allow that. With Enrage, Ursa gains status resistance and reduces incoming damage, making Lifestealer useless.

Ursa Warrior also builds items like Blink Dagger and Skull Basher, making it easy for him to Lockdown enemies. Lifestealer may try to combat Ursa, but with an overwhelming amount of damage, Ursa will always triumph.


Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

Windranger is an agility hero specializing in fighting by kiting heroes and fighting from the sidelines. With Windrun and Focus Fire, Windranger can run circles around Lifestealer, doing intense burst damage. Consequently, without a target to lifesteal from, Lifestealer falls without a chance to fight back.

Windranger also has Shackleshot, which, with good timing and aim, can lockdown Lifestealer for 2.5 seconds. Windranger also has a suitable form of escape, which is something Lifestealer has no counter for.

Ancient Apparition

Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2

Ancient Apparition deals massive amounts of magic damage from the backline and counters Lifestealer perfectly with his Ice Blast. Ice Blast allows Ancient Apparition to eliminate the healing prowess of Lifestealer.

Similarly, with Ice Blast, he can also remove the opportunity for Lifestealer to heal with Infest. Without Feast, Lifestealer is nearly not as helpful, and any carry with sufficient damage can burst him down. Ancient Apparition can also stun and slow him down from a long range, making it even more difficult for Lifestealer to escape once caught.

Although Lifestealer is a strong carry who can be unbeatable in the late game, it is still possible to counter him. This article on the Best Lifestealer Counters in Dota 2 has all the information you need to win against him.

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