Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2

Leshrac is a ranged intelligence hero who specializes in dealing out massive amounts of magical damage to enemy heroes around him. This makes him one of the best nukers in Dota 2. Dealing with such a hero can be tough but fear not, this guide will help arm you with the knowledge of Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2.

When dealing with this hero, it’s important to realize that most of his abilities are AoE. So while they are effective in team fights, he can also use them to solo push lanes. This also allows him to farm efficiently, clearing waves and jungle creeps in order to get an XP and Gold advantage.

Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2

However, there are a few cons to the hero, such as low strength and armor. This makes him vulnerable to the right kind of attacks. 


Leshrac is also known as the tormented soul. Being an intelligence-type hero means that he has a low HP pool and makes up for it by using his spells. This allows him to contest against bulkier, more tanky heroes. Since most of his abilities deal damage within a vicinity, he needs to get close to his enemies.

Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2

His abilities include disables, stuns, and pure damage spells. Split Earth is Leshrac’s first ability. It has a short AoE radius of up to 225. The area where it is cast splits up, dealing damage to the heroes around it and stunning them for 2 seconds. It is good for initiation in team fights as it allows Leshrac to set up his other abilities.

His second ability is the Diabolic Edict. The ability deals pure damage and is centered around Leshrac. That means that as Leshrac chases enemy heroes, the ability moves with him dealing damage to all enemy heroes within a 500 radius. This spell lasts up to 10 seconds, and the fewer enemy heroes there are, the more concentrated the attack becomes, dealing more damage. 

The third ability in Leshrac’s arsenal is the Lightning Storm. It calls forth a lightning storm that jumps between enemy heroes, slowing them down for a duration. With all the jumps added, this move can deal a total of 3000 damage when placed right. Making it a very powerful spell to use in team fights. 

The final and ultimate ability is Pulse Nova. This move is similar to the Diabolic Edict as it creates a damaging wave around Leshrac that deals 200 damage per pulse. However, this move drains Leshrac’s mana as it consumes it per pulse. The added bonus is that this move also works on invisible units and units in the fog of war.


Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2

Pugna is an intelligence-type hero who, much like Leshrac can push towers and clear creep waves. However, his low cooldown, single target HP siphon makes him a tough hero to fight against. Despite his squishiness, should Leshrac fall out of position, Pugna will easily nuke him down.

His ability the netherward makes it hard for Leshrac to use spells. As the more spells, he uses the more damage he receives. For a hero like Leshrac, who relies only on his spells, this can present quite the dilemma. This means that his only choice is to destroy the ward before continuing to attack. 

However, in order to destroy the ward, he may have to come out of position. Pugna can use this to place down a Nether Blast which can take a fair bit of chunk out of Leshrac’s HP. Should Leshrac get too close in order to use his stun or lightning storm, Pugna can counter him by using Life Drain.

Nyx Assassin

Best Leshrac Counters in Dota 2

Nyx Assassin is an incredible counter to Leshrac due to his ability to hunt down heroes while roaming the map invisibly. Since his stun is easier to place as compared to Leshrac, he can use the surprise element to kill him before Leshrac has a chance to use his own spells.

The Spiked Carapace stuns any hero who attacks Nyx while the ability is active. This includes Leshrac’s AoE abilities. By timing this ability right, Nyx can stun Leshrac, which can work for both initiations and if he’s trying to escape Leshrac. 

Additionally, Nyx’s ability Mana burn can deal high damage to Leshrac as he has a humongous mana pool in the late game. Leshrac’s high intelligence gain helps Nyx target him using this ability. Not only does it deal damage but also takes away a large part of Leshrac’s mana pool. Leaving him vulnerable without any mana to cast spells. 



Clockwerk is another great hero in the list of Leshrac Counters in Dota 2. He is a tank hero with a great HP pool. This allows him to bait Leshrac’s attacks on himself while protecting his teammates. 

One of the core items that Clockwerk builds is the Blade Mail. This is a great item that counters Leshrac’s nuke spells as it reflects back the damage on him. Since Leshrac does not have the same kind of HP as Clockwerk, he’ll end up dying as a result of his own attacks if he’s not careful enough.

Additionally, Power Cogs when placed right forces Leshrac to retreat. This protects Clockwerk’s allies forcing Leshrac to use all his spells on Clockwerk. This also restricts him from using Diabolic Edict on towers as he will not be able to get close enough to them. 

Lastly, Battery Assault will continuously interrupt Leshrac’s spells like Split Earth and Lightning storm while dealing him damage. This makes sure that he cannot stun or disable Clockwerk. 



Lifestealer is a ferocious melee strength hero. As his name indicates, he uses his abilities to leech HP off of his enemies and add them into his own pool. The variety of his moves allow him to tank high damage spells off of Leshrac. 

His Rage ability gives him protection against high magic damage attacks. However, it needs to be timed right since the ability has a set of duration. He can also slow down Leshrac and come face to face against him.

Open wounds allow him to heal himself while taking on Leshrac’s attack spells which quickly balance out his HP. Forcing Leshrac to fight him to death. Making Lifestealer one of the few heroes who can fight Leshrac while his abilities are active. 



Oracle is the first support hero for Leshrac Counters in Dota 2. He has a variety of spells that protect allies against Leshrac’s attacks. His Fate’s Edict will protect any allied hero from taking any nuke damage from Leshrac’s spells. 

His other ability False Promise can dispel Leshrac’s Split Earth stun or movement slow which means that Leshrac cannot chase or kite Oracle’s allies. 

While Fortune’s End can restrict Leshrac from chasing after opponents or even trying to escape a gank attempt. 

Anti Mage

Anti Mage

The last core hero on this list is Anti Mage. It is no news that Anti Mage is best against heroes with large mana pools. Making him a must-add on the list of Lesrhac counters in Dota 2.

His Counterspell ability grants him passive magic resistance which negates most of the damage dealt by Leshrac’s spells. Secondly, Leshrac already has mana problems as Pulse Nova consumes a lot. Meanwhile, Anti Mage’s Mana Break will help it reduce down even lower.  

Lastly, Leshrac’s large mana pool makes him easy to be killed by Anti Mage’s ultimate ability Mana Void. Dealing huge amounts of damage which are often enough to kill him by itself. 

This concludes our list of Leshrac Counters in Dota 2. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to fight more fairly against this hero and he may not appear as deadly as he once was. Helping both you and your teammates to continue to enjoy pub games. 

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