Best Killer Outfits in Dead by Daylight

Wondering what are the best killer outfits in Dead by Daylight? Dominate your game as the killer after reading this post.

One of the game’s most exciting aspects for many players is the ability to customize their characters with unique skins. 

There are many killer skins available in Dead by Daylight, each with its unique appearance. Some players enjoy collecting and using different skins to match their playstyle or create a fearsome appearance. 

If you’re confused about what skins to buy, below is a list of some of the best killer outfits that you can choose to help you out.

The Krampus (Trapper)

Best killer outfits: The krampus

One of the best killer outfits you need to try is The Krampus skin by the trapper. His appearance of him is inspired by old mythology about monsters in the high mountains. 

Since it is an ultra-rare outfit, you would notice that his appearance is not similar to the original, making him look like a wholly different character.

Seeping Hollow (The Wraith)

Best killer outfits: Seeping Hollow

The Wraith is one of the most famous killers in Dead by Daylight, thanks to its ability to move silently and unseen. When choosing the best outfit for the Wraith, many players opt for the Seeping Hollow.

The outfit gives The Wraith a wood-like horn, and the blighted feature makes him look glowing with an orange color on his body. This outfit is a good choice when you want to maximize the value of your money when buying a skin.

Test Subject (The Pig)

Best killer outfits: Test Subject

There are only three skins for Amanda Young, also known as The Pig in Dead by Daylight. In that case, You can consider The Pig one of her best killer outfits. 

After equipping the Test Subject outfit, you will notice that it will replace the head costume with a Pig Mask, and it is the best among the other masks with long black hair. You will also notice that the weapon will change to a vibrating metal.

Seething Entertainer (The Clown)

Best killer outfits: Seething Entertainer

The Clown is a famous killer in the survival horror game Dead by Daylight. This character is based on the classic horror trope of the evil clown with a twisted and sinister appearance. 

The Clown is known for its ability to lay traps for survivors and catch them off guard. Seething Entertainer could be one of the best killer outfits in the game since you would see the difference from the default skin. 

The blighted effect on this skin will give a more haunted look for him. Moreover, the weapon also looks like a gold-plated metal that he will use as his primary weapon.

The Minotaur (The Oni)

the minotaur costume of the oni in dead by daylight

The Oni is a new killer character in the popular survival horror game Dead by Daylight. This character is based on the Oni, a demonic figure from Japanese folklore. Regarding his cosmetics, he debatably has the best killer outfits in the game.

The Minotaur outfit will give The Oni a more aggressive look, and when playing as a survivor, you would feel the fear when he is chasing you since he portrays a powerful minotaur running faster than you.

Forge Born (The Executioner)

forge born the executioner outfit in dead by daylight

The Executioner is a powerful and intimidating killer who can execute survivors who are down but not out. This character is based on the medieval executioner, a fearsome figure tasked with carrying out the death sentences of criminals.

The Forge Born outfit suits him well because of the melted metal look on his helmet. Playing this character has a downside since the big pyramid helmet would make survivors see him from afar. However, this outfit will give him a glowing weapon like his pyramid helmet. 

Cut Through U Performance (The Trickster)

Cut Through u performance outfit of the trickster in dead by daylight

The Trickster is a fast and agile killer who can confuse and disorient survivors. This character is based on the trickster archetype, a mischievous and cunning figure who enjoys playing pranks and causing chaos.

His Cut Through U Performance might be one of his best killer outfits because it gives him a devilish look with the red and black theme on his outfit, including his eyes. Additionally, the black and pink combination of color on his weapon suits well on the character’s name.

Marvelled Psyche (The Artist)

Marvelled psyche outfit of the artist in dead by daylight

The Marvelled Psyche outfit looks good on The Artist because of the black theme outfit, including her hair. Additionally, the blood on her chin makes it more terrifying when you encounter her as a survivor.

However, this outfit has a downside since the body and head part is only changed. There are no changes on her weapon, not like her other costumes.

Twisted Plaything (The Dredge)

twisted playtime

The Dredge is famous for dragging survivors when it caught them with its weapon. The twisted Plaything outfit makes The Dredge look like a collection of dolls.

It is horrifying to look like and will show the players what to expect as the characters progress as the game develops. 

The creative side of this outfit could be the root of more improvements in the character’s appearance.

Awakened Origin (The Spirit)

the spirit's awakened origin

This character has a lot of good cosmetics since it is a popular character that players use. However, the best outfit for her could be the Awakened Origin outfit since it gives her the teeth mask compared to her other skins.

Additionally, the shattered armor adds to the overall look and suits well on her gameplay since her primary weapon looks like an old blade that she can use to seek revenge on survivors as a vengeful ghost.

That would be the end of this article. Overall, skins in Dead by Daylight are a matter of personal preference. Each character has the best killer outfits that players can choose from to give them a unique look.

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