Best Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077

Are you looking for the best katanas in Cyberpunk 2077?

Katanas are considered one of the best melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. These elegant blades are capable of striking enemies quickly and deal great damage with each slice of the blade. 

Combining this with amazing abilities and weapon mods, Katanas can easily make any player a force to be reckoned with.

Currently, there are seven katanas available in the game, ranging from normal Araska designs to powerful iconic melee weapons that can only be obtained through quests. If you are planning to wield any of these finely crafted swords, it is crucial to know which ones are the best and how you can obtain them. 

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. 

In this guide, we’ve listed down some of the best katanas available in Cyberpunk 2077 and where you can get them. 

Let’s get right into it!

Standard Katana

The standard katana in Cyberpunk 2077 is capable of up to five attacks per second, making it a fast-striking weapon. It also comes in Legendary, Epic, and Rare variants, which have their own color schemes and designs. 

Weighing only 4.5 pounds, the standard katana is a solid melee weapon for close combat and stealth attacks. 

Standard Katana

If you are trying out various fighting styles in Cyberpunk 2077 and want to experiment around with blades, then trying the standard katana is the way to go. It feels fantastic to use and serves as a template for the other unique katanas in the game. 

Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 are wielded by different opponents that you’ll encounter. For players who want a legendary katana, there are two ways to obtain it. 

First, you can purchase it from Coach Fred at Megabuilding H10 in Little China. On the other hand, you can also make it yourself, but it requires at least Level 18 Crafting. Besides that, you will also need an Edgerunner Artisan Perk, 25 Rare Item Components, 15 Epic Item Components, and 2 Legendary Item Components. 

Black Unicorn

The Black Unicorn is a unique version of the standard katana mentioned above. Its primary feature is its amazing design. However, the Black Unicorn has a lower attack rate at only 2.91 strikes per second. 

It also features more slots than a standard katana, with up to four slots at Legendary rarity. The Black Unicorn will fit players who love playing The Witcher 3. 

Black Unicorn

The fact that the Black Unicorn was updated with symbols referencing The Witcher shows how much love and care the devs have put into creating this weapon. Since this weapon is available in V’s Stash right from the start, it serves as an excellent weapon for players in the early stages. 

The Black Unicorn can be obtained in the GOG version of the game. Once you own this version, you can find the weapon waiting in V’s Stash. On the other hand, you can also link your GOG account to the game and get this amazing Katana as well. 

Cocktail Stick

The Cocktail Stick is another interesting katana. Its purple blades deal a base damage of 63 with each strike and can attack 2.9 times per second. This results in a commendable DPS of 191. 

best katanas in cyberpunk 2077

The Katana also comes with some handy abilities and perks: 

  • +10% Bleed Chance
  • +18% Critical Damage
  • +40-49 Physical Damage

While the Cocktail Katana is a bit slow, the damage it gives more than makes up for it. The bleed status effect also shortens any encounter when it applies. While these buffs might not be the most powerful, the Cocktail Stick is an excellent choice in the early game. 

The Cocktail Stick can be obtained during the Automatic Love questline. It is also recommended that players must be at least Level 9 when starting this quest. 

To obtain the weapon, players will need to call Judy Alvares and meet her at Lizzie’s bar. After talking to Judy and getting Evelyn’s Cigarette Case, head to Megabuilding H8. Before jumping on the elevator, make sure that you have at least $700 for the quest. 

The Cloud won’t open until after 7 PM, so players might have to wait for a while. 


The Scalpel in Cyberpunk 2077 is a surgically precise katana and is a fast-hitting weapon, able to make five attacks per second. With each strike, it deals 145 damage, which results in 728.4 DPS. 

best katanas in cyberpunk 2077

On top of that, you’ll also get to enjoy these perks: 

  • +92 – 113 Chemical Damage
  • +92 – 113 Electric Damage
  • +92 – 113 Physical Damage
  • +92 – 113 Thermal Damage

What this katana offer is an advantage against any opponent you’ll face in Cyberpunk 2077. It is also just fun to see your enemies be absolutely annihilated by the elements after being hit by the Scalpel. 

The Scalpel can be obtained as a reward for completing the Side Job Big in Japan. To start it, go to Afterlife during Act 2 of the game. Speak to Dennis and accept his job. Follow the path to the outer edges of Kabuki and look for a box labeled “No Future”. 

Open the container and call Dennis. From here, players can either kill Tyger Claws and lead the package to safety or sneak around with the package. 

Whatever path you decide to choose, make sure that the package won’t be discovered. Next, put the package in the back of a car and drive safely to the rendezvous point. After speaking with Dennis, the Scalpel Katana will be rewarded. 


The Jinchu-Maru is a phenomenal Katana. It can strike up to 4.8 times per second while dealing 111 damage on each hit. This means that the katana is capable of dealing 536.9 DPS. These following abilities also take the damage output higher: 

  • 100% Critical Hit (Kerenzikov: Active)
  • Last strike in combo deals double damage
  • Enemies with twice your HP receive double damage 

This means that if the player deals the last strike against a boss, it will receive 4x the normal damage. Not to mention the critical damage bonus you will get if Kerenzikov is active. 

best katanas in cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 fans can obtain this sword during the main quest, Play It Safe. This quest starts with a call from Takemura. Head to Japantown Market and talk to him and take the shard.

After a while, jump across the footbridge and take out the first sniper. Follow the waypoints that lead you to the next sniper. Next, quietly follow the remaining waypoints to stealthily take out the guards. 

When approaching the footbridge next to the parade, make sure that you wait for a gap in the floats. 

Otherwise, V will be trashed by the reactors. 

Follow the path to take out the other guards and ensure that you knock out the drone to avoid issues later on. Finally, take out the last sniper. Head to the Foyer on the 30th floor. 

Inside events will lead you to the boss. The key to this boss fight is to keep moving to avoid his Mantis Blades. Use cover when he shoots his homing Smart SMB bullets, and be sure to prevent Oda from healing by keeping track of his hiding spots. 

Once the boss is defeated, he’ll drop the Jinchu-Maru katana. 

That ends our list of the best katanas available in Cyberpunk 2077. If you have questions or other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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