Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Marci is a strength-based melee hero. She rapidly gained popularity after her recent release because of her dynamic skill set and versatile gameplay. This allows her to dominate any role she plays, but playing as a core is where she shines the most. A core has a high-damage output and farming efficiency, which, when combined with perfect itemization, makes them unstoppable. This article will tell you about the Best Items for Marci in Dota 2 to unlock her full potential.


The hardest task is mastering Marci, but when successfully learned, she can stomp enemies in any phase of the game. Her unique abilities individually are a massive threat, and when paired up perfectly, leave her enemies no chance of escape. She can initiate and disable the enemy, while her ultimate provides the damage necessary to finish the kill. However, only abilities cannot win the game for Marci, as she is highly item dependent.

This article will guide you about the Best Items for Marci in Dota 2 allowing you to maximize your impact when playing as her.


Marci, after her release, was one of the most powerful core heroes in the game. Even after many patches, she is still a top-tier core hero. Proper itemization and perfect timing of her spells make it impossible for enemies to escape her grasp.

Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Her first move is Dispose, which is a unit target ability. We can only use this ability, on allies or enemies alike, but the debuffs tend to apply only to enemy units. She grabs the targeted hero and throws them behind her. When used on enemies, it stuns and damages them along with other enemy units in the area. This ability can help farm at an incredible rate by clearing camps and creep waves easily.

Rebound is Marci’s second ability. Marci uses this to initiate on enemies or disengage from fights by bounding to a unit and jumping forward. Upon landing, she slows down units and damages them in an AOE. It makes a deadly combo with Dispose, as you can initiate on an enemy and stun them, dealing huge damage.

Sidekick is an ability that makes her very useful in team fights. It affects Marci and any targeted ally hero. The move gives additional attack speed and life steal to the affected hero, significantly increasing their impact.

This spell increases her farming efficiency as items need a lot of Gold, so effective farming is necessary. In the later game, her talent tree adds spell immunity to this ability. When timed correctly, this spell can instantly turn the tides on enemies.

Unleash is Marci’s ultimate ability. When activated, it uncaps Marci’s maximum attack speed and allows her to attack with fury. Along with the attack speed, Marci releases a pulse after every flurry of strikes. The pulse slows and silence surrounding enemies, which makes her deadly in a face-off situation.

This move paired up with Sidekick only enhances her ability to dish out more damage, while healing with life steal. It increases her survivability, and with the right items, Marci can take down entire teams.

Early Game Items

Early Game is the hardest phase for any core hero. Marci is a melee hero, which means that she’ll be harassed more in the lane and can be easily cornered. Also, being a core, she can’t go back to base for healing every time, as Gold and XP are important. It is best to start with some HP regen items.

Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Tangoes is a go-to, as they provide good initial healing and increase survivability. We can buy a Healing Salve, so if there’s a gank attempt, Marci doesn’t have to go back to the base. A quelling blade is important for every core. It helps in securing last hits better, especially if there are ranged enemies in the lane. Gauntlets of Strength add to her strength and give additional damage and health in the early game.

Soul Ring is made from Gauntlets of Strength further in the game, which is another important item for Marci. Orb of Venom can take the place of Gauntlets of Strength if there are melee heroes in the lane. This ensures that Marci can harass her opponents and slow them to create an opportunity for kills. You can buy Clarity or Iron Branch if there is any remaining Gold. All these items help Marci survive in the laning phase.

Mid Game

The Mid Game is the make or break point for Cores. Here is when Marci needs to focus on farming and making her items, which will lead her to victory. She should farm creep waves along with Jungle camps to maximize her farming speed.

Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Mid Game is the phase where Marci builds her first big item. You can go for Armlet of Mordiggian as your first item. This increases her strength, damage output, and overall impact on the game. Armlet of Mordiggian when paired up with Sidekick and Unleash gives her a kill threat on any enemy hero.

If you have a more farm-centric approach, consider making a Maelstrom. This helps you clear creep waves and Neutral Camps in an instant with the help of your abilities. It also increases her damage output, and it can be converted into Mjollnir in the Late Game. With an initial damage item, Marci now needs more mobility for which, Blink Dagger is perfect. It gives her the ability to position herself and adds another ability to leap into her arsenal.

After the damage and mobility item, Marci can now make another disable or tank item. You can start making your Black King Bar if there are disablers on the enemy team. Skull Basher is the ideal choice if there are no disablers, and you just need to catch enemies.

Late Game

Late Game is where Marci truly unlocks her true potential. At this stage, making a Black King Bar is a must, if not made earlier, to enhance her durability. It also works with Unleash, as she can attack without getting disabled.

Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Further damage-dealing items are useful for Marci, like Daedalus, which works great with Unleash. Whereas Eye of Skadi can also be made which, slows down enemies and makes it impossible for them to escape. Overall, your playstyle and enemy draft influence what you make at this stage.

Situational Items

Situational items can be built based on the enemy draft and who your allies are. They function as the Best Items for Marci in Dota 2 in some scenarios but may not deliver the same results in others. Therefore, it’s best to purchase these only if you believe their utility outweighs their cost. 

Best Items for Marci in Dota 2

Desolator is a great item for increasing your damage output. It reduces the enemy armor, giving you a chance to deal heavy damage. Paired with Marci’s ultimate ability this can work well against tank heroes with high armor. Since it also works against towers, Marci can get some push capability allowing her to melt towers. 

Battle Fury is the perfect item for any core hero as it accelerates their farming capacity. It’s best to buy this item only when you think Marci will not be able to come online too quickly in the game or is up against a lot of Supports and Pushers.

Orchid Malevolence is a decent alternative as it amplifies her damage-dealing abilities while silencing her enemies. This forces them to stand and take her punishment which, paired with the additional damage, can help her net some easy kills. In the Late Game, this can be upgraded to Bloodthorn which, also lets Marci deal 100% critical damage.

Marci is one hero that can change the course of the game when played correctly. Practice and patience are key elements when playing her. Hopefully, this guide helps you in choosing the Best Items for Marci in Dota 2 and winning some easy MMR.

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