Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

Clinkz is an agility-based ranged hero who’s one of the best gankers and pushers in Dota 2. He has gained popularity because of Skeleton Walk’s spell, which allows him to go invisible. Alongside invisibility, Clinkz has high damage spells that can instantly kill someone with proper itemization. 

This article will tell you about the Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2 that will get you easy MMR.

Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

He is a comparatively easier hero to play, but that doesn’t make him any less of a threat. When in the hands of an experienced player, Clinkz is a menace and can easily control the game. His dynamic arsenal of spells gives him farming efficiency, pickoff potential, and fast pushing.

However, he lacks disabling moves. Certain items take care of this weakness and make him a go-to carry to win games. Listed below are the perfect items that make Clinkz unstoppable.


Clinkz, also known as the Bone Fletcher, is among the most powerful cores in the game. With the correct items and positioning, Clinkz can kill quickly kill an unaware enemy. When played effectively, Clinkz can single-handedly win the game for his team.

Clinkz’s Abilities


Burning Barrage is his first move. It is a channeling spell that sends a piercing barrage of arrows in a straight line, damaging all opponents. The damage dealt is a percentage of Clinkz’s attack damage, applying all attack modifiers. This is an excellent move for farming, as you can swiftly clear out creeps.

His second ability is Searing Arrows. When activated, it gives bonus damage to Clinkz’s next attack. This spell works on all enemy units, including towers, making Clinkz one of the best pushers in Dota 2. The last hitting gets easier with this ability, as the bonus damage makes it easy to claim the last hit.

Skeleton Walk is his third move and also the one that makes Clinkz unique. It allows Clinkz to go invisible to enemies and provides a huge movement speed bonus. Clinkz can move through units while using Skeleton Walk. The invisibility allows Clinkz to gank enemies or disengage from fights.

Death Pact is his ultimate move. It is a unit target spell and is usable on all creeps except ancient. Clinkz consumes the targeted creep and gains max health and damage based on its current health. The move is best used on high health creeps, as they yield more buffs for Clinkz when consumed.

This move gives Clinkz the much-needed tankiness he lacks and a huge damage boost to kill enemies. The move works under the invisibility of Skeleton Walk, so you can consume creeps and stay hidden. The most efficient way to use his ultimate is to make sure the move is never off cooldown.

Early Game Items

Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

Early Game is challenging for Clinkz because of his low health, and the only aim is to survive. Clinkz is a ranged hero, which means he can take last hits away from enemy heroes. He can use Searing Arrows to zone out enemies and last hit in peace while recovering. A frail hero like Clinkz should start with HP regen and attribute boosting items.

Tangoes are a must, as it provides sufficient healing in the early phase and helps survive without going back to the base. Slippers of Agility provide a boost in agility, which gives bonus armor and damage, being very useful in the laning stage. They can be made into a Wraith Band, giving additional attributes.

You can buy multiple Iron Branches to increase your attributes further, boosting your damage, health, and mana. All these will help you stay in lane and harass your enemies while you farm to get online faster.

Boots of Speed is another great item that gives additional mobility. These can be converted into Power Treads, giving Clinkz much-needed attributes according to the situation.

Mid Game Items

Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

Mid-Game is where things get serious for a core hero. Clinkz needs to focus on farming quickly and make his items, or he won’t impact the game. He should clear creep waves, while moving through the Jungle camps, farming them quickly with his abilities.

This phase is when Clinkz will make his first impactful item. There are two items you can go to depending on your playstyle.

You can go for Maelstrom as it gives a damage boost, and also massively increases your farming efficiency. Chain Lightning works with Burning Barrage, which can clear an ancient camp with ease. This is a more farm-centric approach.

If you want more damage and a pushing-based approach, you can make a Dragon Lance. It gives bonus attack range and damage, which helps in pushing outside of the towers’ range. The attack range also works with Skeleton Archers, which is useful as Aghanim’s Shard is the next go-to item.

Aghanim’s Shard causes Skeleton Walk to create two Skeleton Archers when it is used. These Skeleton Archers deal heavy damage and give Clinkz the support to take down any hero. The Burning Army Skeletons deal a percentage of Clinkz’s damage and have an attack range equal to him.

Late Game Items

Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

Late Game is where Clinkz becomes unstoppable with his items. He can start making a Black King Bar, this enhances his durability and gives him spell immunity. It also helps him in dealing tremendous damage without getting disabled, or push towers without any threat.

Eye of Skadi is a must-have for Clinkz. It gives him much-needed tankiness and significantly increases his damage output to heroes. His attacks also slow enemies, which makes escape impossible for them.

Orchid Malevolence is also a go-to item for Clinkz, as it gives him a disable which he lacks. It increases his damage output, and the silence works perfectly with all of his damage-dealing abilities.

Situational Items

Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2

Situational Items can be made depending on the kind of enemy draft you are up against. For Clinkz, this means he has a wide variety of items that he can build.

The Orchid Malevolence can be upgraded into a Bloodthorn which applies its existing effects while also allowing him to deal additional damage to targeted enemy heroes.

Butterfly provides him with increased Agility and Evasion. The Evasion helps him sustain himself in team fights while the Agility helps increase attack speed. Daedalus can increase his already high damage output allowing him to kill heroes much easily and push towers with little difficulty. 

Eye of Skadi helps Clinkz’s mana regen so he can constantly use Searing Arrows while also giving him the ability to turn his targeted enemy hero into a critter for a time period. This makes the target highly vulnerable and easily killable for Clinkz. 

Lastly, Satanic is another item that can be helpful for Clinkz as it gives him Lifesteal from every attack dealt to enemy heroes. This is perfect when up against Axe, Bristleback, or Spectre. Allowing him to sustain his health while also dealing them critical damage.

Clinkz is a unique hero and a massive threat to all enemies against him. Proper itemization that compliments his abilities is crucial as it can help you stomp your enemies. Hopefully, this article guides you in picking the Best Items for Clinkz in Dota 2 which maximize his potential.

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