Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

Huskar is a very formidable range hero in Dota 2 who sacrifices his own blood to buff his attack speed and damage. Dealing great amounts of damage and DPS to his enemies allows him to meltdown even the strongest heroes in-game. This article will tell you all about the Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2 to help you win.

The low mana management makes this hero less reliant on his mana pool. This makes it tough for mana and intelligence stealing heroes to counter him. And since the lack of mana does not faze him, Huskar can still engage in battles without it. Simply using his life force as a resource to help fuel his inner rage. 

Despite how contradictory Huskar’s abilities sound, they do grant him high survivability in battle. His high endurance is what makes him highly dangerous in close combat. The lower his health falls, the more dangerous this hero becomes. Meaning that even if you get the jump on him, he can still make enter combat with low HP, and work it to his advantage.

Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

The hero has a strong early to mid-game presence. Making him a perfect outset for support builds and early game pushers. The built-in disable makes it easy for him to disarm enemies after he gets close to them, making the fight a one-sided battle.

However, Huskar does bring with him some disadvantages. His low armor makes him an easy target for ambush. And since he’s best at low health for that’s when he deals maximum damage, he can be nuked fairly easily. Additionally, the hero is susceptible to disarms and disables. Making him highly vulnerable when inflicted with debuffs.


Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

Huskar, the Sacred Warrior is a decent hero in terms of strength. He specializes in ganking enemy units and dealing high amounts of DPS to them. But he’s tricky to play if you don’t monitor your HP pool, you could even risk being pwned by creeps. His single target attacks make it hard for him to farm efficiently. 

Nevertheless, he’s still one the best hero killers in-game.

Huskar’s Abilities

Inner Fire is Huskar’s first ability that works in an AoE. It deals small damage of 310 around a radius of 500. Additionally, this ability also knocks back enemies all the while disarming them. Enemies get knockback up to 400 distance and remain debuffed for 4 seconds. This gives Huskar more than enough time to take the opponent down.

Burning Spear is Huskar’s main DPS attack. It allows him to stack burning spears on his enemies that deal a DPS of 20 per second. The DPS lasts for a total of 8 seconds dealing 160 damage each stack. However, casting this costs 3% of Huskar’s HP to cast. This is why you need to toggle it very carefully so as to not drop Huskar’s health below critical levels.

Berserker’s Blood is what grants Huskar high endurance despite his risky abilities. The more HP Huskar loses, the faster he regenerates. If Huskar’s health is at 100% then this ability does nothing, but the maximum bonus can be acquired when it falls below 10%. This ability also grants him an additional attack speed buff as a bonus.

Huskar’s ultimate ability Life Break. It grants him mobility that ensures that no enemy slips through Huskar’s onslaught. Upon jumping on an enemy, the target takes 44% of their current health as damage. However, the same effect is dealt to Huskar himself in recoil. Upon activation, the target is also subjected to a 5-second movement speed debuff.

This makes it perfect for Huskar to attack his targeted hero while continuing to stack Burning Spears against them. All the while, they are disarmed by Inner Fire leaving them with no other option but to try to escape his grasp. Performing this combo makes it almost impossible for the enemy to get away without a scratch.


Despite the overpowering might of the hero, he can still be countered by using the right draft. Capitalizing on Huskar’s weakness allows these counters to deliver a decisive blow that will finish him with high success rates. Listed below are the Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2.

Naga Siren

Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

Naga Siren is an agile melee hero who also specializes in close combat against her enemies. She can bait Huskar to use his Life Break using an illusion through Mirror Image. This causes Huskar to jump in on the wrong target while losing his health. Having him enter the battle at a disadvantage.

Using Riptide, Naga Siren can lower down Huskar’s already low armor while dealing heavy amounts of damage against him. Additionally, during team fights, Naga Siren can use Song of the Siren to freeze Huskar after an initiation allowing her team to reposition themselves.


Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

Juggernaut is another great hero worthy of being mentioned in the list of Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2. His ability Blade Fury renders him immune against all kinds of attacks including Huskar’s Life Break and Burning Spears. The instant cast time means that Juggernaut can cast it the second he sees Huskar using Life Break.

This lets Juggernaut disengage from a fight and escape Huskar easily. Additionally, Juggernaut can use the Healing Ward to heal him while he battles Huskar. The increased HP regen will help him sustain damage from Burning Spears.

Huskar has no way to stop Juggernaut from casting Omnislash. Since he already has a low armor, this ability can finish him off if his HP is already low from initiation by Life Break.



Axe is a melee strength hero whose high endurance makes him sustain high damages from heavy-hitting heroes like Huskar. Using Berserker’s Call increases his Armor and baits Huskar into attacking him. The high attack speed procs Counter Helix dealing more and more damage to Huskar.

Blade Mail can reflect any damage that Huskar deals, this also turns the Burning Spear stacks against him as he only takes additional damage by it. Huskar’s low HP also makes him susceptible to being killed by the Culling Blade—making Axe one of the Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2.


Best Huskar Counters in Dota 2

Bloodseeker is an agile hero who does well against Low HP heroes like Huskar. Since this triggers his Thirst, which makes him more powerful the lower Huskar’s HP is. Granting Bloodseeker higher movement speed and attack speed.

If Bloodseeker times his Rupture, he can cause Huskar to take damage if he casts Life Break on him or an ally. Since Huskar already takes damage on initiation, with Rupture he may even end up killing himself.

If Bloodseeker uses Bloodrage on himself coupled with Blademail he can turn tables against Huskar making it a wrong choice for him to jump on Bloodseeker.



Viper is a ranged hero who can kite Huskar due to his long-ranged attacks. Even by staying in the lane, Viper can continuously harass him and reposition himself if Huskar tries to get close enough to use Burning Spears.

Using Poison Attack, Viper can deal DPS against Huskar who tends to stay at a low HP most of the time. Making him highly vulnerable causing him to turn off his Burning Spear ability. Corrosive Skin also protects Viper against Magic Damage making him likely to survive a confrontation against Huskar.

Nethertoxin can disable Huskar’s passive regen and make him think twice before using Life Break on Viper. Viper Strike severely cripples Huskar’s movement and attack speed, killing him off if he isn’t careful or out of position.

Huskar is a very formidable foe who cannot be countered by just any random hero on Dota 2. This is why this article focuses on filling you in with all the necessary information to counter this hero when the situation calls. To help you with your strategy in taking on Huskar and giving you a greater chance at winning against him. 

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