Best Heroes for Every Role in Patch 7.32d in Dota 2

Discover the most effective heroes for every role in the latest patch and quickly climb the ranks. Master their playstyle and dominate your ranked matches after reading this post.

This article will evaluate the various heroes that excel in each role within the current patch, 7.32d

While several strong heroes are available, not all may have the necessary qualities to be considered meta-defining. 

We will carefully consider their abilities, playstyle, and overall performance to determine which heroes stand out in their respective roles. 

Whether a seasoned player or just starting, this information will provide valuable insights and help you make informed hero selections in your games. 

So without further ado, let’s begin our analysis of the top heroes for every role!

Naga Siren (Safelane Carry/Pos 1)

Naga Siren

Naga Siren is a formidable carry hero in the current patch, despite receiving nerfs to her strength gain and base armor. 

She excels at countering single-target heroes like Visage or Nightstalker, as these heroes often lack the AoE damage needed to clear her illusions.

Naga Illusions

Naga’s flash farming capabilities allow her to gain significant power spikes through items like Manta and Heart, making her a strong force in the mid to late game. 

She can farm Manta around the 14-minute mark into an Orchid at the 19-20 minute mark, and a Heart around minute 24 or 25. Her efficient creep wave control can make it difficult for her enemies to play against her. 

A skilled Naga Siren player can be a powerful and annoying opponent, capable of single-handedly carrying games.

Lifestealer (Safelane Carry/Pos 1)


Although Lifestealer did not receive any significant changes in the 7.32d patch, it is still a strong carry hero due to its consistent stats. 

Against a Primal Beast or Tidehunter on the Offlane, Lifestealer can bully these heroes out of the lane and deal significant damage with items like Desolator and Armlet. 

Also, if the enemy Offlane is going for a Magic Resistance build, Lifestealer can easily chew on their health because of the Feast’s effect.

Lifestealer also synergizes well with an Offlane hero that builds utility items like Mekansm and Pipe, while Lifestealer focuses on damage items.

Shadow Fiend (Midlane/Pos 2)

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is a strong lane dominator in the current meta, particularly when built with right-click items like Treads, Dragon Lance, BKB, and late-game damage items like Daedalus or Silver Edge.

This hero can win the lane against almost any mid-lane hero. The slow effect on his Shadowrazes could make the enemy player uncomfortable laning against him since he has a Kill Potential even at level 1. 

In terms of Farming, this hero is also an incredible farming hero. He can farm jungle camps efficiently without using up all of his mana, especially when he has a Mask of Madness. 

If you successfully gain an early advantage against the enemy, you should use this to group up early and try to destroy enemy towers. He is considered one of the most notable heroes on our list of heroes for every role.

Ember (Mid/Pos 2)

Ember Spirit

Although Ember Spirit has not received any changes in the current patch, it is still considered one of the best “Spirit” heroes in the mid-lane, outperforming Void Spirit and Storm Spirit. 

This is due to Ember Spirit’s early to mid-game power spikes through items like Maelstrom and BKB.

His ultimate ability allows him to chase heroes like Tinker and Invoker effortlessly, but some heroes may be challenging to win the lane against, such as Queen of Pain and Ursa. 

Players can use Ember Spirit’s ultimate to assist in ganking and controlling the game’s pace. 

Additionally, Ember Spirit’s Fire Remnants and Flame Guard can be used to efficiently farm and shove creep waves.

Doom (Offlane/Pos 3)

Heroes for Every Role: Doom

As a Doom player, you will dominate the offlane and have the potential to solo kill most safelane carries once you hit level 6. 

Focus on farming and obtaining items like Hand of Midas to out-farm your enemies and gain an advantage in net worth. 

Remember to prioritize essential items like BKB and Blink Dagger before rushing for Aghanim’s Scepter, as it will only be effective with the necessary enabling items. 

The Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade for Doom is compelling in the current patch and can be a good choice when the enemy is building items like Linken’s Sphere or Lotus Orb to counter your ultimate. 

Your primary role as an initiator is to get on top of targets and initiate fights, utilizing your Scorched Earth ability to deal significant damage to enemies caught in its full duration. Take advantage of your early-game power and focus on farming during cooldowns.

Rubick (Soft Support/Pos 4)

Heroes for Every Role: Rubick

Rubick is a hero that excels in the role of soft support. In patch 7.32d, Rubick received a +3 increase in base damage, making him even more effective in the early game. 

This allows you to secure range creeps and harass enemy heroes in your lane more effectively. You can use your Fade Bolt ability to help with this.

Remember that you can now consider trading against enemy support heroes due to increased base damage. 

However, it’s important to still be mindful of your positioning in the lane and avoid getting caught out.

Regarding item build, your priority should be getting sustain items like Tranquil Boots or Arcane Boots. These will help you stay in the lane longer and provide healing or mana regeneration to keep you in the fight.

In team fights, your primary focus should be finding a good position from which you can cast all your stolen spells. You can use your telekinesis ability to initiate fights and then reposition to a safer location to avoid getting focused by enemy heroes. 

Remember that stolen spells have an increased cast range, so it can be helpful to pair them with Aether Lens to make it easier to cast them.

Finally, try to clear out any free creep waves you come across. This will give you some extra gold and help you reach your power spike sooner.

Treant Protector (Hard Support/Pos 5)

Heroes for Every Role: Treant Protector

Treant Protector is a hero that has received a significant increase in power in recent patches, particularly with the improvements to his Leech Seed ability. 

The heal per second has been significantly increased, and the cast range and cast point have also been improved.

You should take one point in Nature’s Grasp in the game’s early stages for some early kill potential. This ability allows you to entangle enemy heroes, making them easier to kill.

During the laning phase, try to stay in the trees as much as possible after trading hits with an enemy hero. This will provide you with bonus health regeneration and help you sustain in the lane.

When leveling up your abilities, prioritize Leech Seed before Living Armor. Leech Seed will have more game impact in team fights.

As Treant Protector, it’s important not to die first in team fights. While it’s never ideal for dying, it can sometimes be a good trade for your team if it allows your allies to take out a core enemy hero in return.

Remember to use your passive ability to plant observer wards strategically on the map. This will give your team an advantage in terms of vision, which is crucial for success in team fights.

Regarding item progression, Treant Protector is a relatively easy hero to play as a support. You’ll mainly focus on Arcane Boots and Holy Locket. 

It’s also a good idea to farm small camps or creep waves whenever you have the chance, but make sure not to take every wave so your carry can also farm.

That would be the end of this article. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything about the best heroes for every role in patch 7.32d.

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