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Best Gardevoir Counters in Pokémon GO

How many of the best Gardevoir Counters in Pokémon GO do you have?

This Psychic and Fairy-type Pokémon was first introduced in Generation III. Originally a purely Psychic Pokémon, its Fairy type was added in Generation VI. Gardevoir is a very strong Raid Boss in Pokémon GO. The Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo also has a powerful Shadow Gardevoir that players often struggle against.

Once you beat this Raid Boss and capture it, you will have a strong Psychic and Fairy-type in your roster. You can then use Gardevoir to defeat strong Fighting-type opponents moving forward.

If you are trying to find a way to beat this strong Raid Boss, check out our detailed guide on the best Gardevoirr counters in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Raids

An image of Raids in Pokémon GO.

Raids are events in Pokémon GO where you can capture powerful Pokémon. They have time limits, so you should get on one as soon as it starts. An egg icon will appear on top of a Pokémon Gym on your map. After the timer on the egg runs out, it hatches, and the Raid will begin. The egg is then replaced by the Pokémon that becomes the Raid Boss.

To enter a Raid lobby, wait for the egg to hatch. The new timer will show you how long the Raid will stay open. Each lobby only has slots for 20 players, so it can run out very quickly, especially in crowded areas. You can have six Pokémon in your team for a Raid, so choose wisely. Remember to bring the right types of Pokémon because Raid Bosses are strong.

If one of your Pokémon faints, just use Revive to bring it back. If all your Pokémon faints, you can simply make a new party and rejoin the Raid again. Of course, that depends on the Raid lobby slots left.

You will get Premier Balls as a reward for beating Gardevoir. The number of balls depends on how much you contributed to the Raid. You can then use those Premier Balls to try and catch it.


An image of Gardevoir in Pokémon GO.

First introduced in Generation III, Gardevoir was originally a purely Psychic-type Pokémon. After Generation VI, it became a dual-type, having Psychic and Fairy attributes. This popular Pokémon is the final stage evolution of Ralts and Kirlia.

In Pokémon GO, Gardevoir is one of the strongest Psychic and Fairy-types you can find. It has a Maximum Combat Power of 3497, which is almost as strong as some Legendary Pokémon. Being an offensive weapon, its base Attack stat is 237. Its Defense and Stamina base stats are a little lower at 195 and 169, respectively.

The best moves to teach Gardevoir in Pokémon GO are Confusion and Psychic. Windy and Cloudy weather boost these, so look out for that.

How to Beat Gardevoir

Because Gardevoir has two types, it will also be weak to twice as many move types. Psychic-type Pokémon are particularly vulnerable to Steel, Psychic, Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type abilities. Fairy-types, on the other hand, are weak against Poison, Steel, and Fire moves.

Luckily, there are tons of Pokémon belonging to these types in Pokémon GO. We have gathered some of your best options against a Gardevoir Raid Boss. From Gengar to Metagross and Charizard, these are the best Gardevoir counters in Pokémon GO.


An image of Gengar, one of the best Gardevoir counters in Pokémon GO.

Gengar is easily the most popular Ghost-type Pokémon since it was first introduced in Generation I. However, many players do not know that Gengar is also a Poison-type. This makes it twice as strong against Gardevoir.

In Pokémon GO, Gengar is also a very good Ghost and Poison-type to include in your team. It has a Maximum Combat Power of 3254, with an equally high Attack base stat of 261. Its Defense and Stamina are slightly lower at 149 and 155, respectively, but his powerful moves make up for them.

Gengar’s best moveset in Pokémon GO are Shadow Ball and Lick. Shadow Ball does a very high 15.63 damage per second, and it is super effective against a Psychic and Fairy-type like Gardevoir. The combination of attributes and stats make Gengar one of the best Gardevoir counters in Pokémon GO.


An image of Metagross, one of the best Gardevoir counters in Pokémon GO.

Metagross is strong enough to be considered a pseudo-Legendary Pokémon by some people. This Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon is also twice as effective against Gardevoir because of its attributes.

In Pokémon GO, Metagross has a very high Maximum Combat Power of 4286. This is even higher than some Legendary Pokémon. Its Attack and Defense stats are also top tier at 257 and 228, respectively.

If you want to include Metagross in your team against Gardevoir, you should teach it Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash for maximum strength. These moves are also boosted during Snow and Windy weather.


An image of Venusaur in Pokémon GO.

Venusaur is one of the most popular starters in Pokémon video games. However, this Generation I Grass and Poison-type is not just a fan favorite. It is also one of the strongest Grass-types you can find and has the best moves for its attributes.

With 3075 Maximum Combat Power, 198 Attack, 189 Defense, and 190 Stamina, Venusaur is one of the most well-rounded Pokémon you can include in your team. Its best moves are Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant, but you can also teach it Poison-type moves to counter Gardevoir.

Remember that Venusaur gets a boost from Sunny and Cloudy weather. Be careful though, because it is also slightly vulnerable against Psychic-type moves.


An image of Charizard in Pokémon GO.

Charizard is arguably the most famous Pokémon of all. Even non Pokémon fans will instantly recognize the show or video games when they see a Charizard. Luckily, this Generation I starter is just as strong as it is popular.

In Pokémon GO, Charizard has a Maximum Combat Power score of 3266, Attack of 223, Defense of 173, and Stamina of 186. With such powerful stats, this Fire and Flying-type is one of the best Gardevoir counters in Pokémon GO.

Charizard’s best moves are Fire Spin and Blast Burn, which are even more effective against Gardevoir during Sunny and Windy weather.

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