Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

Enigma is a ranged intelligence hero who relies on his positioning to offset his enemies. He is an excellent pusher who can utilize his own army to push through Tier 1 towers quickly. If left unhindered in the lane, he’ll quickly use that to his advantage by farming efficiently. However, you need not worry as this list will help you learn about the Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2.

Not only does this hero have excellent farming and pushing capabilities, but he also performs exceptionally well during team fights. His ultimate ability is among the most dangerous abilities in the game. If appropriately used, Enigma can kill the entire enemy team by himself. This is why he is considered a very dangerous hero who must be dealt with before any other hero during team fights.

Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

The hero does have his falling points too, though. His rather long ability cooldowns make it easy for his opponents to time their assaults against him. Since his ultimate ability needs to be channeled, if he is interrupted, the move will end. Making him vulnerable against heroes with stuns and disables.


Enigma, the conqueror of worlds, has an inexhaustible supply of creeps that he can command by himself. His abilities hinder enemy heroes and is capable of taking down multiple heroes at the same time.


Starting with Malefice, Enigma’s first ability. It is a unit target ability that deals damage while stunning the enemy unit. The ability lasts for 4 seconds and deals a total of 300 damage. This ability also interrupts any channeling abilities due to its stuns, making it powerful against supports. 

Demonic Conversion, lets Enigma transform an enemy or ally creep into three fragments of Enigma himself. These can be micro-managed by Enigma and multiply if they are hit 6 times, restoring their health to full. These fragments can be highly useful in jungling and pushing out lanes. Often letting Enigma teleport to a different lane while they pressurize the enemy team to rush towards the tower in defense.

The third ability, Midnight Pulse is an AoE. It affects all units within a 550 radius, causing them to take damage based on their max HP. This ability can last up to 12 seconds and cause some real damage for strength-based heroes who tend to have a large HP. It also lets Enigma farm stacked up jungle creep camps rather easily. 

The last and ultimate ability for Enigma is the Black Hole. The Black Hole is one of the most potent abilities in Dota 2. It runs for a total of 4 seconds and is devastatingly dangerous. It deals 200 damage per second to all enemy heroes caught in its radius. The ability pulls the enemy heroes to the center of the Black Hole, keeping them trapped for a duration. This enables Enigma’s allies to set up their own abilities.

If appropriately used, the Black Hole itself is a game-changer. It can wipe out an entire team when used in tandem with an ability such as Earthshaker’s Echo Slam. Positioning this ability right takes precedence and having the right allies in match-up can help land this more easily. 


While every single one of Enigma’s ability is petrifying, there are certain measures that can be taken in order to prevent them. This list of Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2 will help you utilize them against him.

Storm Spirit

Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

Storm Spirit is also a ranged intelligence hero. He has the potential to kill Enigma during the early phases of the game due to his high mobility. Enigma has a relatively small HP pool allowing him to be killed easily if caught off guard. 

Additionally, Storm Spirit’s Ball Lightning can help him waste Malefice’s instances and get away from the Midnight Pulse. It’s hard to catch Storm Spirit in the Black Hole for the same reason. With careful precision and the right timing, Storm Spirit can dodge all of Enigma’s abilities.

Static Remnant and Overload allows Storm Spirits to get rid of Enigma’s Eidolons quickly. This restricts him from pushing the lane and lets Storm Spirit gain XP, and Gold by killing them. 

Black Hole is a channeling ability that can be interrupted by Storm Spirit’s Electric Vortex. The only way to prevent this from happening is if Enigma purchases a Black King Bar.


Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

Zeus is the second intelligence hero in this list of Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2. His ability can break Enigma’s blink dagger causing him to miss his initiation. With Lightning Bolt, he can interrupt Enigma’s Black Hole channeling. Even if Zeus is in a different region of the map, he can use Thundergod’s Wrath to cast the spell globally. 

Enigma needs to purchase a Black King Bar in order to protect himself against these spells. Should Zeus purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter, he can globally use Nimbus to kill Eidolons and stop them from split pushing. 

Since Zeus remains in the backlines, it is very hard for Enigma to catch him in the Black Hole without losing his positioning advantage. The lack of mobility during the Black Hole also makes him susceptible to take damage by the Nimbus.



Pudge is a melee strength hero who has a large HP pool. While the Midnight Pulse may appear to be threatening to him, he can do more damage to Enigma with his Dismember. It is quite easy for Pudge to land a Meat Hook on Enigma when he is channeling Black Hole. Helping Pudge interrupts the ability while having the chance to kill him easily.

Enigma’s lack of mobility makes him a great target for Pudge. If caught by him, Enigma will die since he has no way of disabling Pudge or protecting himself against Dismember. 

Pudge gains magic resistance from Flesh Heap, this can help reduce Midnight Pulse’s damage by a large margin.


Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

Luna is a hero who does well against a large number of enemy units due to her Moon Glaives. This lets her cut down Enigma’s Eidolons fairly quickly, helping her get more Gold and XP. Since Luna has an even stronger lane presence, she can harass Enigma to the point that he may have to switch lanes.

Her Lucent Beam can be cast from a safe distance allowing her to interrupt Black Hole, if she isn’t caught in it. If Luna utilizes her while Enigma is busy with Black Hole, she will not only interrupt his ability but also kill him. Since Eclipse can deal a lot of damage to a single target hero.



Rubick is one of the Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2 due to his ability to steal other heroes’s spells. Since each of Enigma’s spells are active, they can be stolen by Rubick to wreak havoc. 

By stealing Malefice, Rubick can interrupt Enigma’s Black Hole or stun other heroes in the enemy team, giving a massive advantage to his own teammates. Taking Demonic Conversion lets him split, push and cast pressure on the enemy team’s towers. Midnight pulse gives Rubick a team fight advantage. 

Lastly, stealing Black Hole is very easy for Rubick since it has to be channeled, giving Rubick a full 4-second gap to take it for himself. Should Rubick steal the ability and use it against Enigma himself, he can easily kill the enemy team by himself. Making him a perfect counter for Enigma.



Medusa is an excellent mid-lane hero. She can use her split shot attacks to nullify any attempt made by Enigma to push the lane. This also allows her to deal with his Eidolons fairly quickly. This only helps her get more Gold and XP, wasting Enigma’s efforts.

Since Medusa is an initiator. She can use her ultimate ability, Stone Gaze to start up a team fight. This gives her teammates a positional advantage, making it hard for Enigma to land a Black Hole. 

Being an intelligence hero, Enigma relies on his mana pool to cast spells. By using Mystic Snake, Medusa can deprive him of Mana, making it hard for him to initiate a team fight. Severely restricting his abilities and forcing him to retreat until he can regenerate his mana pool.

Anti Mage

Best Enigma Counters in Dota 2

Anti Mage is a melee agility hero who can deprive his enemies off of mana. This makes Enigma highly vulnerable since he relies on mana to use all his abilities. Making him an easy target for Anti Mage.

Midnight Pulse does not have much of an effect against Anti Mage due to his high magic resistance. By using Counterspell at the right time, he can use Malefice against Enigma. Taking advantage of the stuns to deal damage against him. 

Mana Void mini stuns the target, which can interrupt channeling spells. Using this Anti Mage can interrupt Enigma from using Black Hole.

As terrifying as Enigma may be, this guide will help you play at an advantage against him. Therefore, choosing the Best Enigma counters in Dota 2 is important in a match-up with him as your enemy. 

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