Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

Dragon Knight is a durable front-line carry with the blood of a dragon running inside him. This grants him enhanced durability and allows him to use ranged projectile attacks against his enemies.  Dragon Knight, therefore, has high armor and regen that makes him nearly impossible for heroes to kill. This is why it’s important to know the Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2.

The high regen makes Dragon Knight safe in any lane he decides to farm. His heavy armor protects him against physical attacks and makes him a great pusher. His instant cast animation and strong splash damage make his AoE ability stronger against a bigger wave of creeps.

Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

However, this hero has weaknesses. His damage output, when compared with the other carries, is significantly low. The low damage makes it hard for Dragon Knight to land last hits. This also makes him severely dependent on his ultimate ability, so if it is on cooldown, Dragon Knight has to play defensively. 

Dragon Knight

Davion, also known as the Dragon Knight is a durable melee strength Hero. His abilities are simple and easy to use, yet their application can make them versatile and useful in different situations. His AoE-based attacks and single-target stun make him a formidable foe.

Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

Breathe Fire allows Davion to unleash fire in a radius in front of him. The fire can travel up to 750 radius while damaging enemy heroes that come into contact with it. It also reduces the attack damage that enemy heroes deal, making it the perfect move when fighting a stronger opponent in a face-to-face battle. 

Dragon Tail is a melee attack that causes Dragon Knight to hit an enemy unit with his shield stunning them and dealing damage. In the Elder Dragon Form, this ability becomes ranged and can be cast from a distance. The damage dealt is around 130, while the stun duration lasts three seconds.

Dragon Blood is a passive ability that grants Dragon Knight enhanced survivability. It gives him an additional HP regen of up to 12 per second and an Armor Bonus of 12. Making him harder to kill and an excellent Offlaner who can survive being attacked and kited.

Lastly, Dragon Knight’s ultimate ability is the Elder Dragon Form. At each different level of the ability, Dragon Knight gains access to new sets of abilities. During Level 1, the Green Dragon has a Corrosive Breath that deals DPS damage to enemy heroes. At Level 2, the Red Dragon has Splash Attack dealing damage in an AoE. Level 3, the Blue Dragon has Frost Breathe that slows its enemies’ movement and attack speed.

The form lasts for a total of 60 seconds and is one of the most powerful abilities in Dota 2. 


As powerful and formidable Dragon Knight is, he has his counters. These heroes have abilities that counter Dragon Knight’s strengths, turning them into his weaknesses. Here’s the list of the Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2.



Viper is a ranged agility hero who counters Dragon Knight in many ways. His increased range makes it easy for him to harass Dragon Knight in the lane by kiting him and dealing DPS. Therefore, forcing Dragon Knight to build a Black King Bar to fight Viper.

Using Poison Attack, Viper can deal heavy amounts of damage to Dragon Knight and force him to retreat into the tower. Should Dragon Knight try to fight back with Dragon Fire, Viper can use Corrosive skin to reduce its damage and inflict damage against him. 

Nethertoxin counters all kinds of passive abilities. Similarly, against Dragon Knight, it shuts down his Dragon Blood and severely cripples his survivability. Without Dragon Blood, his armor and health regen drop to staggering levels making him an easy pick for Viper.

Viper Strike and Poison Attack can slow down movement speed for Dragon Knight even if he is in his Elder Dragon Form. Making him vulnerable and easier to kill.

Drow Ranger

Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

Drow Ranger is another great ranged Agility hero. Her Frost Arrows can present a big problem for Dragon Knight as he has no way to counter it or disengage. The increased movement slow and constant damage is bound to kill him eventually. This is why getting caught out of position can be critical for Dragon Knight.

Marksmanship Procs ignore base armor and counters Dragon Knight’s high armor. This makes Drow Ranger one of the few heroes who can solo kill Dragon Knight. Should Drow buy an Aghanim’s Shard she becomes even more threatening. 

The Hypothermia stacks decrease the target hero’s HP regen. This directly counters Dragon Blood and is highly potent against a tanky hero like Dragon Knight. It is a cheap item and can be bought at any stage, making Drow one of the Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2. 



Razor is one of the few ranged heroes that also fall into the strength category. His Static Link can deplete Dragon Knight of his attack damage. Since Dragon Knight already suffers from low base damage, this ability only cripples his offensive capabilities. Making Dragon Knight useless in team fights. 

Storm Surge grants Razor additional movement speed to outmaneuver Dragon Knight even in the Elder Dragon Form. This will enable him to initiate against Dragon Knight or escape from him whenever he wants to.

His ultimate ability, Eye of the Storm, melts Dragon Knight despite his regen and bypasses Black King Bar’s protection making it useless to use against Razor. Making Razor a strong counter against Dragon Knight.

Outworld Destroyer

Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

Outworld Destroyer is also a ranged Intelligence hero that can deal high burst damage to enemy heroes. This makes him perfect against Dragon Knight as his Arcane Orb deals Pure damage while ignoring enemy units’ base armor. This can severely cripple Dragon Knight’s health pool if he isn’t careful enough. 

Additionally, Astral Imprisonment Outworld Destroyer can entrap Dragon Knight and waste his ultimate ability time. Thus protecting his allies against Dragon Knight. Also, since Dragon Knight has a low Mana Pool, Outworld Destroyer can use Sanity’s Eclipse against him, dealing vast amounts of damage to him. This also bypasses his armor and can easily kill him if his health is low.

Ancient Apparition

Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2

Ancient Apparition is a support hero who specializes against Strength heroes. This is because Ice Blast can shut down HP regen for any hero affected by it. For a hero such as Dragon Knight, who is reliant on his HP regen, this can present a lot of threats. This move also negates Dragon Knight’s armor and can kill him prematurely. 

Cold Feet and Ice Vortex are abilities that can be used in synergy to hinder Dragon Knight’s movement speed during team fights. This means that he would have problems activating his Elder Titan Form and using it efficiently before the 60 seconds timer runs out.

Despite how tanky Dragon Knight is, he can still be countered and killed with the right draft. Therefore, it’s imperative to know about the Best Dragon Knight Counters in Dota 2 and use them to your advantage. Winning you the game and gaining significant MMR.

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