Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Doom is a very tanky hero who becomes even more powerful in the late game due to his abilities that help him scale. His most famed ultimate ability is what truly makes him terrifying as it’s the most powerful disable in the game. Regardless, this guide will help you learn about the Best Doom Counters in Dota 2 so that you may be better equipped to fight against him.

The hero’s overall versatility makes it easy for him to fill both the core as well as the support role. His ability gives him a boost in Gold income, which can be used in both roles depending on the match-up. However, his early game armor is weak, making it easy for ranged units to kite him. The lack of intelligence and armor gain further illustrate this vulnerability.


The hero may have a great DPS, but his low attack speed and agility makes it hard for him to deal any damage other than from his abilities. His movement speed is already low meaning that should an enemy hero slow him down, he’ll only suffer more. Making it easy for ranged nukers to kill him. 


Lucifer, also known as Doom, is a melee strength hero whose abilities enable him to farm faster, fulfill multiple roles, and disable enemy heroes. Even though he has a low armor, his large HP pool makes up for it in the lane and allows him to farm effectively.

Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

The first ability, Devour targets enemy creeps and jungle creeps. The exception to this are ancient creeps and Roshan. By devouring a creep, Doom gains their special abilities and a Gold bonus of up to 210. The duration of the ability is the same as its cooldown. Therefore, Doom can continue using this ability in quick successions. 

Scorched Earth, deals DPS to all enemy units around Doom. It also grants Doom additional movement speed enabling him to chase heroes more easily. At its maximum level, the ability can deal up to 1000 damage over time. Making it very dangerous to even linger around Doom while the ability is active. 

Infernal Blade is Doom’s third ability that stuns the target for half a second while applying DPS on them. Since the ability deals damage based on the enemy hero’s max health, it can deal more damage to heroes with a large HP pool. This makes for a slow, agonizing death for Doom’s enemies.

The last and ultimate ability is Doom. Similar to the hero’s name, this ability inflicts a curse on the enemy hero. This disables them, restricting them from using any spell or item for 16 seconds while dealing damage over time. The damage dealt can be 1000, and with proper scaling from the talent tree, it can go up to 1500. This move has one of the longest duration disables within the game. Ensuring that the hero who gets targeted is killed, unless they have high enough movement speed to escape.


As frightening as Doom may sound, he has a range of counters that make it easy to fight against him. This list will explore the Best Doom Counters in Dota 2.



Viper is a ranged agility hero who utilizes his poison to kill enemies. Similarly, he can use the slow from Corrosive Skin to remove Doom’s speed buff granted by Scorched Earth. This makes it easy for Viper to kite him while he uses his movement speed to keep a safe distance between the two. 

On top of this, Corrosive Skin reduces the enemy’s attack speed which is bad for a hero like Doom. Since his attack speed is already very low, this makes the situation even worse for him. 

Doom’s ultimate ability does not work against Auto-cast attacks. Which works in Viper’s favor as he can continue to cast Poison attack. This makes it easy for Viper to kill Doom while he keeps a distance, and since Doom has no way to lock Viper down, there is not much he can do.



Sniper is a strong-ranged hero and one of the Best Doom Counters in Dota 2. His increased range and headshots make it easy for him to harass and kite Doom in the laning phase. Due to the nature of the hero and his playstyle, he is almost always in the backlines, which makes it hard for Doom to engage him. 

Since Sniper relies on his right-click attacks, being disabled doesn’t hurt him as bad as it may for other heroes. Headshot allows him to mini-stun targets making it very hard for Doom to even try and approach Sniper. The closer he attempts to get, the more easily sniper can kill him. 

Shrapnel, lets sniper slow down enemy heroes, which works against Doom, removing his movement speed buff and forcing him to retreat in terror. 

Wraith King

Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Wraith King only has one active ability that he only uses to initiate fights or stun targets. The fact that three of his abilities are passive is what makes Doom’s ultimate ability useless to cast on this hero. 

Since the Doom disable is remove on death, therefore, Wraith King can still use reincarnation despite being disabled. Making it easy for him to come back to life and continue to fight Doom which may not be as favorable for Doom as it is for Wraith King.


Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Medusa is also a ranged hero making it easy for her to kite Doom in lane. Since Mana shield is a passive ability so Doom cannot disable it. Meaning that any of the damage dealt to her will automatically be absorbed making it easy for her to fight against Doom. 

Additionally, Linken’s Sphere may negate the spell if Doom isn’t careful about it. Therefore, he will always have to wait for an opportunity to cast the disable on her; otherwise, it will be wasted. 


Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Necrophos has a variety of abilities that work well against Doom. His Heartstopper Aura does well against Doom’s high HP pool and strength gain. This remains relevant throughout the game as it scales well against Doom. To the point that, even with the HP regeneration from Devour, Doom will suffer a lot of damage. 

Scorched Earth may damage Necro’s allies in team fights but he can heal them back using Death Pulse. This makes it highly effective for Necrophos’s teammates giving them the ability to continue fighting Doom and his allies.

Since Doom is an initiator and disabler, he’ll always be at the forefront of the battle. This makes it perfect for Necro to use Reaper’s Scythe against him. 

Drow Ranger

Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Drow Ranger can be hard for Doom to deal with due to her slows and silences. Her Frost Arrows allow her to kite Doom while slowing him down, making it hard for him to lane against her. 

Using Gust allows her to throw Doom back while silencing him so that he cannot use his abilities against her. The distance granted by this ability also allows her to use Marksmanship against him. Dealing heavy nuke damage to him.

Since Frost Arrows can auto-right clicks, and marksmanship is passive, Doom cannot do much to disable Drow. Even if he uses his ultimate on her, it won’t yield much of a result as she can continue to slow him down and deal damage.


Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Lifestealer is a melee strength hero who performs well against strength-based heroes. This makes him one of the Best Doom Counters in Dota 2. Feast allows him to deal damage to enemy heroes based on the percentage of maximum HP they have. This makes it highly effective against heroes like Doom, who naturally have a large HP pool.

Rage makes Lifestealer immune to all kinds of spells, meaning that the damage from Scorched Earth and Infernal Blade does not affect Lifestealer. 

Additionally, Doom has no way to escape from Open Wounds. This severely restricts his movement speed and makes him an easy target for Lifestealer.

Phantom Lancer

Best Doom Counters in Dota 2

Phantom Lancer relies on bombarding his enemies with illusions. Similarly, Doom has no effective way of dealing with such a high number of illusions. Also, since most of his abilities are single target, he would have a hard time trying to find the original Phantom Lancer.

Diffusal blade makes it easy to deplete all of Doom’s mana, leaving him helpless against Phantom Lancer and his illusions. This cuts off his escape, and so Doom is left helpless and vulnerable.

This concludes our guide to the Best Doom Counters in Dota 2. Hopefully, this makes the hero seem as terrifying as he would have before reading this guide. By drafting the heroes suggested in this list, you have a higher chance of winning against Doom.

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