Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

Wanna know about the Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2?

Valora the Dawnbreaker is an intimidating initiator that pummels enemies with her hammer. She uses this weapon to dominate fights by causing massive AOE damage. A very high HP and incredible strength-gain allow her to be the frontliner and tank for her team. Thus, this article will discuss the Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2 to help you win against her.

Low cooldown spells and her high self-sustain allow her to be a constant nuisance in fights. With abilities that grant her incredible mobility, she can be anywhere on the map in an instant. Her AOE abilities are vital in getting the appropriate farm, which leads to the immense potential for scaling in the late game.

Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

A Low Mana pool and high mana cost abilities cripple Dawnbreaker’s ability to abuse her low cooldown spells. Besides this, her abilities ‌require good aim, leading to a skill cap in the low MMR brackets. Dawnbreaker’s abilities all take time to deliver their complete damage, often allowing enemies to escape.

Additionally, low movement and attack speed make her very reliant on her spells to be helpful in the game. Apart from this, the hero requires a great sense of timing to land her stuns at the correct time. Without maintaining synergy between her abilities, Dawnbreaker has a drastically lesser impact in any team fight.


With many playstyles and versatile builds, Dawnbreaker can function as either an initiator, carry, or even a support. Being this versatile, she can quickly take over team fights and turn the game around for her team.

Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

Dawnbreaker’s first ability is Starbreaker, allowing her to spin her hammer around, causing physical damage to enemies in the process. After spinning her hammer around twice, she slams it on the ground, stunning enemies in a radius of 250 for up to 1.4 seconds. This ability also slows the enemies she damages for 0.2 seconds.

Her second ability is Celestial Hammer, in which she throws her hammer forward, damaging the enemies along the way. The hammer leaves a fiery path that slows and damages enemies who step on it. This spell also gives Dawnbreaker the chance to recall the hammer, which results in both meeting in the middle.

Luminosity is a passive ability responsible for Dawnbreaker’s lifesteal and critical damage. With this aura, Dawnbreaker hits a critical attack after every four attacks for up to 180% of her damage. This ability stacks with Starbreaker and gives her lifesteal on the critical attack as well as healing allies around her.

Solar Guardian is the ultimate ability that allows her to channel pulses around any allied hero. After a brief delay, Dawnbreaker teleports to the pulse location, damaging and stunning any enemies in the target location. Her pulses also damage enemies while healing allies inside the pulse radius. 


Dawnbreaker’s AOE abilities and tendency to dish out large amounts of damage make her a threat in any team fight. Multiple disables make her a menace at dominating lanes, while her tanking capabilities make her hard to kill. Therefore, it is crucial to know the Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2 listed below.

Drow Ranger

Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero who works best by eliminating enemies one at a time from the sidelines. With her Frost Arrows and fast attack speed, Drow Ranger can constantly pressure Dawnbreaker, who finds it almost impossible to escape once caught.

Apart from this, Drow Ranger can also use Gust, an AoE silencing spell. Using this allows Drow Ranger to stop any attempts to catch her by pushing back and silencing Dawnbreaker. Gust grants her the ability to halt any efforts made by Valora to initiate or escape from fights.

With very high agility and maneuverability, Drow Ranger can easily evade any abilities that Dawnbreaker uses on her. Drow builds items like Silver Edge and Hurricane Pike, which increases her mobility making it easier to kite Dawnbreaker.



Silencer is quite helpful against Dawnbreaker due to his overwhelming spells. With his Arcane Curse, he can slow and damage Dawnbreaker, who is already a very slow hero. Similarly, His Arcane Curse also allows him to disable Blink Daggers, which Dawnbreaker often builds.

Silencer shines with his two silencing abilities; Last Word and Global Silence. Dawnbreaker relies on landing her spells to have an impact. With his silences, Silencer renders her useless in team fights. Consequently, no means of escape and low armor leaves Dawnbreaker defenseless against enemies.

Glaives of Wisdom are attacks that can reduce mana and deal large amounts of damage in a short time. Both of which are devastating for Dawnbreaker, with both a low mana pool and no spells to boost her defense. All this allows Silencer to shut down the team fighting potential of Dawnbreaker. Making him one of the Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2.


Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

With an insanely high damage output and slowing capabilities, Viper acts as one of the Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2. Firstly, his Nethertoxin allows him to break the passive ability that sustains Dawnbreaker in fights. Furthermore, this ability also disrupts fights as it makes it impossible for her to initiate and close the distance between enemies.

Equally important are Viper Strike and Poison Attack, which slow Dawnbreaker, making it easy for enemies to chase her down and kill her. Moreover, these spells also deal magical damage over time, making it hard to maintain health even with Luminosity’s self-sustenance. 

Viper’s high movement speed and agility make it easy to dodge Dawnbreaker’s spells. In addition to this, long-range disables make it hard for her to catch any heroes on the enemy team. Building BKB on Viper adds another layer of protection from Dawnbreaker’s multiple disables.

Faceless Void

Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

Equipped with multiple sources of lock-down and an innate escape, Faceless Void erases the threat of Dawnbreaker. Faceless Void uses Time Walk to easily escape once under her grasp. He eliminates the opportunity to be burst down since he recovers all the health he loses instantly.

His second ability, Time Dilation, increases the cooldown of Dawnbreaker’s spells and slows her down even further. This slow acts as an efficient disable, which, coupled with his other spells, provides no opportunity for Dawnbreaker to escape.

Using Time Lock, Faceless Void can stun and damage Dawnbreaker, who falls even quicker because of her low armor. With this stun, along with Chronosphere, Faceless can kill Valora effortlessly. If used correctly, Chronosphere allows him to eliminate Dawnbreaker even before she takes part in the fight.


Best Dawnbreaker Counters in Dota 2

Disruptor is a troubling support hero who disables and damages the back-line enemies. He uses his Kinetic Field to trap Dawnbreaker, who fails to use her Celestial Hammer to get out of the Field. 

With Kinetic Field, He can also use his Ultimate; Static Storm to silence and lockdown Valora for up to 5 seconds. Thus, it is optimal to erase Dawnbreaker from the fight after she jumps in with Solar Guardian.

Glimpse is critical in forcing Dawnbreaker out of the fight after using Solar Guardian. This allows the enemy team to secure the battle as a long cooldown does not allow Valora to jump back in.

Dawnbreaker is one of the strongest and most well-balanced initiators and strength-based offlaners in Dota 2. Therefore this article mentions all the details necessary to counter Dawnbreaker whenever you fight against her. Helping you secure a win and building up your MMR in the process.

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