Best Daggers in Elden Ring

Are you looking for the best Daggers to use in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is the latest title from FromSoftware. It follows the same gameplay other Soulsborne games offer but packs a few changes that were welcomed warmly by veteran and new players. Despite being the hardest title released by FromSoftware, Elden Ring has sold over 13 million copies a month since it was released. 

Like other RPGs and FromSoftware games, Elden Ring features unique weapons that can be used for different characters and builds.

Daggers are some of the most interesting weapons players can obtain and use in Elden Ring. These armaments are extremely short-range and cannot be used in head-to-head combats. 

Due to this, Daggers works extremely well for players who love to use stealth and sneaky approaches to take down enemies. Daggers are also great for landing critical hits on the enemy for maximum efficiency. 

There is no doubt that Daggers are also some of the hardest weapons to use in Elden Ring. 

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best Daggers in Elden Ring and where you can find them. 

Let’s get started!

1. Misericorde

best daggers in Elden Ring

Location: Obtained from Stormveil Castle

Compared to other daggers that Elden Ring offers, the Misericorde is probably one of the best. It has the longest range amongst all others in its class, which makes it easier to use than other daggers. 

The Misericorde can also be infused with Ashes of War, which means you can enhance its versatility even further. 

In addition, this weapon has 140 Critical Damage, which is also the highest among other weapons in Elden Ring.

2. Bloodstained Dagger

best daggers in Elden Ring

Location: A rare drop from Demi-Human Chiefs

If you’ve been playing Elden Ring for a while, you probably know the importance of Bleed status and how it is broken in the game. This means that any weapon that can inflict Bleed is considered viable for most boss fights. 

This remains true for the Bloodstained Dagger in Elden Ring. However, it offers more than just Bleed. This weapon scales with Strength, which is quite unusual since it only requires 9 STR to wield. 

Nonetheless, the Bloodstained Dagger’s strength scaling ability and Bleed effect allow for a variety of builds. 

3. Black Knife

best daggers in Elden Ring

Location: Drops upon defeating Black Knife Assassin in Sainted Hero’s Grave

This dagger in Elden Ring fits players who are going for a Faith build. However, it is highly recommended that even non-faith users try this weapon out at least once since it is outright broken. 

The Black Knife dagger has a special skill called Blade of Death, which allows you to fire projectiles that deal damage over time and reduce the target’s total health pool. 

This dagger can be extremely effective against most end-game bosses. With its ranged ability, you can mix up a melee and ranged gameplay when wielding this dagger. The only downside of this weapon is that it can’t be enchanted or infused. 

4. Reduvia

best daggers in Elden Ring

Location: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave

Reduvia is yet another weapon that is good for inflicting Bleed damage in Elden Ring. This dagger is considered one of the strongest mid-game weapons out there by most Elden Ring players. 

Its weapon art, Reduvia Blood Blade, shoots projectiles like the Black Knife dagger and applies Bleed quite fast. The only issue is that the range of this dagger is not that good. 

Besides, its damage falls off towards the end-game. 

5. Scorpion’s Stinger

Scorpion's Stinger

Location: Grand Cloister

The final weapon on our list is the Scorpion’s Stinger. The only reason it made the cut is that it is extremely good at inflicting Scarlet Rot. Ideally, rot is strong against enemies, and DEX builds can use this weapon since it scales well with that stat. 

That ends our list of the best Daggers you can use in Elden Ring. If you have questions or suggestions, drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best t respond. 

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