Best Controller Agents to Pick for New Map Lotus in Valorant

Want to avoid getting picked off on dangerous angles? Look at our Best Controller Agents to Pick for New Map Lotus in Valorant!

Did you know that in the Radiant bracket of Episode 6 Act 1, Phoenix has the highest win rate at an impressive 54.8%, despite having a modest pick rate of 1.8%? In comparison, Brimstone comes in second with a win rate of 54%.

The latest addition to the map pool in Valorant is Lotus, released on January 10, 2023. As time has passed and players have become more familiar with the map, they have gained a better understanding of its gameplay mechanics, strategies for execution, and effective defense techniques.

Players have recognized the significance of having a Controller Agent in their team composition when playing on the Lotus. They have identified specific Agents essential for increasing their chances of winning on this particular map.

This article will discuss the best Controller Agents to use in Valorant’s Lotus map and explain their effectiveness. We will also provide basic in-game strategies for playing as these Agents.

So without further ado, let’s start!


Best Controller Agents to Pick for New Map Lotus in Valorant:

  1. Brimstone and Astra is the best controller for Lotus.
  2. Omen’s smokes may take time, but his Shrouded Step provides situational advantages.
  3. Viper’s abilities are only good for certain bomb sites.
  4. Harbor is well-suited for slow-paced gameplay.


    Brimstone in Valorant

    Brimstone is at the top of our list for Controller Agents in Valorant’s Lotus map, as he boasts the highest win rate in Radiant lobbies. Despite only having three smokes in his kit, his Stim Beacon is a game-changer. The movement speed and firing rate buffs it provides give a significant advantage in fast-paced gameplay on this map.

    Brimstone Stim Beacon

    Given the large size of the map, a quick plant on the Attack side forces defenders to rotate across the map, taking a long time. Brimstone’s ability to smoke off the Stairs angle with just one smoke and use the Stim Beacon to quickly cross to the Rubble area at the start of the round is particularly effective, especially on the A site.

    Brimstone Lineup in Lotus

    Furthermore, Brimstone excels as a Controller Agent in post-plant situations. His abilities can be game-changers, easily securing round wins. With perfectly timed ultimate and precise lineups, you can easily win the round while hiding in a safe location.


    Best Controller Agents to Pick for New Map Lotus in Valorant: Astra

    Astra is a strong contender for Controller Agent in Lotus, as her kit offers versatility similar to an Initiator’s. One notable advantage of playing Astra is her ability to perform fake smokes, which can bait rotations and deceive opponents.

    Astra ulti

    Her ultimate ability is also effective for both post-plant and retakes situation, particularly on the crucial A site of the map. With her ultimate, she can easily block off entry points and common angles for the enemy, providing strategic advantages.

    Astra taking her stars

    However, it’s important to note that Astra may be challenging to master, especially for beginners, due to the complexity of her abilities.

    As Astra, you can start the round by smoking off or taking back a star to cross the common angles and communicate with your teammates about the site you plan to attack.

    Astra using her smoke

    When attacking A site, it’s crucial to smoke off the Stairs angle to prevent being picked off by opponents using long-range weapons like Jett with an Operator or Chamber with an ultimate. 

    This creates a safe space for your team to control the A site Door or break the B Link Door, creating a strong position for executing your strategy.


    Omen on Lotus

    Omen can be a viable option in this list of Best Controller Agents to Pick for New Map Lotus in Valorant. While his smokes are slightly delayed before landing, unlike Brimstone’s instant smokes. 

    However, Omen’s teleport ability provides unique advantages. He can quickly cross the map or access certain spots without being seen, catching enemies off-guard and securing easy kills. 

    Omen Blind Lotus

    Additionally, Omen’s long-range blind ability is valuable for executions and defense, allowing you to use it strategically before crossing doors or securing locations. Moreover, his ultimate ability is particularly useful in Lotus due to the map’s size, allowing for fast rotations when needed. 

    Omen Teleport

    A tip to remember when playing Omen as an attacker on Lotus is to use your teleport to almost cross the A site to Rubble. This will let you peek at the B Link door and make your team cross safely.


    Viper Setup Lotus C site

    Viper can be a playable controller in Lotus, although she may not be the optimal choice. Her Snake Bite ability can effectively defend and attack scenarios, preventing enemies from rushing into a site or disrupting post-plant situations.

    Viper Lineup Lotus

    If you have mastered Viper’s Lineups, you can utilize her abilities strategically to create obstacles for opponents and gain an advantage. She may face challenges in Lotus as a solo controller due to the limitations of her wall and orb abilities.

    Viper Peeking off her wall

    They may not be sufficient to cover the most crucial angles on the map, requiring additional support from agents like Omen or Brimstone. This can weaken the overall team composition and make Viper’s setups predictable.

    Viper Wall

    Once her wall comes down, opponents can easily identify which site is more heavily defended, giving them an advantage in planning their strategies.


    Harbor High Tide

    Harbor is not a go-to pick for Lotus unless for teams that prefer a slow and methodical playstyle. His abilities, Cascade and High Tide can be used strategically to control long angles, create good timings, and keep the team safe.

    Harbor ulti

    His ability to smoke off multiple threats on a bomb site with a single wall can be a unique advantage compared to other agents. However, his ultimate ability may be considered weaker compared to Brimstone’s, but he can still be effective with good communication and coordination with the team.

    Harbor cascade

    Using Harbor’s Cascade at the start of the round to quickly cross specific locations and create pressure without being seen can be a clever tactic. It can confuse the opponents and disrupt their expectations, especially if your team is playing a slow and methodical game.


    Astra is portrayed as one of the most powerful agents due to her mastery over cosmic powers, granting her the ability to manipulate space and time to gain strategic advantages on the battlefield.
    Viper is depicted as a villain in Valorant due to her enjoyment of instilling fear in her enemies and her willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve her objectives.
    Sage is often regarded as the most straightforward agent in Valorant, with abilities that are easy to understand and use effectively. Despite her simplicity, her abilities can significantly impact her team’s performance.
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