Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Chen is a ranged intelligence hero. He is mainly played as a support and takes advantage of his creep converting spell to give his team multiple buffs in pushing and team fighting. He has other moves that slow down enemies, has passive Heal aura, and global heal. These buffs can be really hard to deal with. Regardless, this article will help you learn about the Best Chen Counters in Dota 2.

Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Being a natural jungler allows Chen to farm even as a support. This can help him catch up with XP and Gold that would otherwise be lost to him as a support. His ability to control creeps allows him to access a wide variety of disables that can be critical against enemy heroes. 

The ability to control creeps is also what makes him a dangerous ganker during the early game. It also allows him to push down lanes and take control of objectives fairly quickly. Giving his team the space to farm more effectively.

This also makes Chen one of the hardest heroes to play as. However, should an experienced player utilize his micromanagement skills properly, then Chen can be a terrifying support hero.


The Holy Knight, also known as Chen, is a micro-intensive hero. His specialty is using the unique abilities of the creeps he controls. He can be played as a support or as a jungler depending on the draft. 

Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

He can be a nuisance in the early phase of the game, because of his ability, Holy persuasion, which converts creeps. The easiest way to kill this hero is to clear the creep army, then disable and finish him.

After making the Helm of the Overlord, Chen and his army of creeps can easily dominate the game. Even during early phases, he is one of the best gankers and pushers in the game. Because of his move, Penitence, he can slow down enemy heroes and overwhelm them with his creeps. Also, his different heal spells make him a formidable enemy.

Overall, Chen gives an edge to the team he’s in. If played by an experienced player, he can easily turn the tide in any game. Knowing how to counter Chen can save a lot of lost games.


Chen can easily alter the flow of the game if played correctly and can be a very intimidating hero to play against. With the correct item build, Chen and his creeps are almost unkillable. Hence, you should draft these Best Chen Counters in Dota 2 to stop him from stomping your games.

Dark Seer

Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

The biggest threat when playing against Chen is his creep army, and for that, Dark Seer is a direct counter. Ion Shell and Vacuum are very effective creep clearing abilities that leave Chen alone to fend for himself. He can also cast a surge on himself to chase Chen and kill him with his high damage abilities.

Aghanim’s scepter provides Dark Seer with two charges on Ion shell, and also a health and duration increase. Which only makes him even more of a threat against Chen. 

With the right combination of items, Dark Seer has enough damage and health to even kill off ancient creeps.



Alchemist’s abilities and item build are a natural counter to Chen. The acid spray is an AOE creep clearing ability, while Greevil’s Greed grants additional gold to him for killing creeps. It quickly cuts down Chen’s army of creeps. Making it hard for him to jungle efficiently. While Alchemist only gains more XP and Gold making him even more powerful in the late game. 

A Radiance, or Battle Fury, can also go a long way in clearing the creep army. Alchemist can also stun Chen and quickly kill him with his high attack speed and damage output. Chen has no way of escaping Alchemist, and so is an easy kill for him.



Phoenix is a natural foe for Chen and his creep horde, as all of Phoenix’s spells are AOE. Icarus dive and Fire spirits have high damage over time, which can easily kill Chen before he can cast his ultimate. 

Phoenix’s Sunray can kill multiple creeps simultaneously, while also reducing Chen’s health. His ultimate, Supernova, has a very high damage output in an AOE, and cannot be targeted by Chen’s creeps.

Meteor Hammer is a very useful item against Chen, as it gives health and mana regen, along with an AOE damage spell. Veil of Discord increases magic damage received in an area and can help in killing off the enemy creeps quickly.


Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Batrider is a hero that is great at isolating enemy heroes from their team. He can separate Chen from his creeps with his Flaming Lasso, and drag him to allies or under the tower for a quick kill. 

He has Sticky Napalm to amplify the damage given to Chen and his creeps. Flame Break and Firefly have a lot of damage output. In addition, with Sticky Napalm, he can make quick work of Chen and his army.

Shivas Guard on Bat Rider is a direct counter to Chen. He can blink and Lasso Chen while casting Shivas Guard to slow down and damage his creeps. Also, Shiva’s Guard gives durability to Bat Rider so he can sustain more damage from the creeps.


Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Echo slam will be very effective against Chen. Since the creeps benefit from Chen’s ability “Divine favor” he will probably keep them close, which will increase the damage output of Echo Slam. Allowing Earthshaker to kill him with one hit.

Since Fissure and Enchant Totem are AOE clearing abilities, Chen’s controlled units have no chance in front of them. They can easily deal with non-ancient creeps and give Chen a hard time both in lane and during team fights.

Legion Commander

Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Chen has low mobility and is fragile, which makes him the perfect target for Duel. Legion commander can cast Overwhelming Odds on the creeps, which gives her additional movement speed and damage. Often clearing them with one hit of the move. 

Moment of Courage benefits from the number of converted creeps as she has a higher proc chance. With enough stacks on Duel, Legion Commander can easily rundown Chen before he can cast the hand of God.

Desolator gives more damage and armor reduction so that she can make quick work of Chen. Black King Bar or Aghanim’s Scepter on Legion Commander gives her spell immunity in the Duel, so no creeps can interfere.



Sven is one of the Best Chen Counters in Dota 2 because of his natural cleave ability. He can easily take care of the creep army with his great cleave. Allowing him to isolate Chen and farm his creeps for additional Gold and XP.

Storm hammer is a great ability, which locks down Chen and his creeps so Sven can make quick work of them. Warcry also minimizes the damage input of creeps on Chen so that he can fight longer. 

His ultimate ability, God’s strength, greatly increases the damage output, along with Crystalys that can easily kill the creeps in one cleave. 

Aghanim’s scepter on Sven is very useful against Chen, as he can directly target Chen without going through his creeps. Satanic is very useful as the life steal guarantees Sven will survive longer fights.


Best Chen Counters in Dota 2

Broodmother is a hero who utilizes her army of spiderlings to push down lanes, much like Chen himself. Chen has no AoE ability, which makes it hard for him to deal with her spiderlings. Therefore, he is dependant on his own creeps in order to deal with her in the lane.

Her ultimate ability, Spawn spiderlings can use Chen’s own creeps to create more spiders for Brood. Making it hard for Chen to sustain his own army against her. Giving her the quantitative advantage to push down the lane and pressurize Chen.

By using Spin Web, Broodmother can take control of the jungle and disrupt Chen from farming. Making it hard for him to earn Gold and XP, as he slowly falls off in the game.

Chen is a very strong and formidable opponent to face if in the hands of an experienced player. Only the combination of a right draft and itemization guarantees victory against him. Hopefully, this article will help you play the Best Chen counters in Dota 2 and win your games. 

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