Best Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

Chaos Knight is a melee strength hero who relies on close combat to deliver damage to his enemies. This enables him to fully utilize his high physical damage output. He can be a very tough opponent, given his large HP pool and stun ability. However, this guide aims to help you win against him by using the Best Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2.

As terrifying as he looks, Chaos Knight has a small mana pool. He relies on his abilities to stop his targets from escaping. This leads to a mana constraint that can prove advantageous for his enemies. Heroes with AoE abilities also perform well against him since that eliminates his illusions leaving Chaos Knight isolated.

Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

This guide will help you pick heroes with AoE abilities and sustainability in lane against him.

Chaos Knight

This hero serves as a carry and ganker. Just as his name indicates, this hero has a lot of randomnesses imbued in his abilities. This makes it hard to predict how much damage he may deal. 

Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

His first ability, the Chaos Bolt, has a stun time ranging from anywhere between 2 to 4 seconds. Similarly, the damage it deals is also randomized anywhere between 150 to 300. It’s great for initiation as Chaos Knight can stun his targets. Following that, he can catch up to them with his high movement speed.

The Reality Rift is what makes Chaos Knight dangerous. This allows him to reduce his enemies’ armor for up to six seconds. It also teleports the hero and Chaos Knight into the center of the gap between them. This is especially useful as this forces the target to come close to Chaos Knight.

Chaos Strike has a random chance to deal a minimum of 120% or a maximum of 245% damage. Additionally, it also allows him to life steal from his opponents. Sustaining his large HP pool while he fights them face to face. 

The final and ultimate ability for Chaos Knight is Phantasm. This spawns 3 illusions at its max level, similar to Chaos Knight in terms of the damage they deal. However, they do take 3 times the excess damage in return, making it easy to differentiate them from the original. 


As tough as this hero may seem, he has counters that work well against him. Despite his critical damage and life steal, these heroes can have Chaos Knight fleeing the battlefield. Let’s take a look at some of those counters.



Sven is also a melee strength hero who has a high damage output. He counters Chaos Knight in multiple ways. Firstly, he can use his Storm Hammer’s stun to get the jump on Chaos Knight before he has a chance to cast Chaos Bolt or Reality Rift. Since it is also an AoE ability, it affects all of Chaos Knight’s illusions as well. Giving Sven the chance to start hitting him.

Warcry gives Sven bonus armour which can negate the effects of the Reality Rift and make it hard for Chaos Knight to deal substantial damage against him. Thereby, reducing the overall damage that Sven receives.

Great Cleave easily takes care of the illusions that Chaos Knight spawns. While God’s Strength gives Sven a lot of damage output that can easily kill Chaos Knight even though he has a large HP pool. Making him one of the Best Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2.

Monkey King

Monkey King

Monkey King is a strong hero, given his life steal and AoE abilities that are exactly what counters Chaos Knight. He can interrupt Chaos Knight’s slow projectile Chaos Bolt by casting Boundless Strike on him, stunning him instead. 

Chaos Knight relies on close combat, which works to Monkey’s advantage since he can use Jingu Mastery to deal additional damage and life steal off of Chaos Knight. If that isn’t enough, he can use his Ultimate ability Wukong’s command to summon additional soldiers that can easily tear through Chaos Knight’s HP pool.

Boundless Strike and Tree Dance are both AoE abilities that can clear away Chaos Knight’s illusions of being vulnerable against Monkey King.

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern is a support intelligence hero. Often he may be laning against Chaos Knight as he is a Position 5 hero who will up against the offlaners. Making him useful both in the early as well as the late game. 

Cold Embrace shields any ally it’s cast upon while healing them, negating the effects of Reality Rift or Chaos Bolt. His AoE ability Splinter Blast deals damage to all of Chaos Knight’s illusions that are around him. 

Arctic Burn is an ability that deals damage based on percentage, and since Chaos Knight has a lot of HP, it will deal more damage against him. Lastly, Winter’s Curse is a great counter as it turns all of Chaos’s illusions against him. 

Phantom Lancer

Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

Phantom Lancer is an agility hero who spawns illusions of his own, making it hard to deal with him. Chaos Knight has no AoE ability that can deal with that many illusions leaving him vulnerable. Since Reality Rift and Chaos Bolt are both single-target abilities, Chaos Knight may end up targeting an illusion which would waste the armor reduction and stun damage.

Even if there are no illusions around Phantom Lancer, he can dodge the slow projectile of the Chaos Bolt with Doppelganger. Spirit lance can be used to steal last hits and harass Chaos Knight during the early laning phase.

Using Diffusal Blade against Chaos Knight depletes his already low mana pool, leaving him severely handicapped until he recovers it. 


Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

Earthshaker is another support who counters Chaos Knight well. Fissure deals a lot of damage against Chaos Knight and his army, especially during the early levels. The stun and AoE damage are critical against Chaos Knight. 

If Chaos Knight is not careful and roams the map with his illusions, Earthshaker can ambush him and use Echo Slam. This would deal high damage to Chaos Knight and will easily kill all of his illusions. 

However, Earthshaker should be careful as a fully itemized Chaos Knight can easily overpower him. 

Anti Mage

Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

Anti Mage is a hard carry hero who always builds a Battle Fury. This helps Anti Mage deal with all of Chaos Knight’s illusions as the cleave damage will easily get rid of them. Also, since the Chaos Bolt is easy to predict, Anti Mage can time his Counterspell to turn the ability against Chaos Knight. Dealing damage to him and stunning him, while Anti Mage attacks him. 

If Anti Mage is unable to time Counterspell or if it’s on cooldown, Blink can also be used to dodge the projectile. Chaos Knight has a comparatively small mana pool which can easily be drained due to Mana Break, leaving him unable to use any of his abilities.

Since Anti Mage is an Agility hero, he does lack the tanky HP pool to sustain damage that Chaos Knight excels at dishing out. Therefore, it’s best to wait for him to use Chaos Bolt before Anti Mage takes the offensive against him. 

Witch Doctor

Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2

Witch Doctor is the third support hero in this list of Best Chaos Knights Counters in Dota 2. His maledict is an ability that cannot be dispelled and can be cast in an AoE. The damage dealt can easily identify the real Chaos Knight for his allies to target. 

With an Aghanim’s Scepter, the Death Ward’s attacks will bounce between Chaos Knight and his illusions, destroying them in the process. However, since it can be interrupted by the Chaos Bolt, Witch Doctor should use a Glimmer’s cape in order to protect himself.



Axe is another Strength melee hero who has a large HP pool that can deal with Chaos Knight despite his high damage dealing attacks. Berserker’s call can be used to lock down Chaos Knight and force him to attack Axe. As both Chaos Knight and his illusions attack him, the Counter Helix proc will deal significant damage to them, leaving them in a dire state.

Blade Mail can be timed to turn Chaos Knight’s own critical damage against him, which coupled with the Counter Helix Proc is enough to kill him on its own.

This concludes our Best Chaos Knight Counters in Dota 2 guide. Hopefully, by drafting the right counters, you will find it easier to win your matches and continue improving your Matchmaking rating against others. 

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