Best Carry Heroes In 7.32d In Dota 2

Are you searching for the best carry heroes in 7.32d in Dota 2?

In the early days of Dota 2, only one type of matchmaking was available: Ranked Classic. During this time, players didn’t have the option to choose which role they wanted to play. 

However, Dota 2 later released a patch that allowed players to select their preferred role before entering the matchmaking queue. This change was a positive one, as it helped to prevent toxic behavior, such as players taking someone else’s role and causing problems in the game.

A Carry hero is an important hero that requires a lot of farming and experience to be effective later in the game. The main objective of a Carry hero is to deal massive damage to enemy heroes and towers while surviving as long as possible in fights.

The objectives of a Carry hero can vary depending on the hero’s abilities and playstyle but generally involve farming gold and experience to become stronger and deal more damage.

With new patches, previously uninteresting carry heroes can become more viable and popular picks among players. This is because the changes in the patch may have buffed their abilities, making them stronger compared to other heroes.

This article will discuss the Best Carry Heroes In 7.32d In Dota 2. These heroes have been tested and proven effective in the current meta-game.


Best Carry Heroes in 7.32d in Dota 2:

  1. Lina is the best carry hero in patch 7.32d
  2. Nature’s Prophet and Naga Siren are the best in farming gold and experience.
  3. Marci and Slark are good picks for better team fights.
  4. Ursa can easily get an advantage from taking Aegis of Immortality, which he can easily kill.
  5. changes from the 7.32d patch made some heroes viable for being a decent carry again.


Best Carry Heroes In 7.32d In Dota 2: Lina

Lina is one of the strongest carry heroes in Dota 2, so she takes the top spot on our list of the Best Carry Heroes in 7.32d. With the right conditions, Lina can solo carry the game when free-farmed. 

Fiery Soul

What makes Lina overpowered is her high attack range and movement speed, which have been further enhanced with the changes to her Fiery Soul ability. With each spell cast, this ability increases her attack and movement speed.

bkb, boots of travel, satanic, silver edge

To fully take advantage of Lina’s potential, the top item progression for her is to rush a Falcon Blade into Maelstrom, followed by Boots of Travel, BKB, Silver Edge, Satanic, and MKB.

Light strike array and laguna blade

Lina is not only an excellent physical damage dealer but can also deal a ton of magic damage, making her a versatile hero that can fight any matchup. 

With her Dragon Slave and Laguna Blade abilities, Lina can defeat enemy heroes, even those with high health and magic resistance. 



Slark may not be the strongest hero in the lane and can easily be busted down, but he is a hero that can carry a team to victory if played correctly. The only disadvantage to playing Slark is that it has to have a good lane. However, once you get Slark’s core items, it will be an easy game for you.

shadow dance

Slark’s Dark Pact and Shadow Dance abilities make him a tough hero to catch, and as long as he can prolong the team fight, he gets stronger and stronger. Slark can quickly become a menace to the enemy team, and his comeback potential is always high.


Getting Aghanim’s Scepter and BKB is the game’s turning point for Slark. The Scepter provides Slark with two charges of pounce, making him even more elusive and hard to catch. The BKB, on the other hand, allows him to fight without worrying about stuns and disables from the enemy team.

Nature’s Prophet

nature's prophet

Nature’s Prophet should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a hero that can farm gold quickly. With his ability to teleport across the map and summon treants, he can quickly farm a large amount of gold and experience.

np farming lane

However, as with any hero, there are weaknesses to be aware of. One of the biggest challenges with Nature’s Prophet is surviving the early laning phase. Without any mobility spells to escape, he can be an easy target for enemy heroes.

ember spirit, storm spirit

In team fights, NP can also be disrupted by heroes that can stay on top of him, such as Ember Spirit or Storm Spirit. So, it’s important to position yourself wisely and use your teleportation ability to escape when necessary.

maelstrom, midas

The rewards can be immense if you can farm effectively with Nature’s Prophet. His top item build includes Hand of Midas to further increase his farming speed, followed by Maelstrom for increased damage output.

bkb, silver edge, eye of skadi

BKB is essential to protect him from enemy spells, while Silver Edge and Satanic provide him additional survivability and damage. Eye of Skadi is an excellent late-game item, making him even harder to kill.

So, if you’re a player who excels at farming and wants to dominate the late game, Nature’s Prophet is your hero.

Naga Siren

naga siren loadout

During the laning phase, Naga Siren is a powerful hero who can defeat almost any opponent with high damage and survivability. But that’s not all that makes her a great carry hero.

song of siren

In team fights, Naga Siren’s ultimate ability, Song of the Siren, can change the course of the battle. The spell makes all enemies sleep, allowing her team to reposition or prepare deadly attacks. Naga Siren can also use her illusions to dodge enemy attacks and create confusion on the battlefield.

naga farming jungle

Naga Siren’s ability to farm quickly is another great advantage. With her illusions, she can clear neutral creeps or push two lanes simultaneously, making her ideal for players who want to farm quickly.

earthshaker, enigma

However, Naga Siren is vulnerable to heroes with AoE spells that deal high damage, like Earthshaker, Enigma, and Pudge (with Aghanim’s). Still, she is highly effective against most strength-based carry heroes, making her a versatile choice.


marci loadout

Marci is one of the most impressive heroes when it comes to team fights. She can hold her own from the early game into the late game. Her spells are so effective that you only need to focus on building items for sustain rather than damage, like BKB.

marci bkb

Once Marci gets her BKB, she transforms into a completely different hero. Her power spike is just too much for the enemy team to handle. Her laning phase is also exceptional due to the Rebound spell, which can easily take down any hero. All you need to do is communicate with your teammates.


Her Ultimate Spell, Unleash, is a game-changer as well. It grants Marci a buff that allows her to hit an enemy multiple times in a split second. Pair that with a Skull Basher, and she can easily stun-lock enemies since it will usually procure a bash to an enemy.

rebound and sidekick

Unlike other carry heroes that require mobility items like Blink Dagger, Marci doesn’t necessarily need it. She can make up for it with her other spells. Plus, using her Sidekick spell, she can provide damage and life-steal buffs to her teammates.

Marci is an excellent hero for a fast-paced lineup in our list of best carry heroes in 7.32d in Dota 2. So if you’re looking for a hero who can hold her own in team fights and dish out tons of damage, Marci is the perfect pick.


ursa loadout

When it comes to dominating the lane against a melee hero, Ursa is unmatched. With his Fury Swipes ability, he can stack damage on an enemy hero and easily take them down.

battle fury and diffusal blade

To ensure a smooth farming phase, getting a Battle Fury is the go-to item build for Ursa. But if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle, going for a Diffusal Blade progression can be a great option.


Ursa’s ultimate ability, Enrage, also makes him an ideal hero for taking down Roshan. With this spell activated, he can quickly and easily take on the big guy, even solo.

nullifier, skull basher, and scythe of vyse

However, Ursa does have a weakness. He can be easily kited by enemy heroes who can stay out of his reach. To counter this, items like Nullifier, Basher, or Scythe of Vyse can be great choices to disable the enemy and prevent them from escaping.


Lina is a versatile hero that excels in many aspects, making her a strong contender for the title of best carry hero. She offers a well-rounded package with a balance of damage output, mobility, and crowd control.
Juggernaut is an easy-to-learn carry hero for beginners in Dota 2, with straightforward spells that can significantly impact the team.
Spectre holds the highest Hero Damage per Minute record at 928.17%.

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