Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2

Carry heroes are the most important heroes in a match, as they eventually win the game for your team. We also know them as Position 1 heroes, because they have the most pressure to perform in a game. They need to be on the top of the net worth at all times and have a significant impact. This article will tell you about the Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2 and why you should pick them.

Carry Heroes

Carry Heroes usually play the Safelane. The creeps fight near the tower of the Safelane, hence the carry has less of a risk of being ganked. They have a lane support with them in the laning stage, who harasses and keeps the enemy heroes at bay. Supports can soak up their XP, so they have to be on the outskirts of the lane. In the laning stage, the carry has to get a lot of last hits and get farmed. The more last hits they have, the quicker they can get enabled and have a stronger impact.

They have to deal massive amounts of damage, and they usually decide which team will come out on top. These heroes need an enormous amount of farm to unleash their full potentials, so they have to Jungle as well. Carry players have to be quick on their feet and experts at last hitting and stacking. They need to think at the moment, as they run the highest risk of enemy heroes trying to gank them.

These factors make carries one of the hardest yet the most impactful role in the game. Listed below are the Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2.


Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2

He is a micro-intensive hero who can deal huge amounts of damage in a small timeframe. He’s one of the quickest farming heroes in Dota 2 and a massive threat in the late-game stage. Terrorblade can easily change the course of the game when played perfectly.

Reflection allows him to create invulnerable illusions of enemy heroes that slow and damage them. Conjure Image lets him create illusions that deal considerable damage. Metamorphosis is the best ability available to him. It transforms Terrorblade, making him a ranged hero, and also gives an Attack Damage bonus. His illusions transform too, and can wreak havoc when timed correctly. His ultimate exchanges his health with the target hero, and can regenerate health and massively damage enemies.

Terrorblade can farm efficiently with his illusions, and can also Jungle in the early phase. When paired up with Manta Style, he can kill any enemy or run-down towers with no problem. Black King Bar gives him the tankiness to survive in fights, and also the ability to target any hero without being locked down.

A carry hero should be able to farm quickly, push towers and kill any enemy, and Terrorblade ticks all these boxes.

Legion Commander

Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2

Legion Commander is a powerful hero who can fight especially well in a 1v1 setting with any enemy hero. However, she is heavily reliant on her allies for the early phases of the game, making her a hard carry hero. She needs to get successful Duels off her enemies to get her additional attack damage that only continues to scale even higher. This allows her to kill most opponents with her high physical damage single-handedly.

One of the best things about this hero is that she can jungle fairly early in the game. Overwhelming Odds is perfect to use in a stacked camp with multiple creeps as it deals more damage, the more creeps are present.  Press the Attack increases her attack speed allowing her to kill off creeps faster. Moment of Courage gives lifesteal to Legion Commander as she attacks enemy units. Making all her abilities work in sync with each other.

A Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade is vital for Legion Commander. This is because it allows her to gank enemy heroes and use Duel on them. During the early to mid-game phase, this can be beneficial in targetting supports as they are easy to kill, giving Legion Commander extra damage. 

Blade Mail is another important item on this hero, as it allows her to reflect back on the damage dealt with her. Using this before Duel can help her chances of winning. Black King Bar is also important as it protects her against Magic Damage. It also doesn’t let any other hero interrupt her Duel, allowing her to win more easily.



Ursa Warrior, better known as Ursa, is a fierce carry whose attack damage increases with every hit he deals. This makes a face-to-face battle with him, something that not many can withstand. Ursa is able to shred his opponents no matter how large their HP pool is, making him a strong pick against Strength-based heroes.

Using Overpower, Ursa can increase his attack speed for a number of attacks. This can help Ursa farm at an accelerated rate. Additionally, since this move consumes only a little amount of Mana, it can be used in quick succession. The low cooldown timer also aids this process.

Ursa is one of the only carry heroes who can single-handedly fight Roshan even in the early stages of the game. With lifesteal and Overpower, he can continue to deal increased damage to Roshan, allowing him to win the Aegis.

As powerful as this hero is, he lacks mobility. Therefore, Phase Boots and Blink Dagger are a must. Additionally, you can buy the Abyssal Blade to lock down your enemy heroes allowing Ursa to deal damage without the enemy being able to escape.

Faceless Void

Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2

Faceless Void is one hero who can change the entire game with one well-placed Chronosphere. While being an efficient farmer, he can also gank and kill entire teams. During the early game, he can start farming quickly after he completes the Morbid Mask. He can initiate, disable enemy heroes, slow them and disengage from any fight, making him one of the Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2.

Time Walk gives him high mobility and allows him to start or run away from any fight. Time Dilation is an AOE movement slow and also lowers the cooldown rate of abilities for the affected heroes. Making it an excellent ability when fighting enemy heroes in battle.

Time Lock is a passive that has a proc chance of stunning and dealing damage to enemies. Chronosphere is the best move in his arsenal, trapping all units in an area where only Faceless Void can act. Allies trapped in his ultimate also cannot move, so practice and patience are the two key factors needed when playing Faceless Void.

Mjolnir is a go-to item on Faceless Void. It allows him to farm faster and gives an enormous boost to his attack speed. Black King Bar is also necessary, as it gives him freedom in his Chronosphere as he cannot be disabled. Manta Style gives him additional attributes, along with illusions to run down enemies.

Overall, Faceless Void is a valuable asset to your team. However, everything needs to be executed perfectly to maximize his impact on the game.


Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2

One of the finest carries in the game, Juggernaut is truly a fearsome opponent. He is relatively easier to play than other carry heroes, but that doesn’t make him less of a threat. Experienced players understand the true potential of this hero and can turn the entire game when playing. He’s a very versatile hero with his itemization, as he has multiple builds which all work under different scenarios.

Blade Fury damages opponents in an area around him and makes him magic immune from most spells. This helps him chase, or TP out of the fights if enemies gank him. Healing Ward provides massive healing to all allied units in an area. His Blade Dance gives him a chance to deal critical damage on each attack. Omnislash allows Juggernaut to target enemy units and deal an enormous amount of damage at an increased attack rate.

Juggernaut can farm at an incredible rate because of his abilities, and Healing Ward allows him to farm for longer. His build can be crafted to any playstyle, depending on the match-up. Therefore, he can be played as a pure physical damage dealing hero and pursue a traditional build of Manta Style, Black King Bar, Butterfly, etc. An unorthodox build allows him to deal more magical damage instead. Ethereal blade and Aghanim’s Scepter will enable him to kill any opponent in one use of his ultimate.

Whichever build you follow, Juggernaut is sure to lead you to victory. Making him worthy of being included in the list of Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2.



Sven is a natural carry because of his ability to farm quickly and deal tremendous damage to enemies. He is an easy hero to play, but still a massive threat in any game he’s a part of.

Storm Hammer is a damage-dealing ability that stuns in an area around the target. His Great Cleave is the reason for his efficient farming, as it cleaves his attack on all nearby enemies. Warcry gives additional armor and movement speed to Sven, along with his allies. God’s Strength grants him a huge amount of bonus damage, that lets him push with ease and kill any enemy that stands in his way.

Sven already has everything because of his abilities, but with the correct build, he is nearly unstoppable. Blink Dagger gives him the mobility to start fights or disengage. Daedalus is a must-have, as paired with his cleave and ultimate move can kill entire teams. Black King Bar and Satanic give him tankiness and the ability to stay in fights for a longer time. A team with Sven is sure to win when executed perfectly.

Carry Heroes are the deciding factor for victory. When played well, they can win any game single-handedly, but that requires a lot of practice and time. Hopefully, this guide on the Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2 will help you gain MMR in all your future games.

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