Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Broodmother is an agility hero who utilizes her spiderlings to push towers fairly early on in the game. She can use her abilities to take complete control over a part of the map forcing her way through the enemy towers unstoppable. There are certain cons to this hero that we will explore in this article to help you win your game against her. We will also go through the Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2 in order to draft a strong matchup against her.

Apart from being a great tower pusher, Broodmother easily dominates her lane. She does especially well against single target heroes. This makes her a great offlaner against safelane carries, denying them early game XP and Gold. Her abilities also allow her to farm faster and efficiently as she can also take control of enemy jungles. Denying them farm while she grows stronger.

Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

All these points do seem to make her terrifying however, since she’s dependant on her webs, she cannot rotate much. Her abilities are also single target-oriented, so the payoff is that she cannot perform well during team fights. Her push capabilities also force her on a timer. She has to end the game quickly before the enemy’s carry grows stronger and strips her of her early game advantage.


Black Arachnia, the Broodmother, is a melee pusher. Her abilities define her playstyle and come as both a gift and a curse for her. Her first ability, Insatiable Hunger, drives Broodmother to deal additional attack damage and heal herself through life steal. At its max, she can have 100% life steal, which can prove dangerous for enemies fighting her one on one. 

Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Spin Web is her most famed ability, which grants her control of an area on the map. She recovers charges for these webs that may never expire, but only a certain number of them can be placed around the map. While inside the web, she gets additional movement speed and regen. Broodmother can easily place 10 webs at a time dominating a large part of the map.

Silken Bola is again a single target attack that slows down heroes and causes them to miss their attacks against her. Additionally, other units attacking the target gain a magic damage bonus dealing extra damage to the target hero. This makes for an interesting combination with Brood’s spiderlings allowing her to easily overwhelm any hero that tries to fight inside her territory.

Lastly, the ultimate ability for Broodmother is her Spawn Spiderlings. She injects her venom into an enemy unit that receives damage and, upon death, releases spiders. These are under Broodmothers control. At any given time, she can spawn up to 6 spiders and continue building her army.


As tough as she may seem, Broodmother has counters. This list will explore the Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2. 


Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Timbersaw excels at dealing damage in an AoE. This makes him a great matchup against Broodmother as it allows him to eliminate her spiderlings quickly. Furthermore, reactive armour gives Timbersaw more regen as he receives more right-click attacks. This prevents Broodmother’s spiderlings from harassing or presenting a threat to Timbersaw.

Additionally, Timber’s chain grants high mobility to Timbersaw, making Silken Bola’s movement slow useless on him. He can also use Chakram to clear away all of Broodmother’s spiderlings. This handicaps Broodmother’s push capabilities, making her useless in the lane against him. 



Sven is a melee strength hero with plenty of HP to face off against Broodmother. His Great Cleave is an asset against the spiderlings, allowing him to clear them off easily. This even gives him more XP and Gold, turning the tide against Broodmother.

Broodmother cannot use Orchid Malevolence or Silken Bola against him since he has a natural carrier of Black King Bar. This gives Sven spell immunity and protection against Broodmother’s abilities. 

Despite Broodmother’s life steal and attack damage boost, God’s Strength can help Sven outmatch her. By using Warcry, Sven can reduce the damage received through Brood’s attacks and easily win in a face-off against her. 

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is a fast-paced hero who is hard to catch due to his Ball Lightning ability. This makes all kinds of Slows and Armor reduction spells useless against him as he can escape whenever the battle seems unfavorable for him.

He can also use this to ambush her and use Electric Vortex to stop her from escaping into the trees. Making retreat impossible for her. However, Storm Spirit should be careful as Orchid Malevolence could silence him, leaving him vulnerable against Broodmother.

Overload is perfect against all of Brood’s spawns as he can use it to damage and kill them. Stopping them from pushing any of the towers forcing Broodmother to retreat.

Shadow Fiend

Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

All of Shadow Fiend’s active abilities are AoE. Making him one of the Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2. Shadowraze can immediately eliminate all of her spiderlings from a safe range dealing heavy damage to Broodmother as well.

Shadow Fiend needs to collect souls for his necromastery. Spiderlings provide a good source for that, as he can one-hit kill them and collect their souls giving him more damage. Black King Bar also protects him against Orchid or Silken Bola. 

Using a combination of Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Requiem of Souls is a sure-fire way to kill Broodmother. The only way she can fight off against this is if she builds a Black King Bar.



Necrophos is a dangerous hero for Broodmother as she has no way of dealing magic damage against him. Death Pulse allows Necro to easily clear away all of Brood’s spiderlings and creeps, forcing her back from pushing into his lane. It also gives him regen against Broodmother’s in-lane harassment.

Since Broodmother has no way of dealing magic damage, she cannot attack him during Ghost Shroud. This gives Necro an edge against her, using this to escape or wait for allies to teleport to the lane. 

Lastly, Heartstopper Aura will grant Necro HP and Mana regen for each spiderling that he manages to kill, giving him an endless source of regeneration. 

Legion Commander

Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Legion Commander is a hard carry hero who can turn the tide against Broodmother when played right. Her overwhelming odds is an AoE damaging ability with damage scaling based on the number of units it hits. If Broodmother is roaming around with a large number of spiderlings, the damage dealt could be fatal to her.

Moment of Courage has a higher chance of Proc if both Broodmother and her spiderlings are attacking Legion Commander. Giving her more life steal and attack speed against Broodmother. 

Duel is an excellent ability as it silences Broodmother and keeps her in one place, forcing her to fight against Legion Commander. Under normal circumstances, Legion should be able to win against her quite easily.


Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Earthshaker is a support hero who can lane as a Position 5 against the offlane Broodmother. This allows him to harass her early on and restrict her farming capabilities. Aftershock, with the combination of Enchant Totem stuns Broodmother continuously before she has a chance to attack Earthshaker properly.

Should Broodmother be caught with a large number of Spiderlings, Echo slam could result in her death. Earthshaker has a lot of stuns that make it hard for Broodmother to life steal off of her enemies, making it easy to fight against her.

Dragon Knight

Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2

Dragon Knight is a high HP pool, melee strength hero. His Breathe Fire can deal a lot of damage to Broodmother’s Spiderlings while taking away their attack damage. Making it easy for him to fight against them. 

Additionally, Dragon’s Blood gives him plenty of regeneration and armour to go toe to toe with Broodmother in a battle. With his ultimate ability Elder Dragon, he has splash attacks that can deal AoE damage to Broodmother and her spiderlings, making it easy for him to force her to retreat.

This concludes our Best Broodmother Counters in Dota 2 guide. By following the hero draft mentioned in this article, you can improve your games and win more matches.

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