Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

Brewmaster is a famed brawler who specializes in close combat. Using his abilities, he can wreak havoc among the enemy heroes and render them powerless. He is a hybrid hero that can initiate, gank and play as a tank. Excelling in all three of these domains makes him a formidable opponent to be up against. This article will help you learn about the Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2.

Most of Brewmaster’s abilities help him survive in the lane, making him a great Offlaner. The Evasion and movement speed buff help him escape any gank attempts or harassment from the enemy support. With the proper maneuvering, this hero can stomp team fights using his ultimate ability, Primal Split. 

Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

However, like every other hero in Dota 2, Brewmaster has weaknesses. He requires fast micromanagement as Primal Split has you controlling three different versions of him. If you’re not fast on your feet, the enemy will quickly turn back the tide of the battle. 

Additionally, his shallow mana pool makes him dependant on his abilities, so he has to time them right. Using the Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2, you can easily fight against him and win your matches.


Mangix, better known as the Brewmaster, is a hero that can play in multiple playstyles. He can lane against a Midlaner or an Offlaner due to his overall tankiness and abilities. Buying a Blink Dagger early on allows him to initiate good team fights for his allies while disrupting the enemy’s formation.


Thunder Clap is Brewmaster’s first ability. It allows him to fight his opponents in a close combat style while reducing their attack and movement speed. He also deals 300 damage in a 400 radius around himself to all enemy units. This ability is perfect for farming a large stacked Jungle Camp, allowing Brewmaster to farm efficiently. 

Cinder Brew allows Brewmaster to drench his enemies in alcohol, causing them to move slow and take damage if the alcohol is ignited. This ignition occurs whenever they take any spell damage. The ability can last for a total of 8 seconds, making it perfect for stopping Brewmaster’s enemies from escaping him.

Drunken Brawler is a passive ability that allows Brewmaster to evade all income attacks. He gains 30% evasion and a 24% chance to deal critical damage. The critical damage can multiply up to 190%.

Lastly, the famed ultimate ability Primal Split lets Brewmaster split into 3 different elements. These specialized warriors have their own abilities, and even if one of the three can remain alive, Brewmaster is reborn after the duration. The elementals live for 20 seconds which is more than enough to wreak havoc among the enemy team.


As amazing as Brewmaster’s abilities might be, there are certain heroes that counter him well. By drafting these heroes, you can ensure victory for your team. Here’s a list of the Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2. 

Death Prophet

Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

Death Prophet is a ranged intelligence hero. She specializes in pushing lanes and forcing her enemies to retreat to their towers. Most of her abilities are an AoE cast which makes her a perfect opponent for Brewmaster.

Crypt Swarm deals a lot of damage to all enemy units in front of Death Prophet. She will often use this against incoming creep waves to clear them out. As a Midlaner, Brewmaster will have a hard time sustaining against her. His only AoE move to counter this is the Thunder Clap.

Silence is perfect to use in team fights against Brewmaster. It renders him useless as he cannot use his abilities for the next 6 seconds. If utilized well, this is good enough for Death Prophet’s allies to kill him before using the Primal Split.

Most importantly, however, Death Prophet is one of the Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2 because she has Exorcism. This allows her to kill all of Brew’s elementals even after casting Primal Split. The individual damage cast ensures that she kills them all, thus killing Brewmaster. 

Shadow Shaman

Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

Shadow Shaman is a support hero who can be played as a Position 5. This puts him up against an Offlane Brewmaster. Using his laning advantage, he can offset Brewmaster from the start and stop him from impacting the game. 

Most of Shaman’s abilities allow him to lockdown his opponents. Using this, he can stop Brewmaster from evading attacks or dealing critical damage to his lane carry. Helping his teammates land an easy kill against him. 

Ether Shock allows Shaman to maintain the balance of the lane. He can deal damage to the creep wave any time it’s being pushed too much to create space for his core hero in the lane. 

Most importantly, though, since Shadow Shaman’s Hex has an instant cast, he can use it the second Brewmaster blinks into team fights. This turns him into a critter so that he cannot cast Primal Split and instead allows Shaman’s allies to get the jump on him instead. This makes Shadow Shaman one of the Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2.

Skywrath Mage

Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

Skywrath Mage is an Intelligence hero who may encounter Brewmaster in the Midlane. He can use his early damage nuke spells to kill Brewmaster before becoming too tanky. Most of Skywrath’s spells deal heavy magic damage that evasion is useless against. Making him a tough opponent for Brew.

Ancient Seal has an instant cast time that can silence enemy heroes for 6 seconds. This is more than enough time for Skywrath to use the rest of his abilities to kill Brewmaster. Since he will be silenced, he cannot cast Primal Split and save himself. 

Rod of Atos can root Brewmaster in one place while Mystic Flare can deal massive damage. Even with Brewmaster’s high tankiness, it would be hard for him to survive that ability, much less fight after that.

Outworld Destroyer

Best Brewmaster Counters in Dota 2

Outworld Destroyer is a high-burst damage-dealing hero. He specializes against strength-based heroes like Brewmaster since his abilities can quickly melt them down their HP Pool. Arcane Orb lets him deal nuke damage to his enemies from Level 1. Meaning that should Brewmaster lane against him, he would have a very tough time.

Being a melee hero means that Brewmaster can be kited, for a ranged hero like Outworld Destroyer, this is a great advantage. Especially since he can continue to use Arcane Orb against him, forcing him to waste Gold on Regen items from an early stage.

Astral Imprisonment entraps any hero in an Astral Prison. If timed right, this can be used against Brewmaster to stop him from using Primal Split. Since he also has a very small Mana poo,l he is bound to have low mana, which Outworld Destroyer can exploit.

Using his ultimate ability, Sanity’s Eclipse, while the Astral Imprisonment is active, lets him deal damage to Brewmaster. This damage is based on the amount of mana missing from Brewmaster’s Mana pool. This not only stops him from casting Primal Split but also kills him if Brewmaster’s HP is already a little low. 

Brewmaster is a powerful hero with an even more powerful ability. However, there are many ways to counter this ability, as listed in the article above. Playing these heroes is not only advantageous but also threatening for Brewmaster. Hopefully, this guide helps you win your matches against him and win MMR.

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