Best Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft

Do you want to play in the best Bedrock seeds in Minecraft?

Minecraft is among the most popular games globally because of the creative freedom it gives to its players. Specifically, giving players the right to use their own innovation to personalize is what attracts the players. One of the aspects which help players customize their worlds is seeds. This article tells about the best Bedrock seeds in Minecraft.



Minecraft seeds are basically codes that decide the basic layout of the map and what spawns in the world. Specifically, they are a long chain of numbers, and each world in Minecraft has its own specific seed. Surprisingly, players can even spawn in their own custom world by choosing a desirable seed that caters to their needs.

Players can spawn in worlds with all biomes close to each other. On the other hand, they can generate worlds with natural structures near the spawn point. Whatever the player wishes for, they can create by using specific seeds. The player has two options to create a custom world. Firstly, they can generate the world by using a random seed.

Players can use a random seed by making no changes and just using the original Create world option. The second way of generating worlds is by using seeds that are available online with their descriptions. For example, players can search a seed according to their preference and just input that into the game to generate their world.

To do this, simply open Minecraft and click the Play button. Next, click the Create New option, further clicking the Create New World option. After this, go to the Advanced tab and input the seed with the preferable world. Interestingly, the Bedrock Edition has templates that the player can use as well. 

The player should ensure that the seed they are applying is for the Bedrock version, as Java seeds don’t work. To avoid this, make sure to search specifically for Bedrock version seeds. Fortunately, below are the best Bedrock seeds in Minecraft for all players to use in their game.

Bedrock Seeds

Best Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is the multi-platform variant of the game. Specifically, it’s available on Windows 10 PCs, Android, iOS, and almost all consoles like the PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This version is special because it allows players to cross-play with other Minecraft players on different platforms.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is different from the Java Edition in many ways. One of which is the seeds that produce the worlds in Minecraft. Both versions have different seeds which only work on their respective version. This means that the seeds of Bedrock Edition will work on all platforms with the same version. However, Java seeds will only work on PCs.

King of the Mountains

Best Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft

Seed: 162712994

This seed introduces the player to a massive island with a Village in the middle of a giant mountain crater. The seed is amazing for players who like to travel treacherous areas because of the thrill. However, players with a safer approach to the game may find that this seed is a little more than they can handle. 

There are various biomes in the same vicinity, so players can enjoy the scenery while deciding where to settle. Players can use the resources to create unique builds or move out into the ocean to find more structures. Interestingly, plenty of resources are available around the spawn area in the shape of Buried Treasures and Shipwrecks.

Prime Locations:

  • Village: -296 X-axis, 200 Z-axis
  • Buried Treasure 1: -56 X-axis, -56 Z-axis
  • Buried Treasure 2: -56 X-axis, 24 Z-axis
  • Shipwreck: 248 X-axis, 104 Z-axis
  • Ruined Portal: -600 X-axis, 24 Z-axis

Caves Galore

Caves Galore

Seed: 599282705

This seed is perfect for players who want to explore the new caves in Minecraft. In particular, this seed showcases the beauty and versatility of Minecraft perfectly by spawning the player near multiple Lush Caves. Besides this, there is a beautiful oasis near the spawn location with numerous Coral Reefs for players to collect unique resources.

This seed is for players who appreciate the beauty of nature. The resources near the spawn are also perfect for starting the adventure. There is another Coral Reef present near the spawn. While Coral Reefs are extremely rare in Minecraft, this seed gives easy access to this special structure. 

Prime Locations:

  • Coral Biome: -184 X-axis, -22 Z-axis
  • Coral Reef and Lush Caves: North of Spawn (Negative Y-axis)
  • Large Coral Cluster: -600 X-axis, 72 Z-axis
  • Village: 800 X-axis, 240 Z-axis
  • Shipwreck: -648 X-axis, -200 Z-axis
  • Pillager Outpost: -850 X-axis, 400 Z-axis

Nations Unite

Best Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft

This unique seed spawns the player near five Villages with a Pillager Outpus right in the center of these Villages. Consequently, this is one of the most bizarre sights for any Minecraft player, as mobs in these structures are opposite. Namely, the Pillagers are direct enemies of the Villagers and attack them on sight.

This seed is also unique because it works the same on both versions of Minecraft. Besides the Villages and Outpost, there is an Ice Biome for players to explore. Players can find many Igloos and more Villages in the Ice Biome. Overall, this seed has some bizarre structures and is definitely one of the best Bedrock seeds in Minecraft.

  • Village 1: 192 X-axis, 80 Z-axis
  • Village 2: -368 X-axis, -160 Z-axis
  • Village 3: -305 X-axis, 272 Z-axis
  • Village 4: -944 X-axis, 192 Z-axis
  • Village 5: -816 X-axis, -144 Z-axis
  • Pillager Outpost: -1216 X-axis, 352 Z-axis
  • Ice Biome: Positive X – Towards East

Biomes Unlimited

Best Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft

This seed is perfect for players who want to explore every biome without the hassle of finding them. Fortunately, this seed spawns the player in very close proximity to a Forest biome along with a Jungle biome. Further out, the player can find the Badlands, Ice biome, and more to explore. There’s even a Mushroom Island for players to visit.

  • Ruined Nether Portal: 328 X-axis, 40 Z-axis
  • Badlands/Jungle: 1300 X-axis, 440 Z-axis
  • Mushroom Island: -710 X-axis, -75 Z-axis
  • Ocean Monument 1: -456 X-axis, -424 Z-axis
  • Ocean Monument 2: -760 X-axis, 376 Z-axis

The different ways of customizing the Minecraft world are what make it famous. For example, seeds are an excellent way of playing in a world according to the player’s preference. Hopefully, this article on the best Bedrock seeds in Minecraft will help you find the best Minecraft seed for you.

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