Best Bandit Build in Elden Ring

Are you looking for the best bandit build in Elden Ring?

Among all the classes in Elden Ring, the Bandit is the class players can use to create the best builds revolving around Vigor, Endurance, and Dexterity. The Bandit class excels in nimble combat, relying upon the ability to dodge frequently and intelligent offense rather than brute strength. 

Since dodging and rolling plays a huge role in this class, new players might find it more challenging to play as a Bandit. 

Besides the Wretch class, the Bandit is also the lowest level character that players can start with, but that doesn’t mean it is the weakest or worst. In fact, the Bandit class starts off with the highest arcane skill of any class. 

This makes it easier for players to find better loot from various sources. 

However, its overall starting stats may appear lower than most of the other characters. Defeating enemies in the lower-level areas quickly allows any Bandit player to set themselves up for success. 

Today, we’ll show you the best Bandit build you can use in Elden Ring. 

Let’s begin!

Best Bandit Build in Elden Ring

Before investing in any other stat, players should aim to get their Vigor, Dexterity, and Endurance stats to at least level 20. If possible, try to get your Endurance to level 22 or 23 so that your equipment doesn’t hinder your mobility. 

best Bandit build in Elden Ring

In addition, we also suggest sticking to Daggers and Scimitars for the Bandit class since they require lower Strength and have high Dexterity. 

For players who are looking to branch out, spears can also be a decent option for Bandit players that want to invest more into their Strength. It’s also crucial to invest some points in your Arcane stat as well so that you can loot higher tier items in The Lands Between. 


One of the best features of the Bandit class is that it is not limited or locked to melee weapons. Similar to the best Samurai builds in the game, Bandit players can also utilize various types of bows due to the class’ high Dexterity. 

However, the deciding factor still depends on what playstyle you want to achieve. If you want to have some ranged damage for dealing with groups and difficult bosses, having a bow in your arsenal is a welcome addition. 

best Bandit build in Elden Ring

With high Dexterity, players can also take advantage of weapons that cause ailments such as poison, bleeding, and sleep. 

Although the Bandit class has plenty of weapons to choose from, the more popular choices among players are the Shortbow and Reduvia.  The Shortbow can be used to apply poison, while the Reduvia Blood Blade skill allows you to transform blood stains into blood blades that inflict bleeding. 

Since both weapons are lighter, they complement the high endurance of your character as well.


Additional Tips

While it might be a more advanced option for the Bandit class, players can invest some points in their intellect stat to access a few additional Katanas. However, most of them rely upon higher strength and dexterity.

One Katana that players can easily acquire is the Rivers of Blood. This weapon requires low Strength stat but needs high Dexterity and Arcane to wield. 

best Bandit build in Elden Ring

Nonetheless, Daggers are still quicker and lighter use. 

However, Katanas in Elden Ring offers a bit more offensive power with more range, which allows Bandit builds to keep a little distance from opponents. 

On the other hand, Longbows and heavier brows can also work well with the Bandit class, offering players more offensive power at range. It’s easy to use a Longbow with an Arrow’s Reach Talisman, followed by a strong dagger for any enemies that manage to survive or get close to you. 

That ends our guide for the best Bandit build in Elden Ring. If you have clarifications, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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