Best Arrow Types in Minecraft 

Do you want to win every PVP battle with the best arrow types in Minecraft?

Minecraft constantly adds new weapons that allow the player to take control of the battle. While some of these are brand new additions, others are often custom versions of weapons already in-game. For instance, the arrow types are such weapon variations. With this in mind, this article tells the best arrow types in Minecraft that help win all PVP fights.

Players can also use these special arrows on themselves by shooting at the sky and coming underneath them. Aside from this, they can use Dispensers to shoot themselves. While it may seem stupid to shoot oneself, there’s a huge advantage to this. In particular, players can use the good arrows to give themselves many benefits.

The player can get Swiftness, Regeneration, Leap, and even Strength by using these arrows on themselves. On the other hand, they can use bad arrows such as Slowness, Poison, and Harming on enemies to kill them easier. Overall, it depends on the player’s creativity in how they use these arrows.

Arrow and Its Types

Best Arrow Types in Minecraft 

Minecraft’s only way of attacking enemies from range was the Bow and Arrow for the longest time until recent updates. In particular, new updates brought weapons like the Crossbow and Trident, which provide variation to the player’s range of weapon arsenal. However, the Bow and Arrow still have a special place in every player’s heart.

The obvious part of using a Bow and Arrow is crafting the two pieces. Specifically, a Bow and multiple arrows to keep enemies at bay. For this reason, the player requires three String and three Sticks to craft the Bow, which is easy enough. However, an Arrow requires three items. In particular, a single piece of Flint, Feather, and Stick.

Sticks are relatively easy to craft as the player only needs Planks. However, Feathers are an annoyance to find as players need to kill Chickens to get them. Aside from this, players also have to break multiple Gravel pieces to get Flint. However, there’s only a ten percent chance of Gravel dropping a piece of Flint instead of the Gravel block.

Players can take this one step further and make custom arrows that have different effects upon hitting an entity. For instance, these arrows can cause Poison, Weakness, and even Regeneration status effects. However, making them requires a Lingering Potion of the specific arrow type the player wants to craft. This makes them time-consuming to craft.

A combination of eight arrows and any Lingering Potion creates eight new arrows that are of the same type as the potion. In addition, players can collect these arrows after shooting just like the normal ones. Interestingly, there are over fifteen arrow types, and this article tells the best arrow types in Minecraft.

Crafting the Arrow Types

Arrow Types

The player requires only two items to create a unique arrow type. Namely, these are eight regular arrows and one Lingering Potion of any type. While crafting the arrows isn’t a big task, making a Lingering Potion is quite lengthy. For this reason, the player must remember that using these arrows should be the last resort case only.

Players need to gather a special resource to make these types of potions. Specifically, Dragon’s Breath is what makes a Lingering Potion. To collect this item, they must travel to the End and collect the Ender Dragon’s purple magic. For this purpose, they will require multiple Glass Bottles, which they must use on the magic.

The player can craft the Lingering Potion by placing the Dragon’s Breath bottle on a Brewing Stand’s top slot. Next, place any type of Splash Potion at the bottom to start the process. Although, keep in mind that just like any other brewing process, it requires Blaze Rods to start. After a short duration, the Splash Potion turns into a Lingering Potion.

Players can create multiple Lingering Potions from the same Dragon’s Breath by placing three Splash Potions at a time. Interestingly, it also only needs the same amount of Blaze Rods to brew all three together. Besides this, the player can craft Splash Potions by using Gunpowder.

The process of creating these arrows is slightly tedious, but it’s worth it in the end. Now that the player knows how to craft these arrows, it’s time for which ones are the best arrow types in Minecraft. 

Spectral Arrow

Best Arrow Types in Minecraft 

The Spectral Arrow is a unique arrow type because, unlike the other arrows, the crafting recipe is different. In particular, players require one normal Arrow and four Glowstone Dust to craft two Spectral Arrows. This already makes it hard for the player to craft these, as Glowstone Dust is present only in the Nether. Precisely, in the form of Glowstone blocks.

The Spectral Arrow allows players to mark any mob in the game by hitting them. Specifically, if the player hits a mob with this arrow, they glow for a small duration. In addition, they get a glowing outline that’s visible through any obstructions. While the damage stays the same, this unique effect helps the player stay aware of the enemy.

Players can also get Spectral Arrows by bartering with Piglins in the Nether. In particular, if the player gives a Gold Ingot to a Piglin, they give something in return. There is an eight percent chance of the player receiving up to twelve Spectral Arrows at a time. However, Piglins attack the player on sight, so make sure to wear any piece of Gold armor.

Arrow of Slowness


The Arrow of Slowness, as the name suggests, gives a negative status effect of Slowness to the mob it hits. Not surprisingly, this significantly slows the mob and allows the player to kill these mobs easily. However, making an Arrow of Slowness is a long task because the player has to go through multiple steps. Firstly, they need to make a Swiftness Potion.

The player needs an Awkward Potion and Sugar to create a Potion of Swiftness. Next, they need a Fermented Spider Eye, which requires a regular Spider Eye, Brown Mushroom, and Sugar. After crafting this, place the Fermented Spider Eye at the top of the Brewing Stand while the Potion of Swiftness at the bottom. Next, turn this into a Lingering Potion.

There are three types of Arrow of Slowness in Minecraft, each with different durations or strengths. Firstly, there’s the basic Arrow of Slowness which slows for eleven seconds for fifteen percent. Secondly, the other version of the Slowness Arrow slows for thirty seconds, while the last one slows for two seconds. However, it slows to sixty percent.

Arrow of Harming


The Arrow of Harming, as the name suggests, is made of a Lingering Potion of Harming. Like its name, the arrow greatly damages any mob and can one-shot most animals. Moreover, it’s very useful in PVPs and can take down enemy players with even the strongest armors.

Arrow of Poison


The Arrow of Poison gives the Poison status effect to any enemy it hits. This is a damage-over-time effect that slowly leeches the health out of any enemy. It’s incredibly useful in PVP and PVE situations and is truly one of the strongest arrow types in Minecraft.

The arrow types in Minecraft can truly turn the tide in any situation for the player. Whether that’s attacking another player or fending against a horde of Zombies, these types can come in handy. Hopefully, this guide on the best arrow types in Minecraft and helps you in all your PVP encounters.

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