Best Armor Sets in Grounded

Are you looking for the best armor sets in Grounded?

Grounded is the latest title from Obsidian Entertainment, and it is likely the closest you will get to a modern I Shrunk The Kids game. This movie also plays a large part in why the game has garnered a lot of interest from gamers. 

The game offers players an open sandbox to explore in the form of a simple backyard and shrunken character.

Grounded also features lots of crafting, survival mechanics, and building options that allow you to mold the game into whatever you want it to be. Knowing what items are worth investing resources into is important, and armor is a crucial gear to consider. 

To help out, we’ve listed down some of the best armor sets to use in Grounded. 

Let’s get right into it!

Moth Armor

The fear of spiders is quite common. However, there are plenty of people these days that won’t go five feet from a butterfly or moth. Fortunately, Grounded provides an armor set perfect for players who prefer ranged combat. 

Moth Armor

One of the best aspects of the Moth Armor is that it gives ranged attacks a chance to inflict a bleeding effect. 

You can also add in the ability to replenish the player’s stamina bar and increase movement speed with each successively landed ranged attack, and it becomes a must-own for those who prefer distance-focused combat. 

Black Widow Armor

Spiders are the hardest challenge in Grounded and serve as a barometer for progress in the game when it comes to personal skill and combat effectiveness. The Black Widow armor sounds fatal or at least deadly to the touch. 

Black Widow Armor

That holds true since this armor set improves movements peed when killing something and offers the chance to poison the target when you block an attack. 

This means that opponents won’t just have difficulty hitting players, but in the event that they do, it can result in their demise through poison. 

Ladybug Armor

A powerful learning moment that will take you back to your feet in Grounded is when you encounter a ladybug for the first time. Based on the real world, ladybugs are docile and will run away when provoked. 

However, ladybugs in Grounded want all the smoke and, if attacked, will charge at the player like a bus speeding down the road. 

best armor sets in grounded

The Ladybug Armor set is strong and durable, as you might expect. It shines when it comes to its bonuses that provide players with an opportunity to regain health with every successful block made. 

As with most heavy armor sets, the Ladybug Armor is made for a block-and-strike combat style. 

Roly Poly Armor

Roly Poly is not a name that screams power and toughness. However, this armor is made from scraps of Roly Poly bugs and more than does the job. It is also heavy armor, meaning that the 30% damage reduction comes with the tradeoff of stamina at an additional usage rate of 25%. 

best armor sets in grounded

The Roly Poly Armor is best suited for players who love to block incoming attacks and retaliate when the opening presents itself. 

Black Ox Armor

Finding balance is an important part of determining which sets of armor are the best for you, regardless of your play style. The Black Ox armor is of the medium type since it is a solid mix of damage reduction and stamina use. 

best armor sets in grounded

The former comes in at 20%, while the latter sits at a cool 15%. As the name suggests, players will need to gather a good amount of Black Ox Beetle parts from around the yard. Outside of its usefulness in combat, it happens to look the part as it feels reminiscent of the type of armor ancient warriors used in battle. 

That ends our list of the best armor sets to use in Grounded. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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