Best Agents for Fracture in Valorant

Wondering what are the best agents for Fracture in Valorant? Find the top picks on our list that will give you the strategic advantage to win your matches!

Did you know that the Fracture map in Valorant is based on an abandoned kingdom research facility in Mexico? Additionally, the developers of Fracture have created unique voice lines and player cards specifically tailored to this map.

Fracture, the dynamic and asymmetrical map introduced in Valorant, offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. The map is characterized by its fractured landscape, divided into two mirrored halves connected by a central courtyard.

In this article, we will discuss more about this map and explore the best agents to play on this map.

You can expect to find detailed descriptions of each agent’s abilities and how they can be utilized to gain an advantage on Fracture. We will discuss the specific advantages and playstyles that make these agents stand out on this map.

This will enable you to decide which agents best suit your preferred playstyle and team composition. 

Our compiled list of the best agents for Fracture Map is presented in no particular order. Remember that the effectiveness of agents can vary depending on your team’s strategy and the specific circumstances of each game. 

However, regardless of the specific game scenario, these agents have consistently proven to be strong picks on Fracture.


Power Spikes and Timings for Core in Dota 2:

  1. Breach and Fade excel as initiators on Fracture due to their powerful disruptive abilities, which allow them to control and disable enemies from a distance.
  2. Raze and Neon thrive as duelists on Fracture due to their explosive playstyles and abilities that allow them to engage enemies aggressively.
  3. Killjoy and Cypher excel as sentinels on Fracture with their abilities that enable them to defend crucial areas effectively.
  4. Brimstone stands out as an exceptional controller due to his fast-paced playstyle.



Breach is an initiator in Valorant that specializes in disabling enemies from a distance. When playing on this map, take advantage of the fact that most entry points are far from the bomb site.

breach abilities

As Breach, you can synchronize your spells with agents like Jett. When you cast your blind or stun, ensure Jett immediately dashes in to secure those free kills. Whether you’re attacking or defending, Breach proves to be effective.

breach aftershock

When defending, using your abilities properly can make retakes almost effortless. Consider using your ultimate ability to retake a site and follow it up with aftershocks to hold off common angles where enemies might be hiding. 

Remember, coordinating with your teammates and strategic ability usage can greatly enhance your impact as Breach.


Best Agents for Fracture in Valorant: Raze

As a duelist in Valorant, Raze is a fantastic pick. Her abilities provide great utility on the battlefield. Take advantage of her boombot to gather early information when enemies attempt to be aggressive.

raze paintshell

Additionally, her abilities serve as a hard counter against Cypher’s tripwires and Killjoy’s nanos. Here’s what you can do: Wait for your initiator to make the first move, and then utilize your satchels and paint shells to initiate and force enemies out of their positions. 

raze spike

This strategy will create opportunities for easy frags and give your team a significant advantage. Remember, timing and coordination with your teammates are key to maximizing Raze’s potential as a duelist.



Regarding Fracture, Killjoy is the top choice for a Sentinel agent. Whether you’re attacking or defending, she proves to be a strong force. As Killjoy, your primary objective on the attacking side is accumulating as many Ultimate Points as possible.

killjoy's lockdown

Once your ultimate ability is ready, head over to the B site and strategically place your lockdown under the site. This powerful ability will cover the entire site, providing your team with easy access.

killjoy setup fracture

But the advantages don’t stop there. Your post-plant situation is equally strong, thanks to your Nanoswarm and Turret. Utilize the Nanoswarm to deny defuse attempts and hold off enemies while your Turret is an additional line of defense.



Another excellent initiator for the Fracture map is Fade. If you want to enhance Raze’s potential, pairing her with Fade can be a game-changer. When defending, utilize the Seize and Paintshells combo to your advantage, especially on small chokepoints like A Main.

fade's seize

Set up this combination pre-emptively, and you might secure an easy kill or deter enemies from pushing through. Additionally, Fade’s Prowler ability is incredibly useful for clearing out common angles.

fade's prowler

Fracture is known for its numerous angles that are difficult to clear manually and can be dangerous. With 2 charges of Prowler, you’ll be well-equipped to handle those situations effectively.



As a controller agent on Fracture, Brimstone emerges as a standout choice alongside Viper. His kit brings immense value to the attacking side, particularly when your team adopts an aggressive setup. Take advantage of Brimstone’s Stim Beacon, which can catch enemies off guard and enable a fast-paced initiation.

brimstone smokes

Given the large size of the map and the defender’s slower rotation time, playing with a fast tempo and quickly planting the spike can put immense pressure on the defenders, forcing them to set up for retakes due to time constraints.

brimstone lineup

Furthermore, Brimstone shines in post-plant situations thanks to his Ultimate ability and Incendiary Lineups. Properly utilizing these abilities can give you a significant advantage when defending the spike after it’s planted. Brimstone’s three charges of smokes are also highly valuable. 

Unlike Omen’s smokes, which need to be cast individually, Brimstone’s smokes drop instantly, allowing for quick and efficient smoke coverage.



As a Sentinel agent on Fracture, Cypher is a standout choice alongside Killjoy. With the recent buffs to his tripwires, Cypher becomes even stronger, allowing for unpredictable setups due to the increased cast range.

cypher tripwires

Get creative with your setups, and the enemies will struggle to enter the site, as they will be caught off guard by your tripwires. Consider effectively placing tripwires on higher locations to counter Jett’s Updraft + Dash combo. 

cypher lurk

Additionally, numerous one-way smokes are available for your cages, providing ample space to play and control the battlefield.

cypher aim down sight

On the attacking side, Cypher excels in the Lurk role. Flanking and securing easy kills can grant your team round wins and create advantageous situations. Use your camera to gather early information, which will greatly assist your team in making informed decisions and executing effective strategies.



Neon may not have been a popular pick for Fracture initially, but teams have started recognizing her value to this map. As you embrace Neon’s fast-paced playstyle, you become an unstoppable force.

Her abilities give your team ample space, which is especially advantageous on Fracture due to its larger size than other maps.

neon wall

Utilize Neon’s wall to create easy entry points for your team, as it adds a layer of smoke to the mix. Consider pairing up with another controller for optimal results to maximize the map control and utility coverage.

neon double kill

However, be mindful of becoming predictable in your approach. Avoid rushing every round, as the enemy team will quickly catch on and throw numerous utilities to counter your advances. Variety and unpredictability are key to keeping your opponents on their toes.

neon dash

Additionally, it’s important to note that Cypher can counter Neon effectively. Gather enough information before attempting an entry, as Cypher’s abilities can hinder your progress if you’re not prepared.


Jett synergizes exceptionally well with the Operator sniper rifle, one of the game’s most potent weapons. Her Dash ability resets on kills, allowing her to quickly reposition after taking a shot and maintain map control.
Killjoy is considered an easy agent for beginners due to her ability to lock down areas, gather information, and provide strong defensive capabilities, allowing new players to contribute to the team’s success without requiring extensive mechanical skill or game sense.
Reyna is popular among players because she can single-handedly carry a team, especially with an excellent aim, thanks to her self-healing and escape abilities that allow her to sustain herself in fights and escape dangerous situations.
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