Best Agent Duos in Valorant

Are you ready to dominate the game together with your duo? Check this list of the best agent duos in Valorant!

Did you know there is a connection between Raze’s Boombot and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm ability? Some of Killjoy’s voice lines suggest that Raze took inspiration from Killjoy’s Nanoswarm and modified it to create her explosive Boombot.

Valorant is a highly tactical game where teams of five players compete on maps with unique bomb sites. Agent duos are essential for effective strategies and maximizing team synergy. 

Combining the unique abilities of agents creates powerful synergies and coordinated tactics. Choosing the right duo impacts team performance, with some excelling in attack initiation, information gathering, or defense. 

This article explores the best agent duos, analyzing their abilities, playstyles, and strategic impact in Valorant.


Power Spikes and Timings for Core in Dota 2:

  1. Viper and Killjoy agent combo offers a solid defensive setup, particularly on maps with multiple bomb sites.
  2. Harbor and Gekko agent combo offer a blend of control and initiation abilities.
  3. Fade’s Prowler is a reliable substitute for Raze’s Boombot, providing better duration and control.
  4. By capitalizing on Yoru’s ultimate ability and coordinating with Breach, you can create opportunities for easy kills and gain a significant advantage in key rounds.
  5. Sova and Jett offer a powerful combination of information gathering, entry fragging, and trading potential.

Sova and Jett

sova jett

Sova is widely regarded as one of the top initiators in Valorant, if not the best. His kit provides invaluable tools for revealing enemy positions and gathering crucial information for your team. Meanwhile, Jett is a highly popular duelist due to her abilities that excel at creating space and enabling aggressive plays.

sova recon

When combined, Sova and Jett form an excellent duo that can easily secure wins. The synergy between Sova and Jett lies in their complementary playstyles. Sova’s ability to reveal specific locations with his recon greatly aids Jett in securing entry kills. 

jett updraft

As an attacker, you can use Sova’s abilities by learning easy lineups or default angles for recon and precisely practising timing. This allows Jett to utilize her dash ability to enter the smoke cover swiftly.

Best Agent Duos in Valorant: sova and jett

The duo can execute a devastating strategy by coordinating the timing of Sova’s reveals and Jett’s entry. Jett can take advantage of the revealed information and position herself inside the smoke, enabling her to eliminate enemies without being detected.


Additionally, if Jett encounters enemies holding off angles and unfortunately falls, it is crucial for Sova to quickly trade her out for an advantageous entry. As a defender, it’s crucial to communicate with your team and assess the situation. 

If you sense an impending rush or hear multiple footsteps, holding back and waiting for your teammates to gather for a retake is wise. 

sova recon lineup

In this scenario, Sova can utilize his recon abilities by shooting his recon dart to gather valuable information about enemy positions. Meanwhile, Jett can prepare herself for the retake by using her dash ability in connection with Sova’s recon.

jett dash

Once Sova’s dart reveals the enemy positions, Jett can quickly dash into the smoke to disorient and surprise the attackers. This coordinated play can create chaos and provide an advantageous position for the retake.

omen flash

To enhance the effectiveness of the Sova and Jett duo on defense, it’s beneficial to coordinate with other teammates who possess flash abilities, such as Skye, Omen, or Kay/o. By combining their flashes with Sova’s recon and Jett’s quick entry, the team can further disorient the attackers and increase the chances of a successful retake.

Breach and Yoru

yoru and breach

The Breach and Yoru duo presents an intriguing combination of a duelist and an initiator in Valorant. Breach’s abilities are well-suited for initiating on spacious areas and wide angles, as his long-range stuns can effectively disable enemies. 

On the other hand, Yoru brings a unique playstyle to the table, requiring high skill and practice with teleportation timings and mind games. 

yoru ulti

The strength of this combo lies in Yoru’s ultimate ability. When Yoru has his ultimate available, he can play aggressively until he spots an enemy. At that point, Yoru can communicate with Breach to coordinate a stun in a specific area or target it directly at him while Yoru is in his ultimate form.

yoru ulti

If Breach’s stun successfully hits the enemy, it often results in an easy kill. This combo can be abused effectively due to the low point requirement of Yoru’s ultimate, which only requires 7 points. 

You can utilize this strategy whenever Yoru has his ultimate available, and you can gain an advantage by securing a kill.

valorant kill

Moreover, playing in a 4v5 situation greatly increases the likelihood of winning the round. However, remember that this strategy may not be viable to employ every round but can be highly effective in crucial rounds.

Fade and Raze

raze and fade

The Fade and Raze duo is a strong combination, combining the strengths of a duelist and an initiator in Valorant. Their abilities synergize effectively in various situations, allowing for strategic control and aggression.


With recent nerfs to Raze’s Boombot, Fade’s Prowler can be a reliable substitute. The Prowler boasts a longer duration and easier control than the Boombot, making it a more dependable tool for clearing out common angles. 


As an attacker, utilising the Prowler consistently to scout for enemies is recommended. If the Prowler detects an enemy, Raze can follow up with her Paint Shells or choose to dry peek the angle for a quick elimination.

fade's seize

Another potent combo for this duo is Fade’s Seize and Raze’s Paint Shells. Professional teams often employ This particular combination, especially on the defending side. Using these two abilities strategically, important locations on the map, such as Fracture’s A Main or Lotus’ A Rubble, can be easily controlled. 

The Seize ability can restrict enemy movement and create chokepoints, while Raze’s Paint Shells can deal significant damage and force opponents into unfavorable positions.

Harbor and Gekko

harbor and gekko

The Harbor and Gekko agent combo represents the latest addition to the roster in Valorant. Harbor, a controller agent, possesses abilities similar to Viper’s Wall, allowing for control and site splitting. 

gekko firing

On the other hand, Gekko serves as a reliable initiator. Your team can rely on this combo, but it’s important to note that there is considerable pressure on both agents to make an impact. Therefore, caution must be exercised to avoid getting picked off early in the round.

harbor's cascade

The strategy for this duo revolves around establishing a default setup as attackers. Cascade, Harbor’s ability, can be used to cover common angles, protecting players wielding sniper rifles like the Operator.

This allows for safe map traversal without being spotted. Following this setup, preparations for executing on the site can begin.

harbor's wall

Harbor’s Wall can be deployed to block off chokepoints, denying access to defenders. Gekko can then utilize his Flash ability in coordination with Harbor’s wall to create a good peek opportunity.

gekko's wingman

Another effective strategy involves a more passive approach and allowing a designated wingman to plant the spike. In this case, Harbor’s walls play a crucial role by providing cover, while the Cove ability can be used to protect the wingman during the plant. 

This strategy is particularly effective on Pearl’s B Site. Your team can easily play for the post-plant scenario and spam the spike, increasing the chances of a successful round.

Viper and Killjoy

viper and killjoy

The Viper and Killjoy agent combo can be effectively utilized, particularly on the Lotus Map. With three bomb sites on these maps, having two Sentinel agents can significantly bolster the defending side. 

The enemy team will face substantial challenges when attempting to rush any site due to the abundance of utility these agents provide.

Killjoy setup split

A strategic approach involves assigning Viper to the A site and Killjoy to the C site or vice versa. This distribution ensures that both sites are well-protected with many defensive tools. 

Dividing their responsibilities creates more space for the rest of the team to play dynamically, enabling them to lurk or be aggressive in other areas of the map.

killjoy turret

Killjoy’s setups are particularly effective at detecting flanks, which allows the team to focus on the main fronts without worrying about surprise attacks. It’s also worth noting that Killjoy doesn’t necessarily need to allocate all her utilities at the entrance, reserving some for potential retakes.

viper wall

However, it’s essential to consider a drawback associated with this combo. The inclusion of two Sentinel agents can have an impact on the overall team composition, especially on the attacking side.

viper lineup

This may require the team to adopt a more passive playstyle due to potentially limited initiation abilities. Nevertheless, the benefit of the Viper and Killjoy combo lies in their excellent post-plant capabilities. 

Once the spike is planted, their utility can create a favorable environment for the team during the crucial post-plant phase.


Raze and Reyna make a great team, combining Raze’s entry skills with Reyna’s Blind ability to create space and control the game.
Cypher, Killjoy, and Breach are good agents to pair with Omen. These agents are highly adaptable and can easily adjust to your preferred playstyle. Whether you want to play passively or aggressively, they offer the flexibility to support your desired approach.
Playing as Neon in Split can be challenging due to its narrow chokepoints, which limit Neon’s mobility. Additionally, sentinels like Cypher can significantly counter Neon’s abilities on this map.
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