Best Agent Compositions for Lotus Map in Valorant

Did you know certain agents are better suited for specific maps in Valorant? Find out the Best Agent Compositions for Lotus Map in Valorant!

In Episode 6 Act 1, players in the Ascendant Rank Bracket noticed that attackers had a 53.3% win rate on the Lotus map, and defenders had 46.7%. This sparked debate among players on whether attackers had a slight advantage.

The recently released Lotus Map introduces various new gameplay mechanics, including rotating doors that can confuse rotations. With the inclusion of 3 bomb sites, there are numerous strategies that players can execute.

As players have spent more time on the map, they have discovered that their team’s composition can significantly impact the match’s outcome. Adapting your strategy based on your team’s playstyle can be crucial to winning the game.

This article will comprehensively analyze the Best Agent Compositions for Lotus Map in Valorant. Our goal is to examine the strengths of each composition, offering valuable insights for players seeking to enhance their gameplay.

Let us begin!


Best Agent Compositions for Lotus Map in Valorant:

  1. Raze, Fade, Breach, Astra, and Killjoy are the most balanced team composition, both attacking and defending.
  2. You can play Raze, Sage, Killjoy, Omen, and Breach if your playstyle is fast.
  3. The combination of Fade, Raze, Jett, Brimstone, and Skye gives the team strong offensive abilities but may struggle with defensive situations.

Raze, Fade, Breach, Astra, and Killjoy

This team composition is well-balanced and suitable for playing on the larger Lotus map, where playing at a fast pace can be key to success.

Attacking Side

Brimstone Stim Beacon Effect

Brimstone’s Stim Beacon is particularly useful for the attacking side, as it can boost the team’s speed.

Brimstone Smoke blocking off Operator

Additionally, Brimstone’s smokes can block off opponents wielding the Operator, giving your team an advantage. It is recommended that the team starts by using Stim Beacon to clear out close angles and then utilize the abilities of Fade and Breach to gather information before peeking at an angle.

Brimstone Lineup A Tree

This will allow for better entry execution. The team’s post-plant strength is also strong, as Brimstone and Killjoy can provide lineups to secure the round. Raze’s role is to either get the first kill, provide valuable information, or trade with a teammate in case of death.

It is crucial to plant the Spike as soon as possible, as the enemy team’s reinforcements will eventually arrive.

Defending Side

Astra defending A Root

This team composition is also well-suited for defending, owing to the presence of two Controller Agents, Astra, and Brimstone. A possible strategy would be to position Killjoy on the C site and Astra on the B site, while Raze, Fade, and Breach can efficiently control A Main and Rubble.

A Main Lotus in Valorant

The A site is crucial in Lotus since it offers many options for attackers once they gain access to it. With the abilities of these three Agents, it will be challenging for the attackers to rush. 

Astra Gravity Well

Additionally, having Astra on the team is an advantage because she can be flexible with her positioning, as her smokes can be cast globally. Furthermore, her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse abilities can initiate better defense. 

This allows for greater team strategy flexibility, as they can easily adjust their positions by swapping Astra with Fade or other team members.

Raze, Sage, Killjoy, Omen, and Breach

This team composition is well-balanced but differs from the previous one as it does not include Brimstone. This composition is more relevant for default setups and not as effective for fast-paced games.

Attacking Side

Omen Smoke

Although Omen’s smokes don’t deploy instantly as Brimstone’s, the advantage of this team composition lies in its ability to play a more methodical and strategic game. On the attacking side, taking a default approach and using Omen’s smokes to gain valuable information from afar can be an effective strategy.

Omen paranoia

The team’s strength lies in executing plays, mainly when using Paranoia and Breach’s abilities in combination with Raze’s Satchels. For instance, the team can use Omen’s smoke to block off A stairs and then have Omen teleport to A rubble for further information gathering. 

killjoy setup c site lotus

Meanwhile, Killjoy can play a Lurker role, taking the longer route and catching the enemy team off guard. In post-plant situations, the team is decent, with Killjoy’s utilities proving valuable in delaying the enemy team’s advance and applying pressure on chokepoints. 

Defending Side

KillJoy Setup B site lotus

This team composition shines the most on the defensive side. You can hold down either B or C site solo with Sage and Killjoy. Meanwhile, Raze, Breach, and Omen work wonder on A-main control.

Sage Wall B Site

Opting for a 2 sentinel setup is a wise choice, allowing the team to play for retakes and not overly push the issue. Sentinels should focus on delaying aggressive pushes, providing ample time for the team to rotate and assist as needed. When it comes to A-site defense, aggression is key.


Raze’s Paint Shells complement Breach’s Stun and Blind, giving the team an edge in controlling A-Main. Additionally, Omen’s ability to smoke off the A-Main entrance and teleport to A-Rubble creates a chaotic scenario for the attackers, making it difficult for them to engage with so many angles to consider.

Fade, Raze, Jett, Brimstone, and Skye

While this team composition may not be the strongest overall, it does possess a particular strength that can be leveraged during gameplay.

Attacking Side

Jett Dash

Regarding the attacking side, a combination of Raze and Jett is ideal for securing entry frags due to their ability to quickly move around the map with Dash and Satchels. With the added support of Fade and Skye’s utilities, it becomes nearly impossible for defenders to hold on to A-Root control. 

Stim Beacon

Brimstone’s Stim Beacon also provides a significant buff for the team’s aggressiveness when taking A control. However, this composition may face challenges regarding post-plants and retakes, as it’s ineffective.

Best Agent Compositions for Lotus Map in Valorant: B Site Execute

The main objective of this composition is to eliminate as many players as possible at the start of the round, making it difficult to execute post-plant strategies. Brimstone’s smoke charges are also limited to three, making it challenging to play for post-plants, unlike Omen’s smoke, which recharges over time.

Defending Side

Sage B Link Wall in Lotus

While this team composition is stronger on the attacking side, a 2-1-2 setup can help make the defending side more manageable. This setup features Fade and Jett on the C site, Brimstone on B Site, and Raze and Skye on the A site.

Fade Recon C Mound in Lotus

Although lacking a Sentinel, early information can be gathered to make rotations earlier rather than waiting for the enemy team to make a move. For example, Fade can use Recon at C Mound to check for enemy players on the C site. 

Skye can also use Blinding Light on A-Rubble to gather information, which can be combined with Raze’s Paint Shells for easy kills. 

C Site Default Spot

It is important to communicate effectively and remember that playing defense can be more challenging than playing offense. With the 2-1-2 setup, one player can rotate quickly while the other remains on their site.


Cypher’s cool, calculated playstyle and sleek, stealthy appearance make him a valuable addition to any team.
Brimstone is also called Agent 1 in Valorant because he was the first agent created during the game’s development.
This response is based on each map’s most frequently selected agents: Sova for Ascent, Breach for Fracture, Raze for Split, Viper for Icebox, and Fade for Pearl.
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