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Best Tips for Living Your Best Afterlife in Valheim

Do you have any plans for the Afterlife in Valheim yet?

A huge part of Norse mythology is the idea of the afterlife, and Valheim has made sure to include that aspect in their game. Anyone who knows anything about Vikings should be familiar with how obsessed those people are with reaching Valhalla or at least Folkvangr. Most of their lives are spent in pursuit of the great beyond after death.

Valheim is said to be the tenth world, where slain Vikings must prove themselves worthy of the halls of Valhalla. In this world, you need to fight legendary mythological creatures to reach the Norse afterlife. There are so many aspects to Valheim that simply cannot be covered in a single article, so we condensed them into several important tips.

If you are looking to live your best afterlife in Valheim, check out our quick guide and tips on the best way to play the game.

Pick Up New Resources

An image of picking up resources, one of the ways to live your best afterlife in Valheim.

Crafting and cooking are major parts of your Valheim experience. To get better weapons, building materials, and food, you will need to craft together more basic resources. Luckily, learning new recipes in Valheim is very simple. You just need to discover every resource needed for that recipe. For example, to unlock the Stone Axe, you just have to pick up a Stone and a piece of Wood.

That being said, you only need to have picked up the item before, but you don’t need to keep everything in your inventory.

Keep Only What You Need

An image of keeping only what you need to live your best afterlife in Valheim.

Storage, weight, and inventory space is very important in Valheim. There is only a limited amount of inventory slots and weight you can carry at any point. Your personal inventory only has 32 slots, while you can only carry up to 300 pounds. Anything beyond that drains your Stamina and you cannot run or walk at normal speed anymore. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to expand your storage and inventory, but that comes later on.

You will come across countless items during your adventures or even when just roaming around the different biomes. Carefully choose which ones you should put into your inventory. If you won’t need them immediately, avoid picking up common items like Wood, Stone, and random flowers.

Repairing is Basically Free

An image of repairing items, one of the ways to live your best afterlife in Valheim.

Valheim included a durability level on all their tools, weapons, and armor. As a result, everytime you use them or when you take damage, it takes a toll on your item. To check their current Health, check your inventory and look at the white bar right below the item. When your item’s Health goes to zero, you can no longer use them.

This can be quite a hassle, especially during the middle of combat or farming. Imagine fighting a tough boss like Yagluth or Eikthyr and suddenly not being able to wield your sword or bow. Thankfully, repairing your weapons, armor, and tools is completely free.

The first step is to go to your Workbench or Forge, depending on where your item was crafted. Next, open up the menu and look for the hammer icon on the left side of the list. One click will repair an item in your inventory to completion. Keep clicking until you repair everything.

Make a habit of repairing your entire inventory every time you are near your Workbench or Forge.

Always Prepare for Boss Fights

An image of fighting Eikthyr.

Bosses are undoubtedly the most difficult characters to fight in the game. If you are to live your best afterlife in Valheim, you have to defeat all five of them eventually. It takes quite a lot of preparation to fight each boss, so your entire game plan should revolve around that goal.

From the start, you should already be figuring out everything you need to fight and beat the first boss, Eikthyr. You will definitely need stronger weapons to defeat powerful enemies, so work on that early on. Prioritize building a Workbench as fast as you can and then getting the necessary resources to make good weapons and armor.

It is also important to have enough ammo if you are opting for ranged weapons, so gather some Wood and Feathers. Another important aspect of combat is healing, so gather or cook food to eat to replenish your Health and Stamina.

Build Strategically

An image of a Valheim house.

Once you get your first taste of building in Valheim, you may be tempted to build your dream castle or fortress immediately. This is not the best idea, especially when you have not figured out your long term strategy yet. Chances are, you will eventually find a biome that you will like more and end up regretting investing that much time and resources on your castle.

The best way to approach this is building a small home that covers everything you need early on. Try to explore the different biomes in the afterlife in Valheim, before you decide where you will build your grand fortress. Consider location, scenery, and available nearby resources when choosing the perfect spot for you.

Choose Your Food Wisely

An image of cooking Sausages.

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of food and drinks in the game. Part of living your best afterlife in Valheim is finding your favorite food and making a way to keep it sustainable. There are several factors to consider when establishing your meal plans and food storage.

First, you can check out our list to find the most efficient and nutritious food in the game. Meads and wines are also great for healing and getting buffs. Next, figure out if you can get the ingredients for those food items in your area. This can be from gathering in the forests or growing your own garden to sustain your needs.

Finally, your playstyle determines what the best food and drinks are for you. If you are patient enough for cooking, baking, and brewing your own food, you can make the best food items in the game. For players that are constantly on the move, gathering berries, mushrooms, and quickly roasting some meat can be the right strategy.

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