Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

Abaddon is one of the few Dota 2 heroes who has a very versatile gameplay style. He can be played as a support and a core carry depending on the draft required. His abilities allow him to both support his allies and deliver damage to enemies. However, every hero in the game has counters similarly this article will help inform you about the Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2.

He can be played as a tank support to absorb high damage hits from the enemies. His low cooldown spells keep him relevant in team fights. He is a great hero to start off with for beginner players that are just getting into Dota 2. 

Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

There are cons to the hero such as low mobility, low armor, and heavy dependence on mana that do make him an easy target for some heroes.


The Lord of Avernus, also known as Abaddon is a melee strength hero. His tower diving abilities make him strong in the laning phase. His abilities help sustain allies in team fights making him a vital part of any team he is in. Based on his itemization, he can fill the carry role and takedown enemy heroes by himself. 

Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

His first ability is the Mist Coil. This ability can be used both on enemies as well as allies. When targeting enemies it deals damage to them. When targeting allies, it heals them for the same amount. However, the ability does deal 50% of the damage on Abaddon himself. So it must be cast carefully so that Abaddon’s own health does not drop to critical levels.

The second ability is the Aphotic Shield. Abaddon can cast this on himself or any of his allies. The shield absorbs all kinds of damage to a certain amount after which it explodes. Upon exploding, it deals the same amount of damage back to the enemy heroes in the vicinity. 

The Curse of Avernus is a passive move that activates after 4 hits on any enemy unit. After the required number of hits, the move slows down the hero and grants Abaddon attack speed. This can last up to 4 seconds. Making a face-to-face battle with Abaddon dangerous for most heroes. 

The final and ultimate ability that distinguishes Abaddon from other supports is Borrowed Time. It can be activated manually however should Abaddon’s health drop below a certain threshold it activates automatically. The ability lasts for up to 6 seconds during which any damage taken by Abaddon gets converted into HP. This makes Abaddon a great tank hero who can soak up any kind of damage while sustaining himself in the fight. 


Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

Axe is the first hero on the list of Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2. That is because Axe is a melee tank hero who can bait out hits and force enemy heroes to fight him. This allows him to use Counter Helix on his opponents while driving their HP down to critical levels.

Abaddon has a tough time against Axe as he can use Call of the Berserk forcing Abaddon to focus on fighting Axe. While Abaddon may use the shield, the damage output would barely scar Axe. Once his HP runs low, Axe can use Culling Blade to instantly kill Abaddon before Borrowed Time can activate itself. 

Shadow Demon

Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

Shadow Demon is a support hero who works well against Abaddon both in the early laning stage as well as the late game. His support role helps curb Abaddon’s abilities by protecting his own allies. As through the Aghanim’s scepter, he uses Demonic Purge to disable the Curse of Avernus on allied heroes.

It can also be used to entrap Abaddon while Borrowed Time is active. Wasting its time duration while Shadow Demon’s allies can reposition themselves. 

Additionally, since Shadow Demon can use disruption on Abaddon the illusions will use Curse of Avernus against himself. 

Outworld Devourer

Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

Outworld Devourer is an intelligence-type hero who deals pure damage to enemy heroes. This makes him exceptionally good against strength-type heroes like Abaddon. With right-click attacks alone, Outworld Devourer has the potential to kill Abaddon should he fall out of position.

Should Abaddon use Borrowed Time to convert the damage to HP, Outworld Devourer can use Astral Imprisonment. This wastes the time duration on the ultimate ability allowing Outworld to continue to deal heavy damage. 

Sanity’s Eclipse is another great ability that can kill Abaddon before Borrowed time can activate. Due to his low intelligence and heavy mana dependency, this makes it easy for Outworld Devourer to kill him. 



Lina is another great nuker who has high damage spells. This makes it easy for her to chip off Abaddon’s HP pool. Additionally, the increased attack speed allows her to waste Abaddon’s shield damage absorption.  

Eul’s Scepter can be used on Abaddon to waste Borrowed Time duration. Once it’s used Lina can use Laguna Blade to instantly kill him. Her stun ability is also useful in stopping Abaddon from using Curse of Avernus in a face-to-face confrontation. Making her one of the best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2.



Doom is a strong counter to any hero who relies on their abilities. Since his long-duration silence makes it hard to use life-saving spells. Similarly, Abaddon cannot activate Borrowed time when he is silenced. He will continue to take damage against the spell and since he has low base armor, this can prove threatening for him.

Should Doom make use of the Aghanim’s Scepter then he can break the Curse of Avernus. Making a face-to-face confrontation difficult for Abaddon. Not being able to use Aphotic shield also places his own allies in danger.


Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2

Brewmaster is a melee strength hero who relies on close combat to deal with his enemies. Many think that this makes him the ideal opponent for Abaddon, however, that’s not true. Abaddon relies on Curse of Avernus to grant him attack speed against his enemies. Brewmaster can simply use Thunder Clap to deliver damage and slow Abaddon’s attack and movement speed.

Along with that, he can evade all of Abaddon’s attacks using Drunken Brawler which does not activate Curse of Avernus against him. This makes Brewmaster one of the very potent Abaddon counters in Dota 2.

His ultimate ability, primal split, can be used on Abaddon. A storm can use Cyclone to lift Abaddon into the air, wasting his Borrowed time ability. This stops Abaddon from healing and he continues to take fatal damage from Brewmaster which can result in his death.

This concludes our Best Abaddon Counters in Dota 2 guide. Hopefully, by drafting these counters you will be able to play better against both a core and support type Abaddon. Allowing you to win matches and continue your win streaks in Pub games.

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